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  1. TonyDale

    DVD Review HTF DVD REVIEW: Hunger

    After seeing Fassbinder's magnificent work for Quentin Tarantino, I immediately put this into a queue. Your review has upped the anticipation ante.
  2. TonyDale

    What happened to Agony and Ecstasy and Magnificent Men in Flying Machines?

    According to the Cast Album Recording List, Max Preeo states that SOUND OF MUSIC will arrive on Blu-Ray just in time for Christmas.
  3. TonyDale

    DOCTOR ZHIVAGO (Blu-Ray)? Is it coming?

    After the gorgeous transfers of NORTH BY NORTHWEST, GONE WITH THE WIND and THE WIZARD OF OZ, here's hoping Warner tackles this David Lean epic with the same care. Rumor has it that ZHIVAGO is in the works, with a boxed set to rival those of GWTW an TWoO, and that the limited edition box could...
  4. TonyDale

    DVD Review HTF DVD REVIEW: Nickelodeon/The Last Picture Show

    "The Director’s Cut of The Last Picture Show is actually the original, albeit unreleased, version of the film. At 126 minutes the studio decided that it was too long, and the director was forced to cut seven minutes of footage. This version appears to be identical to both the 1991 Criterion...
  5. TonyDale

    "TCM Spotlight Doris Day Collection" and "A Song Is Born"

    Doris here: TCM Spotlight: Doris Day Collection : DVD Talk Review of the DVD Video
  6. TonyDale

    2009 PINOCCHIO Release - What's Missing

    "What do you guys think of this scene, where Pinocchio's yellow shirt turns white, and then is splotchy white/yellow, and then yellow again?" I always thought it was the animators chose to animate the effect of that solo spot of theatrical lighting. . .
  7. TonyDale

    DVD Review HTF DVD REVIEW: Salò, or The 120 Days of Sodom

    Thank you for your very insightful and respectful review. It is obvious that you though very long and hard about SALO, as one should, before dismissing it.
  8. TonyDale

    problems buying Paramount / Legend DVD's from Best Buy?

    I took a chance and dropped into my local Best Buy today. Sure enough, there was an endcap with the second wave titles, marked BEST BUY EXCLUSIVE. Alas, no DESPERATE CHARACTERS, but did pick up MANDINGO, THOSE DARING YOUNG MEN and HOUDINI.
  9. TonyDale

    How The West Was Won, Errol Flynn, Warner Westerns - 26/08/08

    I thought the smilebox demos were on the KING KONG (1933) dvd. . . :confused:
  10. TonyDale

    Well, "Titanic" nite again. Anybody else have plans?

    I just finished watching it, too. My eyes always tear up at the shot of the Straus couple on their bed, whenever I'm in NYC, I, too, take the walk to Straus park.
  11. TonyDale

    More Fox Musicals...Anyone??

    Fox could also send us SAY ONE FOR ME.
  12. TonyDale

    Warner Bros - How about a restored Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

    Controversial Classics Volume 3, anyone?
  13. TonyDale

    A DVD of Porgy and Bess -- Need of Restoration!

    Don't know if we're allowed to mention a certain site here, one that contains many home-made video clips, but that site also contains many clips from Preminger's PORGY & BESS.
  14. TonyDale

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Flash Gordon - The Saviour of the Universe Edition

    What's up with the opening credit sequence though? As dvdsavant stated, it looks as if those credits are 4:3 while the film itself is 2.35:1.
  15. TonyDale


    Sounds like a combination of SALO and PINK FLAMINGOS! Once again, excellent review, Matt!
  16. TonyDale


    Matt - I'm thoroughly enjoying your reviews, and this one is an exceptional addition to your ouevre. (Must add this to my Netflix queue as soon as possible).
  17. TonyDale

    Netflix offering free streaming movies

    I took a couple of minutes to check out the streaming, and found that HEARTBEEPS (Bernadette Peters & Andy Kaufman) was presented in a 2.35:1 aspect ratio. Also noticed that LILI, though not available on dvd, is available for streaming on Netflix.
  18. TonyDale

    Your pick ?

    THE BLACK DAHLIA has a great soundtrack, that's one positive thing about it.
  19. TonyDale

    DORIS DAY: VOLUME 2 on 4/10

    Are all of Luise Rainer's films available on dvd?
  20. TonyDale


    Personally - I agree with you one hundred percent! It's the Pan film that I keep returning to over and over again. It also makes a great double bill with FINDING NEVERLAND.
  21. TonyDale

    DORIS DAY: VOLUME 2 on 4/10

    Doris Day has refused an Oscar on almost a yearly basis. I wish that she'd change her mind this year. . .
  22. TonyDale


    "Whoah. Are those shots at the same moment? What happened on the left and right sides? A lot more information on the right, that's for sure." Not to mention the additional space on the top and bottom!
  23. TonyDale

    The future of DTS?

    The new ULTIMATE BOND series features DTS tracks on all of the films, doesn't it? That's twenty new DTS tracks. . .
  24. TonyDale

    Any reviews for The King and I?

    For anyone who bought the new King and I, can you go to 110:11 into the film (Shall We Dance) have the "Singalong Subtitles" on and tell me if your DVD jumps around. It seems to only happen when the "Singalong Subtitles" are visible. No other subtitles and it doesn't matter what audio track you...
  25. TonyDale

    The Paul Newman Collection

    hours later, it's working for me now. . .
  26. TonyDale

    The Paul Newman Collection

    whay does dvdbeaver now require a password?
  27. TonyDale

    ***Gay-Friendly DVD's, Version 5***

    MYSTERIOUS SKIN remains one of my favorite films from last year, or any year. Yes, it is a bit of a downer, but, it is Araki's finest moment. IMHO.
  28. TonyDale

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Ronald Reagan: The Signature Collection (RECOMMENDED).

    Thanks, Herb! I had originally planned for the two Doris Day flicks as well as KING'S ROW, but after your review, it's the whole set for me!
  29. TonyDale

    Universal preps 'Flower Drum Song' for November

    Some people think it has everything to do with STRANGERS ON A TRAIN.
  30. TonyDale

    Universal preps 'Flower Drum Song' for November

    Actually, so does the HTF: