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    Can someone explain to me how I got Casino Annivarsary Edition at CC for $2.70?

    That's including Tax by the way... I had hit up 2 targets today to get it for $4 and I happen to be in CC, and I asked for them to match the price, and it rang up as $2.70, do they give a discount or something for prices that are cheaper?
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    Midnite Movies, which to get?

    I've been curious to get into some B-Movie cinema for quite some time, so I ordered Invisible Invaders / Journey to the Seventh Planet (1959) and The Haunted Palace / The Tower of London (1963) for 7 bucks because they seem like fun movies... But there so many Midnite Movies I'm not quite sure...
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    Where to go from here with box sets?

    I don't know if this kind of thread is allowed, I apologize if this is considered thread farting. But at one point I use to love buying box sets, getting a set of movies I've never seen before and just like watching them but I've found that there aren't many I want anymore and I think this stems...
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    Directors Music Score Trivia

    I found this on another message board so I figure some of you guys could enjoy a challenge, you have to guess 1. What movie they’re from 2. The composer name(s) 3. The scene that particular piece of music was from 4. The cue name as it appears on the album Anyway here they are...
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    Godzilla a little help on what to buy?

    I been meaning to explore japanese Kaiju films(is that the right term?) or in other words Japanese Monster flicks but have no idea where to start. I've been espcially interested in checking out Godzilla films. But considering he's been around for 50 years and there is more than one version of...
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    More DCAU DVD boxsets are on the way! Batman, Batman Beyond, etc
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    Anyone know if Steel (1997) will ever be released on DVD?

    I don't know what it is about this film perhaps it's because I'm a comic fan(even though it's a total mocker of the comic) but I really dig this movie in a bad movie sort of way. Does anyone know if it'll ever see the light of day on DVD?
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    What do you do with your original dvds after you've double dipped?

    I seem to be wondering what shall I do with these extra dvds I have?
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    Why does it say TMNT is edited on a bunch of sites For example the link above it says the 4 volume set is edited, can someone explain this to me?
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    Adventures of Baron Munchausen Superbit R2 Release, Good?

    I just bought this DVD off Ebay mainly because the R1 release is barebones and 30 bucks while this was 12 bucks and has DTS sound. I'm assuming that this release is an improvement over the R1 release, but superbit been known to have some mest ups in the past.
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    Blu-Ray already obsolete? A terabyte on a single disc? Wowzers!

    I did a quick sweep to see if this was already posted if not, I'm sorry... Got get to school
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    Why do companies feel the need to keep Director's Cuts and Theatrical Cuts seperate?

    This really bugs me, because you have to double dip to get both versions of the film. Or you might like one version of the film more yet all the good special features are on the other disc. Does this bug anyone else? This is in relation to the new Dawn of the Dead coming out in october along...
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    Transformers- What's next on the horizon?

    I'm talking in terms of Headmasters, Masterforce, and Victory... Will these TF shows ever see the light of day?
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    Uncut Releases becoming gimmicks now a days?

    I'm sorry if this topic has been made before, I did a search under uncut and nothing came up. So anyway I see the Sony epecially shamelessly whores out dvd titles what ever chance it gets to put extra footage in and call it uncut. Now I know the old principle is, "If you don't like it don't buy...
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    Will we ever get a Terminator 3 director's cut?

    I'd be very interested in seeing this since supposely WB cut close to an hour of it out.
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    Any chance that the BttF Cartoon series will be released on DVD?

    I been wanting to see this series for a long time, since I love the movies. Any chance it coming to dvd?
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    Is Citizen's Kane Gold Edition worth it?

    I'm a big fan of the movie though I've only seen it once. So I want to buy it but I don't know weather to go with the regular edition or the Gold Edition... Reg.- Gold- I try to...
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    Will Tiny Toons ever get a DVD release or at least the TV movie?

    I grew up with Tiny Toons and Looney Tunes, it was a fun show. I look it up and I figure there be at least a bare-bones release of the Tiny Tunes movie much to my dismay there wasn't, I don't suppose there are any plans to release any Tiny Toons cartoons?
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    Are there any plans to release "Silent Movie" a Mel Brooks film?

    I'm a mel brooks fan, this film and Blazing Saddles are the only 2 movies by him I haven't seen yet. I just bought the Producers and thought it was hilarious Max Bialystock: That's it, baby, when you've got it, flaunt it, flaunt it! I will be buying Blazing Saddles soon but I was wondering...
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    Should I get Desperado SE or Superbit?

    Does the superbit have a way better transfer and if it does do the extras on the SE outweight the better transfer?
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    Any website I can go to on the history of Home Video?

    I got make a time-line concerning any topic I choose, I've decided to go with home-video(VHS-DVD) are there any sites that have the history of the home video format?
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    What happen to the Soylent Green review?

    I just did a blind buy of this or should I say Blind Order and I wanted to re-read the review again but I can't seem to find it when I try searching for it...
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    What ever happen to Superbit Deluxe?

    I saw CA got a Superbit Deluxe release but that the only one... Why don't they make any other ones
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    Universal Studios Classic Monster Collection region 2 or 4 w/e the same as Region 1?

    I have a region free player, I've never use that feature, I just upgraded the firmware and the guy got rid of the regionlocks so anyway... I want buy the Universal Studios Classic Monster Collection 8 disc set and I can get it for a lot cheaper if I buy the region 4 box set it comes in a...
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    What movies should I watch for my horror movie day?

    Every so often I have this day with my friend where we watch horror movies 9-9... We've watched so far Nightmare on Elm Street 1,2 Friday the 13th parts 1-3 Leprechaun 1-3 Child Play Texas Chainsaw Masscre Hellraiser Night of the Living Dead the Remake(seen the orignal) Final...
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    ARe there any plans to release a ST:TOS box set?

    I look up the prices it would be 600 bux to get all 40 volumes(each volume only has 2 episodes) this is a major rip...
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    I'm having a problem with my Silly Symphonies disc 2 anyone else have this problem?

    I try the search button no threads about this problem but when I play Disc 2 of Silly Symphonies(Walt Disney Treasures Line) and then go to nature something and click more, I get the next menu but then when I click up,down,left, or right it goes back to the previous menu... Does anyone else have...
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    Nightmare on Elm Stree the best out of the 3?

    Yes the 3! I'm talking about Halloween, Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street... I enjoyed Halloween and Friday the 13th a lot but NoES is my favorite... I own the DVD set but I've only watched 1-5 so far... 1,3-5 I liked but did not like 2... I think Nightmare on Elm Street 1 is my...
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    Just saw Alien 3...

    I thought it was pretty good, my expectations were REALLY low after hearing all the negative comments but it was pretty good... I mean they really handle it really crappy though cuz they try to make Alien 3 like Alien but they screw up half-way through becuz they ended up not showing enough... I...
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    I want Boomerang!

    I called up my cable provider cox, and the only way to get Boomerang is to get it in spanish WHICH PISSES ME OFF DEARLY!!! But they said something about if your TV has the option of SAP or something you might be able to get it in english, does anyone know anything about it... Also is satelite...