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  1. Bob McKenny

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Star Trek: Generations - Special Collector's Edition

    It's an aliasing problem as Jason Borchers describes above. I compared the new DVD to my old Laserdisc version and the problems are identical on both. Viewing the DVD progressively scanned I see the same artifacts as I do on the Laserdisc when viewed interlaced. Too bad as we have been waiting a...
  2. Bob McKenny

    Sony 53XBR35 Screen Geometry Problem

    All of the geometry settings are adjustable with analog controls. It's been a long time since I looked at one but I think if you pull off the speaker grill on the front-bottom of the tv there is a panel which hides the adjustment controls. You should look for the geometry controls such as pin...
  3. Bob McKenny

    Which projector to get?

    Jason, I would add the Sony VPL-HS20 to your consideration list. It is a 1386x788 LCD with 1300:1 constrast ratio and 1400 ANSI lumens brightness. Check out for a lot more info on this and the other units you have listed. Bob
  4. Bob McKenny

    Sony Hs20 & Hs10

    Check out the numerous reviews of the HS20 on It is getting very good accolades and is much improved over the HS10. There has been no mention of the power problems with the new unit. I personally own a Sony VPL-VW10HT and upon seeing the new HS20 plan to upgrade. My unit is...
  5. Bob McKenny

    Hoya FL-D Filter for Sony VW10-HT Projector-What Size?

    Check out Steve Smallcombe's Site: Bob
  6. Bob McKenny

    RPTV or Projector? (1st timepost)

    Barry, A good place to read about projectors is For your type of setup a front projector is the way to go if you want a real movie theater experience in your home. RPTV just aren't big enough to give the visual experience IMHO. I personally have a theater in my 13ft x 18ft room...
  7. Bob McKenny

    Sony Vpl-vw12ht Announced

    Jeff, Do you know if the 12HT uses the same case and lens as the 10/11HTs? I currently have a 10HT and might be interested in upgrading if I could simply swap it out without having to change my mounts, etc. Thanks, Bob
  8. Bob McKenny

    Denon 3802.......just a couple of questions

    Chris, 1) The RC codes are for a wired RC system that are generally used on real high end systems. For most of us a Phillips Pronto can be programmed to be just as functional for less than 1/10 the price. 2) The two wattage ratings are for two different impedance speakers. Most speakers...
  9. Bob McKenny

    sony VPL VW10HT projector

    Kevin, In order to go the satelite route you will have to spend approximately $500-$700 on equipment. This would include an elipitical dish and HD receiver that will decode everything (Off the air analog, Off the air HD, Normal digital satelite channels , and satelite HD channels). You would...
  10. Bob McKenny

    sony VPL VW10HT projector

    Kevin, I have a 10HT and a 110" Grayhawk and I would suspect all of your problems lie with your cable company. The 10HT has very good composite video performance. My cable company is Time Warner here in Houston and their digital channels are pretty good on my 10HT via composite or...
  11. Bob McKenny

    Question for those of you who get your HD from CABLE.

    Dave, My boxes are general instrument which is now motorola. Here's what they are specifically: The HD decoder has a switch on it that can select 4 different output modes. These are as follows...
  12. Bob McKenny

    where to find crimp style rca connectors?

    Below is an excellent site on making high quality video/coax cables. I have used these instructions with great success. Bob
  13. Bob McKenny

    Question for those of you who get your HD from CABLE.

    In Houston I get the following from TWC: CBS - 1080i ABC - 720p PBS - 1080i NBC - 1080i FOX - 480P HBO E&W - 1080i SHO E&W - 1080i Their implementation consists of a digital cable box that outputs a digital HD signal to a separate HD decoder box. The HD box then connects to my...
  14. Bob McKenny

    Denon 4802 and Mits SR-HD5 / no audio

    I had a similar experience with my 4802. The default setting for audio in for some of the inputs is analog not digital. In order to enable the digital input you need to press the INPUT MODE button on the remote after selecting the appropriate device (DBS, DVD, VCR1, VCR2 etc). This will take...
  15. Bob McKenny

    Does the Denon AVR-4802 have on-screen volume display?

    ---Is it still advisable to use "Monitor Out 2" on the 4802, to avoid video interference?--- If you want to bypass the OSD you can use the monitor 2 outs. I have not noticed any signal degradation however with monitor 1 outs on my VPL-VW10HT on a 110" screen. Here is what the manual says...
  16. Bob McKenny

    Does the Denon AVR-4802 have on-screen volume display?

    The on screen display (volume and other displays) only works through the S-Video or composite video outputs. If an input signal is put to both the S-Video and the composite at the same time it will output only to the S-video output. Bob
  17. Bob McKenny

    Does the Denon AVR-4802 have on-screen volume display?

    I just brought one home last weekend and the answer is "YES". Bob
  18. Bob McKenny

    Need some QUICK advice on Klipsch...

    Tyler, One thing I would seriously consider adding to your purchase is a KLF-C7 center channel to go with your 10's. It also is no longer being made and you will never have the opportunity again to get a center that blends as well with your mains. I use a KLF-C7 with my Chorus II's and love...
  19. Bob McKenny

    Yamaha RX-V1 problem.

    Have you tried taking the pre-out for your left effects channel and connecting it to the main in for your left amplifier channel. If you do this you can determine if the problem is in the pre-amp section or the amp section. The "known" problem with the V1 relates only to the Left, Right, &...
  20. Bob McKenny

    New Yamaha RXV-3000 owner

    Keith, --- Bob, I'm wondering something, now I've seen some interesting typos and misspellings, but how did you go from used to youst? Just curious. --- That is why I got an engineering degree in school vs. an english degree. Sounds like you went the english teacher route. Bob [Edited last...
  21. Bob McKenny

    Problem: laserdisc player will not play side B now

    I have a CLD-D703 and it has the same problem now and then. I have been able to get it to work again by unplugging it and plugging it in again. Bob
  22. Bob McKenny

    New Yamaha RXV-3000 owner

    Donny, I too bleed Yamaha. This is a big part of my dilema relative to going over to the other camp. I have played with the center eq and many other things and have improved the sound but for whatever reason I can't get it to sound as good as the 2095 even with lots of tweaking. I have even...
  23. Bob McKenny

    New Yamaha RXV-3000 owner

    Chris, I find your comment interesting about the center volume originally sounding low. That is the same impression I originally had. I determined however, that the volume wasn't lower, it just sounded that way because the sound wasn't as clear/intelligible. I have done alot of tweaking and...
  24. Bob McKenny

    New Yamaha RXV-3000 owner

    Chris/Donny, Have you noticed any difference in the way dialog sounds that comes from your center channel from the new Yamaha's (RX-V1/V3000) vs. your old 2095? I too have recently upgraded and I don't think the dialog sounds as clear/intelligible/natural on the new V1 or V3000. Music however...
  25. Bob McKenny

    Best place to purchase Klipsch KLF-20s

    Klipsch has recently quit making the Legend line and as such there are some good deals available on them right now. has had them on their website regulary for the last month or so. If you watch closely you might be able to get a good price from them. You also get Klipsch's 5 year...