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  1. John Haghighi

    Did BDA use fake forum accounts & blogs created to promote Blu-Ray - "Phase Hydra"?

    Just to be clear those are not my words. I don't see this as anything more than misinformation spinned to one sides advantage. Phase Hydra to me is just BDA's realization that the HD DVD camp is doing a better job of providing knowledgeable insiders to answer Q's and spin on forums...
  2. John Haghighi

    Did BDA use fake forum accounts & blogs created to promote Blu-Ray - "Phase Hydra"?

    Here is what Blu-ray Insider TalkStr8t says about this over on AVS Insiders thread: I'm not comfortable posting verbatim here from a confidential document, but I feel it's better to clear the air than to let misinformation inform the agenda...
  3. John Haghighi

    *** Official THE INCREDIBLES Review Thread

    I went into this movie for ROTS trailer, they didn't show it. What a disappointment. After the movie, I was so happy I stayed, the most entertaining movie I've seen this year "."
  4. John Haghighi

    North and South on DVD!?!

    Anyone know if there is any plan for this and who owns the rights for DVD? I've had many friends getting into DVDs now asking about it. I would also love to see this on DVD.
  5. John Haghighi

    Mistubishi 55" goldplus HDTV

    Good Price, probably because new models are coming out In July and August w/dvi inputs and more. Go to the forums section of the Home Theater Spot for manufacturer specific info. There is plenty info in the Mits forum regarding Red Push fix..
  6. John Haghighi

    Sony ES or Pioneer Elite Receiver???

    I've been a Pioneer owner for 9 years, starting with the standard line and moving up to the Elites that past 5 years. All I can say is that you will not be disappointed with an Elite. It's a great sounding receiver, probably one of the best for Music and Movies. I personally have never been a...
  7. John Haghighi

    *** Official "STAR TREK: NEMESIS" Discussion Thread

    Best Sciene fiction film of the year? Really? Seriously? Your kidding right? The only decent part was the battle sequences, but it no way near as good as Wrath of Khan. Hyping up the movie will only leave those yet to see it disappointed. It is what it is an average movie.
  8. John Haghighi

    *** Official "STAR TREK: NEMESIS" Review Thread

    I can't wait for the next Star Trek Movie:Search for Data 2 out of 5 stars
  9. John Haghighi

    Pioneer 47Ai first impressions

    SACD and iLink aside, Is this player better than the DV-38A? Mainly concerned with Audio/Video performance and build quality. I notice that the DV-38A still has a high price tag? I'm curious if there will be a DV-48i?
  10. John Haghighi

    Star Wars:Clones to get IMAX release!?

    Hope this is a better conversion than the Matrix! Read about it
  11. John Haghighi

    A thorough review that shows SACD to be very inferior to DVD-A

    I am a major DVD-Audio fan. That editorial is crap "."
  12. John Haghighi

    ***Official Blue Laser Software Disc. Thread*** (f/k/a "Hi-Def DVDs by Christmas?")

    HD + uncompresed audio= F M D This is not Foot Mouth Disease. It's been around for a while and it's time to learn about why it's a better option for storage... Here is another shameless link Link Removed :D
  13. John Haghighi

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: "A.I. Artificial Intelligence"

    Ron, The transfer should be near perfect, what you are seeing as grainy or soft is most likely due to the way it was filmed and processed. The low contrast was intentional to give the film the desired artistic look and feel.
  14. John Haghighi

    ***Official Blue Laser Software Disc. Thread*** (f/k/a "Hi-Def DVDs by Christmas?")

    Any fan of High Defintion should read up on FMD. It defenitely has the best potential for being the format of the future and it can be compatiable with existing DVD software. The Widescreen Review article provides an excellent introduction to this format. As far as pricing for HD-DVD material...
  15. John Haghighi

    QUEEN: A NIGHT AT THE OPERA a DVD-Audio review by David Tolsky

    No mater what anyone's preference is the market place will determine the final outcome. By complaint to both camps: WHERE THE @#$% IS THE SOFTWARE? I just listened to the DVD-A version of the Eagles Hotel Cailfornia, which includes a 24/192 stereo mix something I was waiting to hear. Well I...
  16. John Haghighi

    QUEEN: A NIGHT AT THE OPERA a DVD-Audio review by David Tolsky

    RicP thank you for clearing up the confusion. Ever since DTS announced that they were going to market DVD-Audio disks I became suspicious. It's clear they are very savy in marketing their product and confusing consumers with a DTS 5.1 mix on their "DTS Music Discs". Don't get me wrong why...
  17. John Haghighi

    Pioneer Elite 47a I am now on the waiting list for this Universal player

    NO PureCinema II and THX certification, why not wait for the 48 there is bound to be one!
  18. John Haghighi

    Pioneer Elite DV-47A universal player announced

    I think I am OK with no Rosewood panels. Just to let you know I went so far as to order Rosewood side panels for the VSX-37TX just so it would match the DV-38A...cost about $160. While it looks nice, it was probably a waste. On bass management, I think doing it in the digital domain is the way...
  19. John Haghighi

    Pioneer Elite DV-47A universal player announced

    According to the Pioneer Guys @CES Rosewood is officially out, so don't expect to see it if there is a 48 model. Also I was told that it did not have the improved 2:3 pulldown they call PureCinema II. If anyone can confirm this please do.
  20. John Haghighi

    Getting all regions on the XBOX DVD Player

    So wait te XBOX does 480P for games, but not for DVD's. It's not Progressive!? Sounds lke an M$ Xbox2 ploy
  21. John Haghighi

    Reasons why I think DVD-A will survive

    PatrickM: You are absolutely correct, you cannot do a fair comparison with 1812 overture it was recorded in DSD, and converted for the DVD-A version. The techs at Telarc will even tell you that any comparison would be inherently flawed. Another point to consider is that the DAC's in consumer...
  22. John Haghighi

    How do we get Paramount to add DTS?

    You know I am tired of this. You guys are living in the Dark Ages with this DTS debate. PARAMOUNT: D T S in 24/96!!!!! (forget that 5.1 crap)
  23. John Haghighi


    Pioneer Elite DV-38A ($2k) I hope you guys can get it worked out. Thanks for the quick response
  24. John Haghighi

    TPM DVD ROM features

    The site is back up but it's not much of a trailer a major teaser some clips, a few stills, and a come back 11/09 Weak..
  25. John Haghighi


    Many people are reporting problems with the Bonus Disc of the Godfather Box Set. It will not play on my Pioneer Elite DV-38A. Please let us know what the problem with the software is!?! I shelled out the $100 for the set, and I'd like to be able to enjoy it all...
  26. John Haghighi

    How come there's no love for Pioneer Elite receivers on this forum ?

    I owned a VSX 608 and a DV-414, now I have a Elite 37TX, Elite A-35 and a DV-38A...I have to say I am very happy with them. I think it is by far the best combo for those that like to watch movies in a HT and listen to Music on stereo. It's not the Elite in HT, or the Elite in Music, but it is...
  27. John Haghighi

    how to identify the new JP (and LW?) dts discs + who has done a review yet ?

    Screw Universal and Best Buy. Those of you that shop at the Best Buy in West Los Angeles, DO NOT PURCHASE JP (WS) (DTS) for at least two weeks. There are currently none on the floor but they may try and put a returned one out there in the next few days. You do not want to buy that one. If...
  28. John Haghighi

    UNIVERSAL-- please let us know about the corrected Jurassic Park DTS DVD!

    Why don't you start labeling your dts dvd releases with a warning sticker: "INFERIOR AUDIO MASTERING INSIDE" Not addressing this issue only proves that you truly are a UNIVERSAL [email protected]#$^&*@!#%&^! I am officially no longer purchasing any of your companies titles and I'm going to make sure...
  29. John Haghighi

    Southern California Meet...Something Big is Brewing...

    I would like to attend all days (work can wait)