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  1. Dorian Gray

    Barry Lyndon and Lolita - show your support here.

    Count me in. For both films.
  2. Dorian Gray

    Your most wanted Universal titles on Blu-Ray

    Sorcerer but also : Jaws Back to the future trilogy Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind 21 grams
  3. Dorian Gray

    WHITE DOG coming via Criterion

    Best news of the year.
  4. Dorian Gray

    "Cujo" to be released fullscreen.......AGAIN

    It's been released widescreen in Europe, thru Paramount. I guess Lionsgate might use the same elements.
  5. Dorian Gray

    Cropping, why?

    Cropping is an issue all right. But windowboxing is no solution.
  6. Dorian Gray

    John Carpenter's movies who should get a SE for R1

    Actually I wouldn't recommend the French releases for those movies. Many more extras are available, but transfers don't look so good to me. They live : French R2 disc is heavily cropped : see comparison here. Vampires : French R2 disc's color palette looks off to me : see comparison here...
  7. Dorian Gray

    Black Christmas (1974) - Think we'll get a 16x9 release this December?

    I wonder what aspect ratio it will be... The R2 UK disc was in 1.78:1 but looked overmatted to me. I hope it will be "true" anamorphic 1.66:1. Here's a comparison I made from existing discs.
  8. Dorian Gray

    The Dirty Dozen Special Edition in May

    You can now see a comparison here.
  9. Dorian Gray

    Top 5 Most Wanted DVD's!

    1. White Dog (1982) 2. Ace in the Hole (1951) 3. Run of the Arrow (1957) 4. Phase IV (1973) 5. The Keep (1983)
  10. Dorian Gray

    The Dirty Dozen Special Edition in May

    I second that ! Framing on R2 disc is totally messed up. R1 disc (WB) R2 disc (WB)
  11. Dorian Gray

    Vote for films to be released on DVD at TCM's Database

    My votes so far : The woman in the window While the city sleeps Beyond a reasonable doubt Man hunt The mortal storm Greed HE who gets slapped The scarlet letter The wind The magnificent Ambersons Ace in the hole Westward the women City of hope I walk the line 52 pick-up Run of...
  12. Dorian Gray

    Is John Sayles City Of Hope ever comming to DVD and WS?

    I would buy an OAR DVD in a second. I wonder who owns it though...
  13. Dorian Gray

    Old MGM titles that you want to see in a New Special Edition

    Different version required : The Alamo (full length version) Anamorphic re-release required : The Dirty Dozen (but NOT over-matted like R2 release) The Killer Elite Suture The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 Thief OAR issue : The Big Knife (current release is presented fullscreen but the...
  14. Dorian Gray

    Mario Bava's Black Sunday

    Just let me add some links to my comparisons... ;) Rabid Dogs Lisa & the Devil Black Sunday Hatchet for the Honeymoon Blood & Black Lace
  15. Dorian Gray

    Direct Graphic DVD Comparisons now Online!

    About the Vampires comparison, I don't agree at all with Nicholas Sheffo. I've seen the movie in theater, when it came out in France, and it looked exactly as the R1 releases. As far as I know, the use of color filters was intentional and was discussed a lot when the movie came out in 1998.
  16. Dorian Gray

    Repulsion and Yesterday Today and Tomorrow DVD

    Well I trust you about the Criterion LD, but the picture still looks misframed to me (cropped on bottom). ;)
  17. Dorian Gray

    Repulsion and Yesterday Today and Tomorrow DVD

    Anchor Bay UK disc is around 1.78:1 and looks a little over-matted to me. I assume the film was shot for 1.66:1 presentation. Here's a comparison between the ugly French R2 release and the UK disc :
  18. Dorian Gray

    The Incident (1967, Larry Peerce) starring Martin Sheen: Why no DVD?

    The Incident on DVD ? Count me in !
  19. Dorian Gray

    Wages of Fear out of print may 16, new se coming out later

    Yeah, great news about The Wages of Fear and nice work about Sorcerer, Gordon ! :)
  20. Dorian Gray

    The films of Samuel Fuller

    Yes, we do need more Samuel Fuller. And yes, White Dog should already be out, as it is the best film AGAINST racism ever.
  21. Dorian Gray

    any plans for Lee Marvin's "Point Blank" on DVD?

    I do hope Warner is working on this title. I'm not sure a HD master already exists, though. The last broadcast on TCM France, a few months ago, didn't look good at all...
  22. Dorian Gray

    Merrill's Marauders & The Big Red One

    The Big Red One SE is more than just a rumour : I don't know anything about Warner releasing Merrill's Marauders... but they should !
  23. Dorian Gray

    Why are Universal re-issuing Friedkin's "Sorcerer" on Feb. 8th?

    I can only agree with this... as I suggested it 6 months ago ! ;)
  24. Dorian Gray

    Possible Warner director boxes for 2005

    Count me in for some Fritz Lang, Anthony Mann and Nicholas Ray boxsets ! :) I would add Robert Aldrich too : - The Legend of Lylah Clare (MGM) - The Angry Hills (MGM ?) - Whatever Happened to Baby Jane S.E. (WB) - The Dirty Dozen S.E. (MGM) with accurate aspect ratio (NOT 2.20:1 as the...
  25. Dorian Gray

    Black Christmas Coming to DVD Again.

  26. Dorian Gray

    May Releases: The Big Red One SE, Battle of the Bulge and others

    Well I don't know if they plan to, but they should ! And I'm pretty sure they own I shot Jesse James as I've taped it on TCM France (which only broadcasts Warner catalog titles).
  27. Dorian Gray

    Direct Graphic DVD Comparisons now Online!

    Too bad you didn't include the usual "subtitles sample" shot for The Day the Earth Stood Still, Gary. I heard the R2 subs are presented on a black background, just like on R2 releases of The Night of the Hunter and 12 Angry Men. Nice comparison anyway. :)
  28. Dorian Gray

    The "Warner vote" titles - are all due in 2005?

    Warner, release Bad Day at Black Rock as promised ! And Lust for Life and Party Girl too.
  29. Dorian Gray

    Paramount DVD wants for 2005

    Count me in for : Ace in the Hole (Billy Wilder) The Conformist (Bernardo Bertolucci) Danger: Diabolik! (Mario Bava) Hustle (Robert Aldrich) If.... (Lindsay Anderson) The Keep (Michael Mann) Night Has a Thousand Eyes (John Farrow) Phase IV (Saul Bass) Rampage (William Friedkin) White...
  30. Dorian Gray

    Dirty Dozen... MGM or Warners??

    Then it looks like Warner Europe have matted a 35mm copy for this release... Because burnt-in english subs (for german-speaking sequences) are getting off the frame.