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  1. Brian Alan

    Star Trek: Voyager specs and art

    Unlike most people, I liked TNG and Voyager a lot, and found DS9 virtually unwatchable; I stopped watching that one early on. But to each his own. I am particularly excited to see the pilot again. "Caretaker" is never on in syndication that I've seen; I don't know if it's ever been cut down to...
  2. Brian Alan

    Panasonic XP-30 and CD-RWs made with Direct CD

    I have been very happy with my Panasonic XP-30, particularly because it plays the CD-Rs that I have burned over the last few years. It's supposed to play MP3s on CD-RWs as well, and I was excited about that capability. However, when I insert CD-RWs created with Adaptec/Roxio Direct CD, the...
  3. Brian Alan

    Which Panasonic DVD player to get?

    I just bought my new XP30 at the local Sharper Image store at lunch today. $199, no less. If you want one, get one soon!
  4. Brian Alan

    Harry Potter COS and Toshiba 2109

    I am having all manner of problems with Harry Potter COS in my Toshiba 2109. It's definitely a player issue, because it's happened with two different discs. When I insert the DVD, the pre-menu sequence comes up, then the menu locks up. I have to turn the player off. When I turn it back on, the...
  5. Brian Alan

    Changing Rooms DVD

    I bought my wife the new "Trust Me--I'm A Designer" DVD from BBC America, and it arrived today. We popped it into our Toshiba SD-2109 DVD player, and suddenly none of the buttons on our remote worked, nor could we actuate the "enter" function at the menu to get it out of the menu screen into a...
  6. Brian Alan

    The Mega Horror Tournament

    One word: "Pieces"!!! Love that Juan Piquer Simon!
  7. Brian Alan

    Which Star Trek series is your favorite?

    I like them all to some extent, but DS9 was so boring and soap-operatic that I didn't even watch most of the last couple of seasons. And what was up with that ending? I think Voyager is the most underrated of all of the series.
  8. Brian Alan

    Some good soon to be discontinued discs I should get?

    This is Jack's 2-disc Fight Club set. You really, really need Fight Club.
  9. Brian Alan

    It's The End Of The World As We Know It - Apocalyptic DVD Suggestions?

    I liked The Postman as a novel, and I liked it as a movie, despite the ambivalent-to-bad reviews it received.
  10. Brian Alan

    Long Kiss Goodnight observations

    Long Kiss Goodnight is an awesome movie that is very underrated. This is a favorite at my house.
  11. Brian Alan

    Next batch of MGM 'Midnight Movies' announced

    It takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincent's fritters!
  12. Brian Alan

    Pan n Scan: DVD vs. AMC, TCM and IFC

    The other night I was flipping around the channels on cable, and noticed that AMC, TCM, and IFC were each showing movies in widescreen. The movie on TCM was in CinemaScope, even. I smiled at my good fortune, as I will often watch at least half an hour of anything on one of those channels if...
  13. Brian Alan

    HTF & DVD ETC. MAGAZINE POLL: "The Top 10 Videos you can't get on DVD"

    1. Strange Brew 2. Schindler's List 3. Raiders of the Lost Ark 4. Wild at Heart 5. Lion King 6. The Thin Man 7. Beauty and the Beast 8-10. Back to the Future
  14. Brian Alan

    What can I watch/use on TwinPeaks box set without spoiling it for myself ??

    My wife and I are first-time Twin Peaks viewers. I made the mistake of reading some spoilers before watching the first season, but she didn't. She was really mad about the spoiler in the "Tibet" special features. I don't blame her. The script notes for each episode occasionally feature minor...
  15. Brian Alan

    HTF REVIEW: "Twin Peaks: The First Season SE DVD" - REVIEW UPDATED PAGE 2

    I love the box set, and like Ron, hadn't enjoyed what little I saw of the show 10 years ago. Tastes change over time, I suppose. Excellent picture quality and overall presentation. My only gripe is the number of spoilers casually thrown in in the "script notes" for each episode, and in one...
  16. Brian Alan

    Magazine Poll:

    1. Menus too complex to figure out 2. Bad transfer 3. Excessive loading/access times after pressing a menu button 4. Pan n Scam 5. The practice of some retailers of putting 3 security stickers on the cases (and why on earth does Amazon do this?), causing me to mess up the case to get...
  17. Brian Alan

    Twin Peaks Pilot DVD....yuck!

    I just watched the Twin Peaks pilot last night, and thought the quality was fine. The surround mix was actually pretty aggressive in parts, and I'm not sure if I like that or not, but I can't complain about the sound. I think that yellow/brown filters were apparently used for at least portions...
  18. Brian Alan

    Do you watch the Extras 1st? or the movie . . .

    It depends on the extra. Sometimes we'll watch the trailer before the movie, but not always, because the trailer sometimes gives things away. We always watch deleted scenes and documentaries after the movie, so as not to ruin any surprises in the film. By then, though, we're sometimes asleep...
  19. Brian Alan

    MOTEL HELL: is there a release date yet?

    It takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincent's fritters!
  20. Brian Alan

    HTF's own Gregg Loewen professionaly calibrates my new Toshiba RPTV

    This may not be an appropriate question for this thread, but how would calibration affect my ability to watch broadcast TV? Ron's review makes me want to get my set calibrated right this second, but I watch probably 70% broadcast TV, and I want to be sure that calibration for DVD isn't going to...
  21. Brian Alan

    Widescreen Benefits displayed at CES

    Lots of people at CES have nothing to do with video. I went one year with my wife, who at the time worked at a telephone/answering machine manufacturer. One of the perks they had was the ability to wander around the show when they weren't showing off answering machines. Lots of people working...
  22. Brian Alan

    Twin Peaks-A few questions

    I used Ladywan and had no problems at all. The DVD made it to CA from Hong Kong faster than some domestic shipments I've received.
  23. Brian Alan

    MST3K Fans! Say TY to Rhino...again!

    The Master would approve!
  24. Brian Alan

    COSMOS Box Set Now OOP

    I predict that the OOP box set will sell for billions and billions on eBay.
  25. Brian Alan

    Employee may never make large purchase from Best Buy again

    My wife and I won't shop at BB for many reasons. Her pet peeve is how they have the electronic shoplifting scanners at the exit door to scan for the antitheft tags, but they still also insist at looking at the receipt and the bag contents before she leaves, as if she's a criminal. I have to...
  26. Brian Alan

    Ken Crane's DVD Planet?

    You can't beat that KC selection, but lately they have had real problems keeping new releases in stock on the street date. For example, I had to go elsewhere for Superman (sold out day after street) and Big Trouble in Little China (sold out by 6 pm on street date). Otherwise, they are probably...
  27. Brian Alan

    UPS Sucks. Throw mine in the mailbox, please.

    My wife and I have had more trouble with UPS and FedEx than we ever had with USPS. I won't bore you with the horror stories, one of which involved my surround speakers that I ordered online.
  28. Brian Alan


    I have also been less than thrilled with Netflix also. In fairness to Rentmydvd, Netflix does not have Zardoz or Hidden Fortress available to rent, and their response to my email about that was essentially, yeah, that's right, we don't, maybe someday, thanks.
  29. Brian Alan

    Warner - Please release Strange Brew

    I love this movie! I will buy one for me & two for gifts. I need to see this movie in full digital Hose-O-Rama.