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  1. Sebastien David

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Bad Boys II - Special Edition

    Count me in as one who LOVED the movie, as well as many of my friends. Great action, great laughs, great movie, and now great DVD release, yay! I am wondering as well whether this edition warrants the release of a Superbit later on. I think I'll take the gamble and buy it now, as a later...
  2. Sebastien David

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW---Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

    I believe it is Catherine Zeta Jones, not Zita Jones. Great review, I will probably buy this one blind, seeing how I loved Treasure Planet, which was another good animation movie that bombed in theaters but ended up being great with spectacular action.
  3. Sebastien David

    Black Hawk Down Superbit Deluxe R3; Stunning!

    Superbit Deluxe would be redundant for you. What about people like me who want all the extras PLUS dts and have waited so long for this edition to come out? Do we have to buy two discs as well?
  4. Sebastien David

    avr 7000 won't recognise sacd

    Greg is right on. Don't select "analog", select ext. in or 6 ch. direct or whatever the name is on your receiver.
  5. Sebastien David


    guys, just to add to the discussion, I found a lot to be desired with this DVD as well, both watching it on my computer screen and my X1 on a 80-inche wide screen. unacceptable when they had two discs. screw the foolscreen version, give us a good widescreen one!! my screenshots...
  6. Sebastien David

    New Sony ES receivers... crappy digital sound??

    Interesting Lee... maybe they cheaped out on the 2000 and this compromised the sound quality by a wide margin... I'm really looking forward to comments and reviews of the higher-end models before I finalize my opinion on the subject.
  7. Sebastien David

    New Sony ES receivers... crappy digital sound??

    Hey guys, haven't posted in a long time, but I was getting all excited about the new Sony ES line of receivers, with their digital amp technology, it seemed to be the advent of a new era... then I saw the THD numbers, which were HIGHER on the higher-end models than on the non-digital-amplified...
  8. Sebastien David

    why the increase in THD levels on the new sony es receivers?

    it definitely is because of the digital amp technology, as the entry-level model (STR-DA1000ES), which uses conventional amplification, has a lower THD rating than its big brothers. by the way, I compared a Sony STR-DA2000ES with a Denon AVR-2803, which is about the same price, and the Denon...
  9. Sebastien David

    Athena Speakers

    can't be beaten for price/performance, a little on the bright side, not as refined as their Connoisseur big brothers from the Energy lineup. very competent speakers, lots of bang for the buck. same engineers worked on Athena series as Connoisseur, and they tell me lots of R&D for the...
  10. Sebastien David

    Pioneer Elite ES-1000 HTIB?

    Take 5 or Encore, definitely. Then you could go with something like the JVC RX-DV31SL, although I am doubtful of its performance... At least they seem honest in their ratings... ref: Denon makes what seems to be a decent HTIB system, the...
  11. Sebastien David

    Wow, the room DOES make a difference!

    just a quick link that explains the house curve quite clearly... page 16/13 (depending on whether you follow the pdf page numbers or the actual document's), or search for house curve. IMO, it does sound a lot better, subjectively of course.
  12. Sebastien David

    Ever decide not to watch a DVD because it was only DD 2.0?

    I think Tommy's point was clear: whereas the original film was shot in a certain aspect ratio that was a conscious choice by the filmmakers, since they caould shoot it in any aspect ratio, the technology or budget was simply not there to create a 5.1 mix. I'm sure that if the filmmakers were...
  13. Sebastien David

    solid vs. braided conductor cables

    will it really work as well for analog audio? I thought it would probably work well for video and coax digital since the spec of 75ohm is respected... Anyways, I'm pretty much covered on the speaker cable and analog interconnects, I was really just wondering about the component video cable...
  14. Sebastien David

    solid vs. braided conductor cables

    Hey guys... long time since I last posted. I wasn't sure where exactly to post this thread, but the sheer level of knowledge in this section prompted me to try here. So here is my question: I always thought solid conductor cables were as good or better than their braided counterparts, except...
  15. Sebastien David

    HTF REVIEW: "The Transporter" (with screenshots)

    I just watched this movie, that I unfortunately bought because of its description as a good mindless action flick. There is a limit to how much the story and acting can suck in a "mindless action movie". There also is a limit to the unrealisticness (?) that can be allowed. This movie, in my...
  16. Sebastien David

    Question: How to EX/ES system owners play their 5.1 Software?

    I think it heavily depends on your setup. I have found that generally, in a 6.1 setup where the "side surrounds" are in fact positioned more towards the rear (my setup, temporarily), non-EX/ES sources sound too rear-centered when matrix processing is applied. it may also be related to the fact...
  17. Sebastien David

    Sony 4ES or Denon 3802 + Pronto?

    3802 = composite/svideo upconverting to component... might turn out to be VERY useful down the road. OTOH, open box... means that 3802 could have an ugly background story (i.e. return from repair, etc...) I think I'd go with the Denon if I was able to clear up the uncertainty of its...
  18. Sebastien David

    Cheap Denon 1600s

    not worth the risk and absence of warranty on a refurb item imo...
  19. Sebastien David

    Energy C-5 or B&W 603 S3

    remember the connoisseur line has been completely redesigned... Scott, the speakers you listened to are not the same as the current connoisseur line! -Seb
  20. Sebastien David

    From Denon 3300 to Sony 4ES or power amp?

    Klipsch are efficient speakers, and it is doubtful a separate power amp would instigate a drastic change in your sound. I say go for the 4ES, as the improvement will be much more than subtle, expecially the practical aspect of it (the 4ES is fully customizable and has so many options it's...
  21. Sebastien David

    What is the big difference between the Panasonic RP91 and the XP50?

    ummm... audio? build quality? durability? looks? "cool factor? not sure about the audio part, never played with the XP50.
  22. Sebastien David

    Sony TA-P9000ES 5.1 PreAmp

    we still have a couple here, but we are a local dealer only, so impractical for you, unless you are near Québec...
  23. Sebastien David

    HD Component video inputs - how many are "enough"?

    thanks Bob, noticed the thread right after I responded to this one... Hap, I am not aware of any over the air HD transmission in my region of Canada, and there are no HD PVRs available from either satellite or cable providers here. Besides, it's still a bit early for me to go crazy over...
  24. Sebastien David

    HD Component video inputs - how many are "enough"?

    I could go up to 4 inputs in the very near future 1) DVD player 2) PS2 3) XBox 4) HD Cable/Satellite and one thing I would also love to see is TWO component outputs. my setup will consist of a projector and a television, and I hate the fact that I will have to hook up my TV using...
  25. Sebastien David

    STR-DA2,4,7ES Question

    the 4es is the one i have some experience with and it is an awesome machine, this coming from a denon 3801 owner. just a though though: the volume level at which you (and others) listens to will be influenced by whether the setup was calibrated, at what volume it was calibrated, and also to...
  26. Sebastien David

    Xbox DVD

    picture quality is terrible, and you only get 3 months warranty, testament to the relatively poor build quality... besides, there is a fan, which becomes more than annoying during quiet passages. I wouldn't use the XBox as a DVD player, especially when there are way better alternatives at...
  27. Sebastien David

    Panasonic RP82 alternatives?

    or a zoom feature... i didn't even know about the time remaining function missing from the 1600... that really sucks, I mean, it's not like it's very hard to implement either... i guess they have too many things to think about when designing a DVD player, and they have to forget some details.
  28. Sebastien David

    Panasonic RP82 alternatives?

    Denon DVD-1600?? I believe it has a screensaver, not 100% sure though. And sorry for pushing this unit so much, but it is really good and offers great price/performance, in my opinion on par with a RP-82.
  29. Sebastien David

    Just got the Denon1600, now some questions...

    I don't know why you would want to set the DVD player to ouptput a 16:9 signal; you could get the correct ratio by simply having it output a 4:3 signal (letterbox), your TV will then simply take that signal and show it to you... If anything, using your present configuration might compromise...
  30. Sebastien David