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  1. James Mudler

    BFD - Humm....noise.......driving me nuts

    That did it - no noise. Thanks everyone
  2. James Mudler

    BFD - Humm....noise.......driving me nuts

    I will pick one up tonight and give it a whirl - Thanks
  3. James Mudler

    BFD - Humm....noise.......driving me nuts

    So use the 1/4" jacks (Rca to 1/4 adaptor) vs the XLR input?
  4. James Mudler

    BFD - Humm....noise.......driving me nuts

    Hello and thanks for looking I have recently added a BFD and have a horrible humm thru the subs. I have read Sonnie's great BFD FAQ and tried several searches here with no luck. I have tried the cheater plug Unhooking the TV cable Gains About my set up. All my equipemnt is rack...
  5. James Mudler

    Weekly Roundup 11/25

    X2 deal Via costco's web site you can submit the $6 rebate or my mail. Plus I have a $5 instant coupon from another movie I bought at Costco, so the total was $7.39. Here is the link for online submittal
  6. James Mudler

    Iscan Pro Line Doubler and BetterCables VGA Breakout Cable

    Gregg, That a V2 model with aspect control?
  7. James Mudler

    Who's got Surround Sound in their auto's?

    I did a old Lexicon processor in my Expedition a few years ago. It was a fun little project.
  8. James Mudler

    Questions on Escalade Entertainment System...

    Tim, You should be able to do a simple entertainment system for under $1300 installed. I would check a few car audio stores in your area for price quotes and various options. If you are going to do the labor yourself you can be well below that mark.
  9. James Mudler

    Looking for info on car video setups.

    Here are some more options for you. Both are recommended on - they have a nice 8" roofmount - mostly car computing - nice cameras too One piece of advice - make sure the LCD's you are looking at are TFT. You do not want...
  10. James Mudler

    Stuff for sale *HD decoder, sat., scaler, dvd, etc*

    YGM (both addresses) on the scaler
  11. James Mudler

    acoustically perforated steel go to select products > fabrics > grill metal another option For example:
  12. James Mudler

    FS: FeedBack Destroyer Pro DSP1100 $75

    James - YGM consider it sold
  13. James Mudler

    FS: LD player, rf demodulator, amplifier

    Thanks for the information - YGM
  14. James Mudler

    FS: LD player, rf demodulator, amplifier

    Tom, I need a RF demod for my Denon LA 2300. What outputs are on the Sony?
  15. James Mudler

    FS: FeedBack Destroyer Pro DSP1100 $75

    James - still available? Very interested.
  16. James Mudler

    Straight Edge for Circular Saw

    I use this to cut sheets down before the table saw
  17. James Mudler

    diy projector

    This project would be way over my head, but Link Removed has a projector assembly for $50. MECI Part Number: 650-0836 I saw in their catalog I got in the mail the other day. Maybe you can find a use?
  18. James Mudler

    How to get Laminate home...

    Roll it up, and it should fit in the car
  19. James Mudler

    DIY theater seats

    Hey Jim, try doing a search on mission style furniture. Very DIY design. With some creativity you can cover the sides with fabric/leather. But the seating basics will be pun intended. For example, Also check some bookstores, that...
  20. James Mudler

    1" MDF sources?

    Buy 2 sheets of 1/2" MDF and glue them together on your garage floor. Slowly drive your car on top and let it dry overnight. That is what I do.
  21. James Mudler

    PE scratch & dent deal on an amp

    David, call PE. If your order has not shipped they will allow to change your order with no problems.
  22. James Mudler

    Should I attempt to build the Audax AV Setup?

    Ditto Greg's remarks. Easy to build, and sounds great. Butt joints are fine and pick a differ sub.
  23. James Mudler

    Biscuit Jointer recommendation

    $70 is kinda limiting. Ryobi make a detail jointer for around that. It takes smaller biscuits and I can only find them at Sears locally. I have one for making picture frames. If you can up your limit to $100, the Freud unit at Lowes is a good value. Amazon had some Dewalt refrubs for around...
  24. James Mudler

    Tempest sonosub Port help (Patrick Sun please)

    Rudy, Home Depot here has it. It is outside in Lawn & Garden. Not the corrigated stuff. Its a blue/green color. Go figure, the 6" stuff is outside at Lowes and HD NOT in the plumbing section. As mentioned irrigation supply houses will probably have a short piece laying around vs having...
  25. James Mudler

    Tempest sonosub Port help (Patrick Sun please)

    I do not know if you have a Lowes anywhere, but they have 6" pvc. 10' for $13 here in AL. Better known as sewer and drain pipe.
  26. James Mudler

    av1s in sonotube

    It may take some work, but if you are set on the sono look, build the front baffle per GR specs and mount a sono tube on the back.
  27. James Mudler

    Broke My Jasper Jig...Any interest in a Aluminum version?

    This my help with layout too. Link Removed
  28. James Mudler

    12 volt trigger

    I have two panamax 1000+ triggered by my Lexicon with is 12 volts. No problems for over a year. Just a FYI
  29. James Mudler

    I'm uying a new plunge router, any advice on which one?

    PhilM, I have the 7529. I have the same switch problems mentioned here.
  30. James Mudler

    aperiodic membrane inside enclosure?

    I have some AP mats from the old car audio days. I was thinking what putting them inside the cabinet. Construct a center divider and install the AP mat in the divider. Small enclosure with a larger airspace seperated by the AP mat. Anyone ever do this? See what happen when you can't sleep...