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  1. Russell W

    Swans Diva 6.1 package review

    Mike and Juan, We are working on a program to say thank you to the many people that have opened their homes. Please call us and tell Steve I asked you to call for a special gift for your kindness... Russell Woolfolk
  2. Russell W

    Swans Diva 6.1 package review

    Greg, Everyone here is telling you correct. The Diva's really need 100+ hours before they are broken in. The sound so much better. No kidding. Please come back and post your thoughts after 100+ hours. I believe you'll be quite pleased. Russell Woolfolk
  3. Russell W

    Swans Divias: are they still the style/price/performance kings?

    The Diva's were designed to compete with speaker costing 2-3 time the price that would include B&W,Paradigm,KEF,Monitor Audio, Sonas Faber..etc. We stand by that 100%. We don't necessarily feel they sound just LIKE any of these brands and this was not the design goal. We feel we have achieved...
  4. Russell W

    Swans Diva Subwoofer?

    Ted, For now we are very excited about the HSU VTF-2 and VTF-3 combination with the Diva's. We are still developing a sub that will cosmetically match and performance match the Diva's...We know how important it is for many of you to get the matching sub. Stay tuned! Thanks for your support...
  5. Russell W

    Swans Divias: are they still the style/price/performance kings?

    Kelly, We happen to think the Diva's are AWESOME TOO! Thanks to everyone else here for the support. BTW, They are all on SALE! Russell Woolfolk
  6. Russell W

    Speaker output? Diva Questions

    Joel, You've gotten great advice. Underpowering is much more critical than overpowering. Enjoy! Russell Woolfolk
  7. Russell W

    Need "bang for the buck" speakers for a 2nd system

    Patrick, I'm pretty sure we used the Diva 6.1's with C3, R3,and the HSU VTF-2 at the show in NYC. We displayed Diva 6.1s, 5.1s, and 4.1's, in the Perpetual Technologies room but, they were not connected. The Diva/Outlaw combination has been real successful and should be a real winner for...
  8. Russell W

    How to reduce birghtness?

    Ryan, Everyone here has given you some great advice. If your speakers are broken in (80-100 hrs), you have toed them in, and have some room treatments. I would definitely look to the wire used as someone else mentioned. IMHO this will be the greatest equalizer to reduce the briteness...
  9. Russell W

    Upsampler Advice: Bel Canto DAC 1or2 or Perpetual Technologies P1a?

    Hey Guys, We do use $200-$300 DVD players at our Trade shows. However, we believe their is a noticable difference using better transports and would recommend that if your budget allows to get the best you can afford. The use of low end transports is for demonstration purposes only. We do...
  10. Russell W

    Thoughts on this setup?

    Joel, Looks like you are going to have an awesome system. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your home theater. Russell Woolfolk
  11. Russell W

    Axiom M60s vs Diva 4.1s - anybody heard both?

    Rich, Please give us a call for a price quote. $348 sounds waaaaaaaay out of line for your location and that package. We may just have to create a special just for YOU!:D Russell Woolfolk
  12. Russell W

    New System!

    Bryan, Sorry for the delay getting back to you. The Diva's are available in the Rosewood veneer finish only. We know many people want black etc...However, we have perfected (very close) the verneer finish and it is really furniture grade. In fact, many furniture specialist are AMAZED that...
  13. Russell W

    Need "bang for the buck" speakers for a 2nd system

    Patrick, FYI, We used the 1050 with the complete Diva 6.1 setup (Diva 6.1's, C3, R3's) at all of our trade shows last year. At the Hometheater show (NYC last year) it was consistently over 20 minutes to get into the room to listen. The 1050's an excellent receiver to drive any of the Diva's...
  14. Russell W

    Klipsch a low end speaker?

    Consumers need to realize the cost restraints manufacturers are under too. If the *dealers* want a new pair of $1000 main towers to sell, the guy who gets the project in the R/D lab is probably told..."ok, you got $125(before labor,boxing,ect)total to spend on ALL the components(including the...
  15. Russell W

    What's more important when trying to timbre match??????

    Dan, I have actually heard the Atlantic surrounds. Although I have not listened to them with the Diva speakers I believe this will be a really good alternative to the R3's. Your room configuration is going to make 2.1's challenging to place properly. I think you are on the right track...
  16. Russell W

    To all Swan Diva owners and fans.......

    Ryan, The shipping cost are HUGE for the 4.1's to the Phillipines. However, the 4.1's would easily be compared to speakers that sell for $1200 - $1500 on a dealer showroom floor. The 4.1's can be had for $599 today + shipping. This still represent a significant value when compared to many...
  17. Russell W

    Klipsch a low end speaker?

    I can assure everyone here that we ( have nothing but respect for the Klipsch company and their speakers. Klipsch has been one of the most innovative speaker companies in the history of audio. We would love to be the company that Klipsch represents many years from now. We are...
  18. Russell W

    Diva speaker owners!

    Grady you are absolutely correct. We never try to put any negative pressure on anyone about reviewing or posting are speakers on their web site. We'll work with anyone. We'll continue focusing on making an exceptional product backed with awesome customer service. Eventually, everyone will...
  19. Russell W

    New System!

    Hi Bryan! There is a shoot-out with the axiom and the Diva 2.1's at You could get the package with the 2.1's for the 1K you are looking to spend...No doubt this would be a Top of the line system for your budget. Call...
  20. Russell W

    Diva speaker owners!

    Thanks Grady, My family really appreciates your prayers and support. We are truly blessed to be apart of this business and this wonderful network of people like yourself. Steve's suggestion is correct. The more people we can get to request the Diva's addition to AR the better our chances...
  21. Russell W

    Diva speaker owners!

    Grady and Sean, We are still working to get AR to add the Diva's to the review list. We hope to work with AR to resolve as soon as possible. We hope that many like yourselves continue to assist us by emailing AR with your request. BTW, thank you both for your business and support...
  22. Russell W

    My new Diva's + HSU are on the way!!!

    John, Thanks so much for your kind words. I gotta tell you It's real easy to serve customers like yourself. We're having a blast over here and are so grateful to have so much support from people like yourself. Let us all in on your impressions once you get them. Their on the way! Thanks...
  23. Russell W

    Diva 6.1 Pack or 4.1 Pack?

    Joel, Thanks for considering the Swan's Diva's. As Sean said the 6.1 package is our best value. The 6.1's are comparable to many of the world class Hi-end speakers that sell for 2-3 times the price. It's true they do perform better in the lower bass range but, they also are the best we offer...
  24. Russell W

    Best Floorstanding Speakers under $1k

    Corey H, We're thrilled that you are interested in the Swan's Diva's and hope they may work for you. I would have to agree with Doug and stress the importance of timbre matching especially across the front channel L/C/R. There is a significant improvement in performance when using speaker...
  25. Russell W

    How would the Diva 6.1, C3 and R3 sound with the Denon 3802?

    Ron C, I noticed your post and wanted to interject (hope you don't mind). The 3802 is one of the most popular receivers used with the Diva's. We have yet to have any customer unsatisfied with this combination. As far as we know there are many BIG SMILES out there. :-) Don't hesitate to call...
  26. Russell W

    B&W vs Diva

    Aaron H, I want to remind everyone that I did not start this thread to compare the Diva's with the B&W's. I am honored to participate and give our customer's perspective on comparing the two. Ten years from now I hope that we are held in the same regard as B&W for being exceptional speaker...
  27. Russell W

    B&W vs Diva

    Lewis, Thanks for allowing me to comment and for considering the Swan's Diva speakers. As PomingF stated, because of the components (driver materials, crossovers, tuning)we have seamless timbre matching with the C3 and R3 with all of the main speakers. After auditioning each of the mains...
  28. Russell W

    B&W vs Diva

    Hey Guys! I'm glad to see that we have evoked so much passion with this thread. Let it be known that we are not trying to disparage B&W speakers in any way. I do stand by my statements and continue to say and feel that the reason many Diva customers have purchased Diva is because they feel...
  29. Russell W

    B&W vs Diva

    Gil, You can ship the Diva's back by any carrier that you like. You will save may 10-15%. We believe as many people do that when compared to speakers in this range you'll want to keep them. It's extremely rare for us to get back speakers that don't have a failure or problem of some sort. I...
  30. Russell W

    B&W vs Diva

    John, In reply to comparing the Diva looks to the Dynaudio, and the B&W 802. As you know and have heard everyone still has different preferences. I gotta tell you if people think the Diva's are as good as the N802 that's certainly a honor for a $1300 speaker to be compared to an $8000.00...