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  1. Joe Blech

    I don't think my SVS broke in!

    I purchased my PB2+ about a month and a half ago I guess. I took it out of the box, put it in place, and fired it up. After some quick calibration, I put in some THX demos, LOTR, Minority Report, and the like. "Wow", I said - "that sounds really good!" However, the point of this post is this -...
  2. Joe Blech

    Whoa - That was FAST!

    So I ordered my PB2+ on Monday and it's here on THURSDAY! I can't wait to hear this thing! It's going out for delivery hopefully today - if not I'll probably end up picking it up. Just to give you some perspective, it's replacing a Costco 10" KLH. I'll let you know which one I prefer! ;)...
  3. Joe Blech

    Rocket 750 Owner in SF Bay Area?

    Thanks for the info, guys! I will poke around there. I would love to be able to hear the 550's AND the 750's as I have heard that both are great, but there are some small sonic differences between the two. (550's maybe a little more upfront? 750's a little more laid back?)
  4. Joe Blech

    Rocket 750 Owner in SF Bay Area?

    Don't mean to hijack, but I am in the Phoenix area and would like to hear some Rockets and have tried to request auditions on audioenvy with no responce. However, I really like the fact they have been compared to Sonus Faber. I have auditioned Sonus Faber many times and absolutely LOVE them. If...
  5. Joe Blech

    Finally! - SVS!

    Robb, you have PM
  6. Joe Blech

    Finally! - SVS!

    Ok all - After months of research and reading thread after thread I am ready to upgrade my current sub. I will be upgrading from a 10" KLH costco sub (about 80 Watts on its very best day ever!) to a PB2+ (99% sure). I know there are a lot of threads here asking this same type question but I am...
  7. Joe Blech

    Spider-Man 2 (2004)

    I really saw Raimi's touch in the operating room scene. I liked how there was no music and loved the shots. I thought I was watching Army of Darkness.
  8. Joe Blech

    DVD Review HTF Review: Love Actually - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! MUST SEE!

    A little late in posting this, but I rented this with my girlfriend last night because she got to pick the movie and I didn't know what I had gotten myself in for. However, I ended up LOVING this movie! One small point that I would like to make is that I found it a little easier to let the...
  9. Joe Blech

    Which SVS for these purposes?

    Another vote here for the PB2+. A coworker has the PB2+ with B&W 604s3's and the LCR600 driven by Rotel and the sound was incredible. The PB2+ will give you the headroom that you will appreciate. SVS + B&W + Rotel is such a great setup in my opinion.
  10. Joe Blech

    Paradigm Studio 60 vs. Klipsch RF-35's

    I could definitely tell a major difference between different receivers when listening to the Klipsch's. There was a LARGE difference in sound between the Denon and Yamaha receivers that were used when auditioning the speakers. The Denon was the way to go for me, it sounded much warmer than the...
  11. Joe Blech

    Speakers dat don't get no love ...

    I was WAAAAAAAY impressed with the Sonus Faber Cremona's that I heard at the local Showcase.
  12. Joe Blech

    Polk Audio

    I am wondering how the csi5 compares to B&W's LCR600. Anyone heard both and have any opinions? I am really torn between the two. I have heard both but never side by side and I am having a terrible time with the comparison. I can get a csi5 right now at Circuit City for only 249. I will be...
  13. Joe Blech

    Polk Audio

    I am wondering how the csi5 compares to B&W's LCR600. Anyone heard both and have any opinions? I am really torn between the two. I have heard both but never side by side and I am having a terrible time with the comparison. I can get a csi5 right now at Circuit City for only 249. I will be...
  14. Joe Blech

    THX intros

    I wonder if this is the correct place to be posting this, so someone correct me is so, but I was wondering what the best place to find THX demos/trailers. Is there a DVD available with a lot of them, or are they available only at the start of certain THX certified movies. I noticed that the Toy...
  15. Joe Blech

    Denon AVR 3805 or HK7200

    Well ya learn something new every day. In the review of the 3805, though, that 240 WPC number was used. Are they bridging? Or just a way of saying that they are runnning 120 watts to the speaker via two different channels?
  16. Joe Blech

    Denon AVR 3805 or HK7200

    Another good thing about the 3805 is its ability to bi-amp the mains to 240 WPC while still running 5.1. Can the 7200 do that as well? I'm not sure. I have the 3802 with out a seperate amp and love it. Nice and warm.
  17. Joe Blech

    Bi-amping the Denon 3803?

    What about the 3802?
  18. Joe Blech

    Polk RTi12 Price at CC

    I think I might just go down and get them if they are a good deal. But here is my dilemma. I just went yesterday and auditioned some B&W 603's and 604's. I can get the 603's and the LCR600 for about the same price as the Polk line-up. (Maybe a little more) I will be powering with a Denon 3802...
  19. Joe Blech

    Polk RTi12 Price at CC

    I was at Circuit City last night and saw the Polk Rti12 floorstanding fronts for 399 a piece and the CSi5 for 249. Is this a really good price? I thought that I had seen these speakers for almost twice this much at showcase (owned by tweeter). I checked the actual tag and made SURE the model...
  20. Joe Blech

    Speakers at high volume - HARSH!

    Interesting points! Thanks for your responses! I will try and improve the acoustics of the room a little. The only thing in the room is the TV and some leather couches and the entire floor is tile. I will try an area rug and see if that makes a difference!
  21. Joe Blech

    Speakers at high volume - HARSH!

    Yeah, I shouldn't have said they aren't distorting. I'm sure they are are. I am so excited to get some decent low frequency reinforcement! I have had that KLH sub for so long and have never heard an SVS. I can't wait! My room is about 2000 cubic feet (12 X 20 X 8) and I think the PB2+ will be...
  22. Joe Blech

    Movies you liked but everyone else hated

    Two words: Bubble Boy Has anyone else caught this gem? Also: National Lampoon's Van Wilder Vanilla Sky Beverly Hills Ninja UHF
  23. Joe Blech

    Anyone getting tired of the Enya-like "Aaaaaaaah...aaaaaahhh..." scores?

    I have to agree with many here. I liked it in Gladiator, but I really noticed it in Troy as something that I had heard before and couldn't help but thinking, "C'mon, think of something else!" Many props to James Horner, who is one of my favorites, although I feel like his scores lately are all...
  24. Joe Blech

    Speakers at high volume - HARSH!

    OK, There has been a lot of posts relating to this that I have seen, but I just wanted to get some additonal and more specific opinions. I am currently watching movies on a Mits WS-55413 and am using a Denon 3802 to power some less than optimal speakers. Cerwin Vega center (6 or 7 years old, I...
  25. Joe Blech

    Help! Brand new mits dead!

    Spoke to the salesman where I got the TV. He was more than happy to get me a new one from the warehouse (which will be here tomorrow, just in time for the new LOTR), and assured me that Mitsubishis are in fact good TV's that don't give out after a week! But all in all I was very happy with the...
  26. Joe Blech

    B&W DM603 S3 versus JBL E90

    I'm interested in these speakers, too. Why do the 603 sound different? Different tweeter? I thought that there was just one driver instead of two.
  27. Joe Blech

    Delivery of my RPTV--Unhappy Experience

    Mackie, My Mitsubishi WS-55413 died last night. What was your set doing? I hope that the place where I bought mine is as accomidating as yours! I hope this is not a reflection of Mitsubishi's reliability. I'm sure that's not the case, as I have heard only good comments in regards to the Mits...
  28. Joe Blech

    Help! Brand new mits dead!

    Help! My one week old WS-55413 is dead! When I hit the power button a blue screen with some wierd wavy lines comes on and then the tv just shuts off automatically. It wont even stay on for more than about 5 seconds. Any ideas? Please?
  29. Joe Blech

    New Mitsubishi - Good price?

    OK, pulled the trigger last night on a Mitsu WS55413. Have heard good things and really liked the TV when seeing it in the store. The local home theater place only had 4 left and gave me a discount. Final price - $1699. How did I do? I am excited! This will replace my 32" nicely. Next up: SVS PB2+.
  30. Joe Blech

    Fandango, anyone?

    It was just mentioned on one of the interviews on this forum that this one will be released sometime next year. (2005) Yay!