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  1. John Hermes

    International Alvarez Kelly from France

    I received the Blu-ray of Alvarez Kelly, a Columbia Civil War/Western released in 1966 today from Sidonis. It plays fine on my player set to Region A and has removable French subs. It has a nice picture with good sharpness and contrast. You can choose either the French or English soundtrack...
  2. John Hermes

    Don Rickles 1926-2017 RIP

    I got a million laughs from this guy over the years. His appearances on Johnny Carson are some of my great memories of TV. Don was absolutely hilarious on the Dean Martin roasts as well. Another television icon gone.
  3. John Hermes

    THE ROUNDERS (1965) coming via Warner Brothers Archive

    THE ROUNDERS (1965) NEW 2017 1080p HD REMASTER BD50 COLOR - 84 Minutes ORIGINAL ASPECT RATIO - 2.35:1... See More
  4. John Hermes

    Happy 100th Birthhday Kirk Douglas!

    Happy 100th to one of my very favorite actors. C'mon Paramount...we need In Harm's Way and Last Train From Gun Hill on Blu-ray! You can do it!
  5. John Hermes

    Circus World, Garden Of Evil, The Last Wagon - French Region 2

    Like new Blu-ray copies of Circus World, Garden of Evil, and The Last Wagon(this one still sealed). Region 2 with forced subtitles (English track only). No forced subs on French track. $20 ppd. USA. Will ship to Europe or Canada with higher shipping charge. Paypal. Please PM.
  6. John Hermes

    Strategic Air Command Blu-ray - still sealed

    I have a brand new unopened BD copy of Strategic Air Command. $15 ppd. Paypal. Please PM. Thanks.
  7. John Hermes

    International GUNMAN'S WALK Germany November 6, 2015
  8. John Hermes

    The Young Lions

    Oh, my gosh, it's beautiful. Tight fine grain, super sharp, beautiful contrast, and great sound - a winner!
  9. John Hermes

    International Beau Geste (1966)

    This Universal release was one of my favorite films from my youth and have been disappointed that it has not made it to DVD. Now and then I check the internet for any possible release. I came across a clip on Youtube from an Australian company called Bounty Films which released it last year on...
  10. John Hermes

    PM Question

    How do I send a PM? I remember doing it in the past and looked at the instructions. If I click on my name in the upper right corner, a list comes up but "Message" is not one of the items. Thanks for any help.
  11. John Hermes

    SANDS OF IWO JIMA - November 11
  12. John Hermes

    BD or BRD?

    This is not really too important, but I've seen a couple people on here use the term "BRD" rather than "BD" when referring to a Blu-ray Disc. I've looked into this on the Blu-ray Association site and it appears BD is the correct term. Blu-ray is considered one word, although hyphenated. My...
  13. John Hermes

    CBS: Rawhide, Taxi, Petticoat Junction, and The Beverly Hillbillies Prepped for Blu-ray

    Wow. "Next month, CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Media Home Distribution will bring to Blu-ray three classic TV shows: The Honeymooners, I Love Lucy: Ultimate Season 1 and The Andy Griffith Show: Season 1. All three will be...
  14. John Hermes

    The Agony and the Ecstasy March 4
  15. John Hermes

    International 55 Days at Peking, Four Four Texas - France

    Not much info yet.
  16. John Hermes

    International SHENANDOAH Blu-ray

    Soul Media in Europe has just put out Universal's Shenandoah, the James Stewart Civil War film from 1965. I received the disc yesterday. It looks quite nice with excellent color and contrast and decent sharpness. Keep in mind it is zone (region) B, and is 1080i50Hz, so make sure your gear can...
  17. John Hermes

    The Tall Men (1955) - German Blu-ray

    I just received this disc today from Amazon Germany. It's called "Drei Rivalen" on the cover and disc label. It is put out by Koch Media and looks and sounds excellent. 4.0 English track is available from the menu with directional dialogue and great stereo. Subtitles are not forced. Best...
  18. John Hermes

    The Untouchables

    Gary's crystal ball is crystal clear.
  19. John Hermes


    For you folks with region free Blu-ray players, is selling the Soul Media (Danish) release of NORTH TO ALASKA. I got mine yesterday and it is very nice, with stereo English track and removable Scandinavian subtitles. It was about $30 including shipping and I got it here in California...