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  1. Brad Newton

    HELP on HDMI splitter, for two displays (hdcp issues?)

    I used this to run from a bedroom receiver to another room. It is component, not hdmi, but it works just fine
  2. Brad Newton

    Pioneer SC 05 Doesn’t play DTS HD MSTR or DD True HD

    I do not have this unit, but I have noticed the same problem at a Magnolia store. While the Denon units show correct display, the Pioneer would only show the DTS. Never had the chance to really "play" with the unit, but always found that intriguing.
  3. Brad Newton

    Is upconverting to 1080P necessary or just a convenience?

    Please correct me if I am wrong.........but you are saying that regardless of the signal that my tv receives, it will process it as 1080P?? I would assume that to be good?
  4. Brad Newton

    Is upconverting to 1080P necessary or just a convenience?

    which means what in layman's terms? so is the lack of upconverting by the Pioneer a problem? Should I look for an alternative receiver that will upconvert the hdmi & component signals to 1080P?
  5. Brad Newton

    Is upconverting to 1080P necessary or just a convenience?

    Really interested in the Pioneer SC07 receiver, but read that it will only pass thru hdmi sources. In layman's this really a serious defect? My tv is a Samsung LN950A with Dish HD, & a blu-ray player.
  6. Brad Newton

    panasonic bd55 & audio sync problem

    Panasonic told me to change the audio setting from bitstream to pcm to allow the player to decode instead of the receiver
  7. Brad Newton

    panasonic bd55 & audio sync problem

    That is the reason that I went with the 55 over the 35. I really wasn't aiming to purchase a new surrond receiver at this time.
  8. Brad Newton

    panasonic bd55 & audio sync problem

    I have this player connected via hdmi to my Samsung 950 tv & to my Pioneer 45 Elite receiver via digital coax cable. The audio is slightly out of sync. Would connecting via component resolve this? I don't think the Pioneer receiver has an audio delay feature. I did not have this problem when I...
  9. Brad Newton

    Complete newbie to blu-ray needs purchase advice

    Which is the better unit - the Samsung or the Panasonic?
  10. Brad Newton

    Complete newbie to blu-ray needs purchase advice

    I want to purchase a blu-ray player to connect to my Samsung LCD tv. At this time, my receiver is a Pioneer Elite 45, which I will be upgrading in the future. I guess I have 2 situations that I need answers before & after I upgrade the receiver. I am considering the Panasonic 35 & 55 and the...
  11. Brad Newton

    Dish Network Technology Upgrade Problem

    Dish is also rolling out a new program that should become available late this month. It is called Eastern Arc. This simple means that the programmin will be coming from 61.5 72 & 77 instead of 110 & 119. All of this programming will be mpeg4 and the customer will have to use the vip series of...
  12. Brad Newton

    Sync Delay, Samsung 4 series LCD

    I don't think the problem is with the set. Experienced the same problems locally on ota channels. During episodes of Lost, the sync was so bad you could watch the show. Had to change to the analog version, where it was ok.
  13. Brad Newton

    Why can't I record the movie channels??????

    Yes I know it would be better, but it's not better if all I get is a black screen with sound
  14. Brad Newton

    Why can't I record the movie channels??????

    Satellite to Samsung via svideo. Samsung to tv via rf. This setup would capture the audio, but not video. If I started watching through the dvd recorder, it would record, but not with timer recording. I have since switched the connection from the satellite receiver to the Samsung to composite &...
  15. Brad Newton

    Why can't I record the movie channels??????

    I have a Samsung VR-325 & have tried to record a couple of movies this weekend since Dish network was offering HBO free. When I set up a timer recording, I got the sound but no picture, but when I just recorded without out setting the timer, everything was fine. Why the different results?
  16. Brad Newton

    Star Wars I, II, III

    You are correct that III thx trailer is in 5.1 ex, but as soon as the movie starts,it reverts to the regular 5.1 dolby digital.
  17. Brad Newton

    Star Wars I, II, III

    All of these are supposed to be Dolby Digital 5.1 EX, yet none of them activate my Pioneer 45tx receiver. The receier is setup corrctly & is connected via optical. When I insert Star Wars IV, it correctly plays in Dolby Digital EX. I would like to send an email to complain to someone, but who...
  18. Brad Newton

    ota stb dolby audio problem

    As long as it is normal, that is ok. I just feared that either the stb or the receiver was going screwy.
  19. Brad Newton

    ota stb dolby audio problem

    I have an ota stb connected via coax to a Pioneer 45tx. Recently, I have noticed that when switching channels, the audio is present, then disappears for a second & then is back. My stb has an optical output which I haven't tried, but was wondering what might cause this problem.
  20. Brad Newton

    Dish Network, DirecTV or Comcast?

    I have dish & it does go out sometimes during heavy rains, but it is still better quality than the local cable company. I went with dish over direct because dish offers a sports channel package which direct does not.
  21. Brad Newton

    Best TV for $2500

    Like the original poster, I too am considering the switch to HD. Unfortunately, in my area, Best Buy, HH Gregg, Circuit City don't do a very good job of displaying their products. Too many sets running off the same degraded signal. I would like for some one that has an hd set that has Dish...
  22. Brad Newton

    FS: Monster HTS3600 power center

    I would also like pictures @ [email protected]
  23. Brad Newton

    Hairs on the inside of my dogs eyelids??

    We have a shih-tzu too. She is great, friendly, lovable, & smart. Don't want to call her a pet, because she is much more.
  24. Brad Newton

    Paradigm ADP 170?

    Are these speakers bipole, or dipole? Does it matter if they would be used as surronds in a 7.1 setup?
  25. Brad Newton

    my poop eating dog ... help!

    Our shih-tzu did this once in a while when she was a puppy, but she out grew it. I don't know about yours, but ours is very intelligent..............she has us trained well............just kidding. She is the one of the most pleasant dogs I have ever been around. Very lovable........wouldn't...
  26. Brad Newton

    Yippee, Tosh XS34 up and running!

    Does the fan run continuoulsy? I have read that it does. If so, how loud is it? I was considering this unit until I read about the fan........ What color is your unit? I have seen this unit advertised in black.
  27. Brad Newton

    Can Pioneer VSX45 detect 96khz?

    I have the dvd player connected via optical cable & via analog for sacd playback. If I am understanding you correctly, the 96khz is analog & therefore should be played basically like sacd. The receiver does have DRC & it is set to the off position.
  28. Brad Newton

    Can Pioneer VSX45 detect 96khz?

    Are you saying that in order to listen to the 96khz selection, I should be using the "multi channel in" function? The receiver also has a "hi-bit sampling" function. Should that be chosen also? I don't know the answer to your questions. When I select the 96khz portion, I can hear it, but it...
  29. Brad Newton

    Can Pioneer VSX45 detect 96khz?

    Just playing around with Dr Chesky's 5.1 surrond dvd this weekend & can't get the receiver to play the 96khz selection. Is this unit capable of detecting this? I also have the Pioneer 45A dvd player. Is there just a setting that needs to be changed?
  30. Brad Newton

    Most reliable place to order Paradigm ADP 170

    I am looking for a set of ADP 170 v3 to match with the rest of my Paradigm system, monitor 7, cc370 & atoms. The local store where I purchased the my other speakers, no longer handles the Paradigm line. Where can I order these speakers and have a good comfort level?