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  1. Matthew_Millheiser

    Shazam! (2019)

    As far as mischaracterization of Billy when he turns into Shazam, how he seemed more adult/serious as a teen, and more like a teen as an adult -- this could have been expanded upon a bit in the movie, as it has been in the comics. Basically the transformation of a teen/child brings out a change...
  2. Matthew_Millheiser

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

    I am confident. Honestly, it's freakin' Batman, not Shakespeare.
  3. Matthew_Millheiser

    McCartney's 'Give My Regards To Broad Street' - any takers?

    "So Bad" is one of Mac's greatest ballads. Love that song. But yeah, what a lousy movie. :frowning: Although I really love his Music and Animation Collection DVD. Short, but really sweet. That's the go-to DVD if you're a McCartney fan.
  4. Matthew_Millheiser

    Anyone seen the movie "Clue?"

    I LOVE Clue! One my favorite "go-to" movies when I just want to kickback and watch something extremely enjoyable. Too many funny lines to mention, as well. Most already quoted. "Another door?!!"
  5. Matthew_Millheiser

    Friends - Series finale 5/6/04

    Meh. I haven't watched "Friends" regularly for about five years or so, caught a few newer episodes here and there, but here's a show that definitely ran outta steam awhile ago. The finale was cute but lightweight and about as memorable as a Mannequin sequel. But then again, I wasn't the...
  6. Matthew_Millheiser

    Why do some films that were blockbusters, later get bashed?

    Meh. I loved Armageddon and thought Magnolia was largest pile of dogcrap I've ever seen. You gotta step away from the trends and just go with what you enjoy. That having been said, the entire "backlash" concept is nothing new. Remember the Nirvana backlash of 1992? In '91 they came out of...
  7. Matthew_Millheiser


    Fair enough. I qualified my initial assertation above. BTW John you're preaching to the choir. :)
  8. Matthew_Millheiser


    1.33:1 is the Original Aspect Ratio, and what was originally intended by director Gus Van Sant. Elephant was originally created for HBO television and shot full-frame. It was later submitted for consideration at Cannes and soon after became a theatrical release. Incidentally, I saw van Sant...
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    The widescreen is definitely cropped. Full frame is the way to go here. :) EDIT: 1.33:1 is the OAR. See my clarifying statements below.
  10. Matthew_Millheiser

    What was this Disney show from the 60s?

    Maybe The Happy Hollisters?
  11. Matthew_Millheiser

    Don't they make scary movies anymore???

    My two favorite movies that scare the mud right out of me are The Shining and Angel Heart. Kubrick and Parker were not "scary movie directors", but directed two masterpieces. I think it's the way they craftily raised the suspense level while sneaking in a growing but pulpable sense of terror...
  12. Matthew_Millheiser

    From First to Worst: A Personal View of the Disney Animated Films

    Ya know, Dumbo is my favorite animated film, favorite Disney film, and my #6 favorite film of all time. It's a short, beautiful little gem with no pretension and, save for the "Elephants On Parade" sequence, little in terms of stylistic excess. As you mentioned, the beauty and warmth of its...
  13. Matthew_Millheiser

    Noises Off! : Disney gets it right for once

    I'm all over this release. :) BTW I saw Noises Off on Broadway in 1984, and never laughed so hard in all my 13 years of existence. While the movie is enjoyable, it is nothing compared to watching the slapsticky hijinks live and in person. Just a beautiful, wonderful memory of a truly funny show.
  14. Matthew_Millheiser

    Alias - 3/14/04 - Facade

    Well, they did apprehend Sark. I liked the Julia Thorn connection as well. A groin-grabbingly good episode!
  15. Matthew_Millheiser

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Osterman Weekend

    The only Peckinpah film I've ever seen in theaters during its initial release, I hold some sort of strange love for The Osterman Weekend. Great review, I'm very much looking forward to this release!
  16. Matthew_Millheiser

    DVD Review HTF Review: Schindler's List (Highly Recommended!)

    My WIDESCREEN version from Best Buy came with the commemorative photos. Perhaps they were just sold out of them at your store?
  17. Matthew_Millheiser

    The Crying Game tops list of Greatest Movie Twists (Spoilers ahoy!)

    I remember being impressed by that one. In fact, it's the only memorable thing from the movie. "I want a Schnauzer... with my weiner schnitzel!" ;)
  18. Matthew_Millheiser

    Is the movie "Red Balloon" available on DVD anywhere?

    You just brought a tear to my eye. I haven't given a single thought to The Red Balloon in over 20 years. I used to love that movie, which broke my heart every time I saw it... and I saw it a lot. This needs to be released, ASAP!
  19. Matthew_Millheiser down?

    Would you say there are a plethora of piñatas?
  20. Matthew_Millheiser

    Bambi - Platinum Edition for March 05!

    Ozu's been dead since 1963, so I don't think he's been directing any anime semi-recently...
  21. Matthew_Millheiser

    Roy Disney supports Song of the South release - Eisner does not

    I don't think Song of the South is a racist film at all, and I don't think that it should be suppressed by Disney at all. That having been said, I have no interest in purchasing The Song of the South if it ever gets released on DVD, simply because I find it to be a pretty lousy movie. I think...
  22. Matthew_Millheiser

    THE PIRATE MOVIE - Director Ken Annakin Wants Another Shot If It Ever Comes Out

    Is this the musical with that song "Pumpin' and Blowin'"? Good God!!
  23. Matthew_Millheiser

    EW says: "Walt Disney's Live Action Films Sucked." Au contraire, mon hack

    No love for Bullwhip Griffin? :frowning:
  24. Matthew_Millheiser

    Peterson Leaving CSI?

    They should replace him with Ted McGinley.
  25. Matthew_Millheiser

    Pierce Brosnan out as Bond? (UPDATE: Daniel Craig confirmed)

    ??? 1995 - Goldeneye 1997 - Tomorrow Never Dies 1999 - The World is Not Enough 2002 - Die Another Day That's only one 3-year wait, between movies 3 and 4. Besides, I'd rather wait 3 years for a good movie than have a mediocre one cranked out every 2. And then there's Maude!
  26. Matthew_Millheiser

    Notable Disney Live-Action Titles Coming to DVD in 2004

    No Bullwhip Griffin? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
  27. Matthew_Millheiser

    The Ongoing Survivor 8 All-Stars thread

    Alicia has absolutely no tact whatsoever. That having been said... she sure is yummy. :D
  28. Matthew_Millheiser

    Great Audio Commentaries

    I'm also a huge fan of the Seven Samurai commentary track. It's absolutely astounding, and full of fascinating pieces of information and insight. Great stuff. Any time Rudy Behlmer contributes to an audio commentary track, you know its golden. Robin Hood, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Fantasia...
  29. Matthew_Millheiser

    Oscar season begins

    I also predicted ROTK would have no chance in hell of winning. I might have to get some extra Pickapeppa sauce for that crow. My reasons were given earlier in the thread, but basically I felt that Academy voters would view ROTK as "old hat", "been there done that", and no longer new and...
  30. Matthew_Millheiser

    Details: Kill Bill: Volume One

    From the FOX NEWS website: