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  1. Andrew S-

    What makes a good HT speaker as apposed to a good Music speaker.

    You can look at the off-axis FR plot. Theres a lot of labeling going on here. Frankly, people need to go out and see what they actually like. Screw being an audiophile or a HT enthusiast. Be a person who knows what he/she likes and work at getting it. Go audition as many speakers as you...
  2. Andrew S-

    News on Adire product changes.

    I dont work for Adire just another fellow enthusiast thats been waiting for the change :) For those that do not know what brought about this change read the following: They now have their own build complex so I imagine things could...
  3. Andrew S-

    News on Adire product changes.

    Dan finally released some info on the upcoming changes due to the Chile build house and I thought I would share before anyone got into any new designs...
  4. Andrew S-

    Are large underhung designs superior ro xbl^2?

    Keep in mind that enclosure plays a huge role in excursion and output. All it takes is a larger enclosure to get you moving a bit more. Dont know why he talks about getting the cone moving in the midbass. It just isnt needed like the lower octave. For each octave you go up it takes 1/4 the throw...
  5. Andrew S-

    Sony Grand Wega 42" LCD...suggested alternatives?

    Well then I guess I will have to just get the Sony. Thanks very much.
  6. Andrew S-

    Sony Grand Wega 42" LCD...suggested alternatives?

    I have been shopping around for a large screen for awhile now. I was originally going to get a CRT but ended up walking by the Grand Wega 50" and falling in love. The price tag at the time was more than I wanted to spend though so I just put it off until I could forget about how much better the...
  7. Andrew S-

    USB Universal IR ??

    Any recommendations on a universal USB IR reciever? I have seen a few here and there for $50 that are built upon request but I was hoping there was something more commercial and cheaper.
  8. Andrew S-

    Distortion free bass?

    After closer look it looked to be caused my the camera's frame rate and i ended up finding a thread on sounddomain's forums talking about it and thats all thats going on.
  9. Andrew S-

    Shielding a DIY kit

    YEah I guess I should have said non alum ;)
  10. Andrew S-

    Shielding a DIY kit

    Stay away from expensive materials. Just get some baking sheets and cut them to the right size to block where you need it. You can double up if needed.
  11. Andrew S-

    Distortion free bass?

    Thats too much excursion for it to be the wall socket. Not unless he has like a 100hz tuning. Nice vid though.
  12. Andrew S-

    Dual 1804 IB finally taking shape!

    Oh I am well aware of the blueprint drivers. I just thought they were out of production and were only available on a couple closeout websites. I am thinking a pair of ported 18s would enjoy 850watts each quite a bit. Neighbors might not though.
  13. Andrew S-

    Dual 1804 IB finally taking shape!

    Where can you still pick up blueprint drivers? An 1804 just might be what I am looking for. I was thinking of a pair of These instead but the Xmax really doesnt impress me.
  14. Andrew S-

    The best I could do for ~$1000. Fluance vs. Axiom.

    I have the Fluance Sm-938 towers. I am very disappointed in them. Boomy bass and unrealistic vocals. I wish I had gone with some Axiom bookshelves instead.
  15. Andrew S-

    Which sound card?

    What sound card do you recommend that has digital outs? Currently using a mic jack/rca converter to my denon 1603 and there is a ton of noise before I can crank it to the desired level. Any suggestions?
  16. Andrew S-

    TB's long throw 6.5"~ 11.5-mm

    I personally find their 8"'s parameters to be more attractive. I believe the 8 is like $30. Plan on picking up two for my bedroom once my friend pays me for the amp I sold him.
  17. Andrew S-

    Amp for my DIY sub

    Is this going to be used for music or movie duty? How big of a room are you looking to power? Thats a lot of power for a standard or even a large sized room. You do not need as much power in a HT as you do in a car. Also what are the specs of the box you built? If you have the room and...
  18. Andrew S-

    Connecting plate amp to tempest

    Just make sure you are wiring them in parallel and not series. Series will give you a 16ohm load and will reduce your power severly. I personally like JL Audio's tutorial for wiring under their tutorial section.
  19. Andrew S-

    budget subwoofer

    Sound pretty good Joe.
  20. Andrew S-

    I want to build a sub! Am I biting off more than I can chew?

    And the impedance or ohm load of your sub does not matter to the reciever. It matters to the amp. Most plat amps put out most power at 4ohms so that would be perfect. Just make sure before you hook it up.
  21. Andrew S-

    budget subwoofer

    Pair of Tangband w8-740c 8" subs. - $84CDN Rhythmik Audio Amp or Apex amp Wire in...
  22. Andrew S-

    Going to build my first DIY sub Sells Canadian.
  23. Andrew S-

    Going to build my first DIY sub

    Welcome yo DIY. DIY subs are very simple and a great way to start out. How large of a room is this going in? A shiva off the Rhythmik amp should be more than enough for most rooms for movies. Should also be a nice accessory for music. Definately go ported. If you do not port you will not...
  24. Andrew S-

    Rubber surround repair: Silicon, RTV, Goop?

    I have used silicone in the past. Couldnt tell the difference once it was done. I applied it with a toothpick along the tear and then did a very thin layer over the back of the tear.
  25. Andrew S-

    driver to play from 5khz and down?

    Forgot to mention that they were 4ohm crossovers.
  26. Andrew S-

    Please double-check my sub idea...

    Dont forget that when you add a port that the volume the port takes up needs to be subtracted from the total volume. You could do an external port but a totally external port would be kind of long on the outside.
  27. Andrew S-

    2 Brahma's? What would you do?

    I like 12 cubes tuned to 21hz a bit better than that 10 tuned to 20.
  28. Andrew S-

    driver to play from 5khz and down?

    Awhile ago I picked up some old JL passive crossovers and I am looking to make some bookshelves with them. If I remember correctly they are crossed at 5khz with a 6db slope. Any suggestions on drivers to mate with these? I was thinking the Adire Koda. Wouldnt want to spend more than they...
  29. Andrew S-

    fluance, bci, or ?

    I just got some fluance towers. They are the ones with the side firing 10" sub on them. The subs are too much for my small room. Might work well in a larger room though.
  30. Andrew S-

    Quick and Initial Review on the Fluance SM938

    Yeah my initial though was that the room is too small. I plan on testing them in the living room sometime. There is no reciever there and I don't plan on moving mine out right now so it may be awhile. I plan on getting an eq soon i will be able to tone it down.