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  1. Jacques C

    Pio DV-563A firmware fix

    I just saw the affected list of titles. I tried setting after setting for literally hours trying to get my copy of Capricornia to work. I sure hope that the firmware fixes this disc. Take care.
  2. Jacques C

    Forcing DVDs to skip the garbage...

    This is one of the reasons I love TheaterTek (best software DVD player out there). I can pretty much skip through all the forced stuff to the menu with it. In addition it allows you to set a movie start bookmark that will start from that point every subsequent time you put the movie in, along...
  3. Jacques C

    Philips embraces DVD-Audio (sort of)

    Actually, from what I read about Joe Kane's assessment of WM9, from a codec standpoint it is a very exciting candidate. Most people's problems stem from the fact that it is attached to *Microsoft*. And we all know with their business practices what that entails...
  4. Jacques C

    Updated Theater Pics: DVD Shelves

    Very nicely done. What did you make the depth of the shelves, out of curiosity? Take care.
  5. Jacques C

    Display DA2ES for $350.

    I don't have any experience with any other Sony than the DA4ES, but having the 4ES I can comment on that particular remote. As much as I love the receiver itself, the remote truly is a piece of crap. As an engineer who works with complex systems on a daily basis, for a remote to completely...
  6. Jacques C

    HD Directv receiver recommendations?

    If you are looking for a OTA tuner as well as a Directv reciever, there is some consensus that the Zenith 520 (NOT the 420 which is OTA only) and the Sony HD200 have the best OTA reception available. The Zenith and Sony are the same innards with some small differences in outputs. Both do...
  7. Jacques C

    Conan fans: are there any other good Fantasy movies?

    In a few weeks Dragonslayer is coming out. Great flick. If you have never seen it, it is a definite pickup.
  8. Jacques C

    BFD filter help

    Try out the PEQ program. By far the best thing I have used to help setup the filters on the BFD.
  9. Jacques C

    Drywall is finished, now what???

    The ceiling I put in was a drop ceiling. No scratches at all. As long as you are careful having the advantage of painting before putting in the ceiling assures that you don't get paint on the wall molding. Take care.
  10. Jacques C

    Drywall is finished, now what???

    Hmmm... That isn't the order I did mine in: Drywall Paint Ceiling Carpet Doors Trim If you paint with no trim then there is nothing to tape off. As far as stretching, the carpet guy simply used a 2x4 as a backer when power stretching so he wouldn't hurt the walls. Turned out great...
  11. Jacques C

    DIY Screen

    Have a look at Dazian. Never seen the fabric, but I have heard of others using it for DIY screen material.
  12. Jacques C

    Creating TRACKS on my custom burnt audio CDs?

    Remember that the first track has to have a pause to it - this is the pause before any audio starts. If you use Nero (sounds like you do), select tracks 2-whatever, right click to get to properties, and set the pause to 0. That will give you seamless tracks for the whole CD.
  13. Jacques C

    Gear hidden in another room - Experience and pics?

    Philip, No experiences as I am currently building my equipment rack, but from everything I have read you really do want the IR distribution system to be a hard-wired system. A lot of folks have had trouble with the pyramid repeaters. Take care.
  14. Jacques C

    Question about equlizing with a BFD

    I missed the links earlier. Tim and Wayne, thanks for the pointers. Take care.
  15. Jacques C

    Question about equlizing with a BFD

    If I may butt in here with a question I have seen the answer to but cannot find: What does a "house curve" look like? My new media room is just about ready and I would like to try it out and see how a house curve sounds (I do have a BFD). Thanks!
  16. Jacques C

    Dark red walls bad for viewing?

    With paints generally you get what you pay for. The cheaper it is the less solids content it will have. I have seen more complaints over Behr paint than any other out there. If you go with a paint from a big box store, use the American Tradition from Lowe's. Consumer Reports really likes that...
  17. Jacques C

    Rabbets, flush mount and router bits

    I have done mine both ways, though the most flexible way is by doing the recess first with a circle cutting jig and then doing the final circle cut. If you have a rabbet bit that happens to have the right width to it then that works easier. My super duper circle jig (hardboard with a wire...
  18. Jacques C

    Dark red walls bad for viewing?

    I painted my room a deep red as well. Canton Red from Benjamin Moore. I used 4 coats (that includes a deep base primer) of the Superpaint (one down from the top of the line paint). I would highly recommend that for a red, which doesn't cover very well, that you use a quality paint, like...
  19. Jacques C

    Squaring edges from a circular saw cut

    For a long term solution the BT3100 is a good way to go. The rip fence (once aligned, which is straighforward) is repeatably straight. I have the BT3000 and am very happy with it. I think the promotion for the free accessory kit is still going as well. There is some very nice stuff in there...
  20. Jacques C

    Basement Soundproofing - Drop Ceiling Insulation and Caulking Air Gaps

    Any caulk will be better than nothing, but I used (on many recomendations) the USG Sheetrock brand Acoustic Caulk. $5 a tube (comes in the big tubes). As far as insulating the ceiling, the though of having to wade through fiberglass insulation every time I needed to get to the wiring send...
  21. Jacques C

    Ceiling mount with DVI?

    I ordered my DVI cable here: It is still on order, but with a 10 year warranty I figure it is a quality cable. I have read where others have used them with good success. Hope it helps.
  22. Jacques C

    What's Your Opinion - $400-$600 receivers???

    It is at the top end of your range, but the Sony DA4ES is a great unit. Incredibly configurable.
  23. Jacques C

    drywall question

    I highly recommend looking into a building materials supply company. Cheaper and they will likely deliver into the house. Even if had been more expensive (total cost was probably marginally cheaper than HD or Lowes), getting 95 sheets of drywall (I am doing 5 rooms in the basement) brought...
  24. Jacques C

    Theater gets REALLY HOT (not from equipment)

    Shutters on the outside can do wonders. Tinting can help as well. If you have an attic you can get a decent sized inline fan ( has some) to pull air in from a room that has the AC connected to it. Only cost you $100 or so total to do that, as long as you can handle the...
  25. Jacques C

    DVD Etc Poll: List Your Favorite Demo Selection

    For bass, definitely the Pod Race sequence from EP1. For subtle effects it is hard to beat either Dragonheart (circular speech from the dragon) or the beginning of Unbreakable (train). The best demos really do come from war movies (SPR, Band of Brothers), but the tone of those films...
  26. Jacques C

    BFD Setups and prices

    Allen, If you are comfortable with Ebay you can get one of the old or even new ones for well under $100. For sub frequencies, I don't think you will see much of a difference in performance. I have an old one and it works just dandy. I did my setup in a grand total of three hours, and most...
  27. Jacques C

    DIY fixed screen - My quest has ended

    Neil, Might be too late, but since you are going above the size of a 4'x8' *and* want something light, you've limited your choices a bit. What I plan to do is get some gatorfoam ( It comes in the sizes you would want. It is stiff and light and paintable. Getting a black...
  28. Jacques C

    How much would a ported box for a tempest cost, for everything but Tempest and amp?

    If you end up using 3/4" MDF (thickest you can typically get) and are planning on using screws, then get a box of 2" deck screws (green ones) from Home Depot. They are coated, have a bit driver included, and grab MDF well. Always predrill, though, with a 9/64" bit. *Don't* get the deck screws...
  29. Jacques C

    Compared the Sony 4ES to Denon 3803, Pioneer 45

    Small changes in volume can add up to large perceived changes in "sound quality". This is most likely what you experienced. Only an SPL meter calibration can get things on an even keel. Having said that I own a DA4ES and find that it lacks nothing in the processing category. Huge amounts of...
  30. Jacques C

    Help: Sony STR DE945 vs. Sony STR-DA4ES ?

    At the time when I bought my DA4ES from Sammans they were indeed listed as authorized dealers. The Sony listing of authorized dealers doesn't work right now that isn't verifiable, but I know for a fact that they were an authorized dealer as late as December. Chances are 9/10 that Sony doesn't...