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  1. Rob*W

    Is CRT better than LCD (with OTA digital tuner)?

    I don't mean this as an inflammatory question (I've had my head out of HT issues for a few years) but I'd like to know if a CRT television is better than an LCD television. Here's why I ask. I have a nice Sony CRT with wide screen (anamorphic) mode. If I hook up an OTA digital tuner (with a...
  2. Rob*W

    In an HT system, you don't HAVE to use a center channel *or* a subwoofer

    I've actually checked this out on my system. Some older movies have simple mono sound. With these movies and my system configured for all speakers, the sound emits only from the center speaker; if I switch my system to stereo, then the sound emits from the two mains. Unequivocally, the sound is...
  3. Rob*W

    LCDs with cable=crap

    I have basically the same question. I've recently seen a new plasma and a new LCD running SD from cable, satellite, and over-the-air, and none of those combinations comes close to my analog CRT with over-the-air signal. The old analog CRT just blows them away when viewing a SD signal. Is this...
  4. Rob*W

    Quick Question regarding splitters

    You are supposed to put some sort of terminating plug over the unused splits to prevent unwanted reflections.
  5. Rob*W

    axiom QS4 surround

    I have these speakers and am quite happy with them. I think they have excellent sound dispersion.
  6. Rob*W

    Don't like direct-rad surrounds. Why do you?

    This is interesting. I've got quadpolar surrounds, which are quite diffuse, but they seem to be capable of producing distinctly localized sounds. I'm not sure how that works. For example, in Kill Bill 1, in the mosquito scene, the mosquito flies around and I can hear the path of the mosquito go...
  7. Rob*W

    Odd little HTR5760 question

    Thanks, Wayne. -Rob
  8. Rob*W

    HTR-5740 - DVD audio modes

    You will probably want to use 'surround enhanced' if you have less than 5 speakers - this enables virtual surround processing, which I think is fairly good. With a full set of 5 speakers, I go with 'surround standard'.
  9. Rob*W

    Odd little HTR5760 question

    When I first got my HTR5760, when I was using the tuner, the tuned station would show in the display (unless my memory is really scrambled). Now, when I tune to a station, the tuned station shows briefly in the display and then it switches to show the sound field mode. Any help on how to keep...