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  1. London Lawson

    Paradigm speakers and a Yamaha a/v receiver

    buyer pays shipping Paradigm PW2200 $300 Paradigm CC370 $175 Paradigm Monitor 3's $100 these sound excellent but I'm asking less because the grills are busted and they have some chipped corners but the sound is flawless Yamaha HTR5890 $150 Smoke free home
  2. London Lawson

    5 sealed Bluray's

    All are 13 shipped Pirates of the Carribean:The Curse of the Black PearlSOLD The PatriotSOLD American PsychoSOLD Superman The Omen MESSAGE ME ON AIM OR YAHOO AT LONDONKALEB
  3. London Lawson

    Walmart will kill HD-DVD?

    Both Wal-Marts in my town have an endcap on the dvd section that is equally divided between BR and HD-DVD
  4. London Lawson

    Samsung BR player down to 269
  5. London Lawson

    WTT my unopened Transformers HD-DVD plus paypal for Planet Earth HD-DVD

    The Transformers had the plastic off so the barcode could be marked, but the seal on the case has not been opened.
  6. London Lawson

    12/07/07: Wal-mart A2 A3 and PS3 secret sale specials

    I wonder if we can get the same hd-dvd multiple times.
  7. London Lawson

    12/07/07: Wal-mart A2 A3 and PS3 secret sale specials

    Well I called again and a manager told me the info had just came down and yes every store will be getting a minimum of 5.
  8. London Lawson

    12/07/07: Wal-mart A2 A3 and PS3 secret sale specials

    My local Wal-mart said no about the A2 deal
  9. London Lawson

    Pretty intense new trailer for UNTRACEABLE

    Looks cool but OMG I hate the way computers/hacking etc are portrayed in movies/ corny. The worst is shows like L&O or CSI where they can zoom in 100x on crap sercurity cam video and get crystal clear photos.
  10. London Lawson

    Philips BR player for 198 bucks Refurbished $120 Off Coupon Code OUTLET-1207 Confirmed coupon code. PRODUCT FEATURES See More * Blu-ray Disc playback for sharp and real life HD images * Video upconversion of DVDs up to 1080p via HDMI * HDMI out for digital...
  11. London Lawson

    Blu-ray Dominates Black-Friday
  12. London Lawson

    World's crappiest projector reviewed Come along with us to a sideshow, starring the Torpedo Entertainment Projector by Senario, a $169 LCD unit made in China. We'll show you just how plum-awful a projector can be. We picked one up at a local Target store, put it on our test...
  13. London Lawson

    FS ad FT: BD and HD-DVD

    I would like King Kong
  14. London Lawson

    Classics on HD and BD

    I saw The Seventh Sign on Dish HD awhile back and it looked pretty nice. 2001 was also on months back and it looked amazing, if I didn't know any better I would have thought it was a fairly new movie.
  15. London Lawson

    HD DVD Surpasses 750,000 Dedicated Players Promotional Group announces record HD DVD hardware sales following Black Friday LOS ANGELES, Nov. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Following landmark Black Friday promotions through major retail chains, the North American HD DVD Promotional Group...
  16. London Lawson

    What audio settings should I use on my Toshiba A2

    I have the following Yamaha HTR5890 2 fronts, 2 rears, sub and a center
  17. London Lawson

    what good deals have you got on HD-DVD's or BR discs?

    The seller has an email address...mmmmm
  18. London Lawson

    what good deals have you got on HD-DVD's or BR discs?

    Last night I scored The Bourne Identity for 9.25 shipped! Forget retail, ebay is the place to scoop deals!
  19. London Lawson

    what good deals have you got on HD-DVD's or BR discs?

    I just sniped an ebay auction for 300 for 12.50 shipped, and last week I got The Departed combo disc for 15 shipped.
  20. London Lawson

    Move over Guitar Hero..Rock Band! Read the first post, has all the info you could ever want.
  21. London Lawson

    What easy snacks/meals do you like?

    I make this every now and then, and it is great. Add fillings to your desire, this is what I use 1 can crescent rolls 1/2 block of cream cheese shredded cheddar and montery jack/colby turkey lunch meat precooked bacon Preheat over to 350. Put aluminum foil over a cookie sheet...
  22. London Lawson

    DVD Forum approves 51GB triple-layer HD DVD spec (Disney votes for it) Toshiba's been demoing a triple-layer hybrid HD DVD / DVD system for a couple years now, but it's been all unofficial until today, when the DVD Forum steering committee voted to approve the spec as part of the official HD DVD standard. The...
  23. London Lawson

    Amazon customer vote hot deal on HD/BR players

    The voting hasn't ended so I don't know which will be offered, but hot either way
  24. London Lawson

    Led Zeppelin The Song Remains The Same

    Does anyone here own this? If so, how is the quality?
  25. London Lawson

    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: Ratatouille

    I watched it and didn't see what all the fuss was about. I am getting sick of all these animal animations already.
  26. London Lawson

    Warner Amadeus, One Flew, 2008 Non-THD

    Excellent news about Amadeus! It is my favorite movie ever.