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  1. RickBoiler

    Onkyo 600 Problems

    I recently bought a refurbed Onkyo TX-SR600. For a newbie into the home theater system game it meets my needs wonderfully :). I'm experiencing a problem though, after about an hour of watching a DVD in Dolby Digital the sound starts to cut out and I have to go to my video 2 source which is not...
  2. RickBoiler

    Hitachi 57F500

    I've just started looking for a new TV to begin our HT experience. One of the models, which looks great to me is the Hitachi 57F500. It seems to have most of the needed features and I can get it for around $1620. Is this a good item and a good price? :emoji_thumbsup: :thumbsdown: I haven't seen...
  3. RickBoiler

    HT Layout

    Are there any sites out there that show various speaker layouts for different size/shaped rooms? I'm new to this game and enjoy the inputs from this forum;) . Thanks
  4. RickBoiler

    Questions for Onkyo tx sr600 SKS-HT500 owners

    Did you buy the reconditioned Onkyo set-up (TXSR600 Package)? Any advise on buying reconditioned items?
  5. RickBoiler

    Onkyo SKSHT500

    I'm new to this forum and also the Home Theater market. I'm done a little research and have seen some very good reviews of Onkyo's SKSHT500 speaker set. There is not much talk of them on this forum though. Any comments good or bad would be appreciated. Thanks, RickBoiler