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  1. RickBlacker

    WTB: Klipschorn

    Rob, forget those KHorns and buy my RC7s and RS7s. :D m00n
  2. RickBlacker

    For Sale - Klispch 1 pr RS7s, 2 RC7s

    I technically have 2 sets of RS7s for sale, however, 1 set is kinda spoken for. Have not heard back from him in a few days. RS7s = $500.00 (pair) includes shipping. Everything is in 99.5% perfect condition. I have original boxes and packing for everything. Not selling RC7s any...
  3. RickBlacker

    TRADE: Pair of Klipsch RS7s for a Klipsch RC7

    I'm wanting to change my surround speakers out. I would like to run RC7s. I have 2 pair of Klipsch RS7s... For each pair of RS7s, I would like to trade with someone a Klipsch RC7. I live in the Portland Oregon area and would prefer to work with someone in this area to save on shipping costs...
  4. RickBlacker

    Some pics of my "almost" finished HT Room

    Yeah I agree, my work in progress NEVER looks that good. Very good looking room. :emoji_thumbsup:
  5. RickBlacker

    Looking for a book on accoustics

    Thanks Pat! :)
  6. RickBlacker

    theater seating

    Ed O'Neill hit the nail right on the head! First off let me start by saying in a home theater you should have comfort, so there was no way I was going to buy traditional theater seats. I let my wife talk me into buying traditional theater seats, I mean real ones, they came out of a...
  7. RickBlacker

    Looking for a book on accoustics

    Keith... Don't get me wrong, it's a good book with lots of theory, mathematical formulas and what not. There is good information and hit is a very information packed book. It's just that I don't plan on becoming a sound engineer or anything near that. I get the impression that this book is for...
  8. RickBlacker

    Looking for a book on accoustics

    I am currently reading this book... While it has lots of detailed information I am finding to be be way over my head. I am really wanting a book that can give the same information but dummied down. In a nutshell what I am wanting to accomplish is to learn enough about accoustics to treat...
  9. RickBlacker

    Am I big enough

    As far as room size, sure you should be fine. My room is about 20' by 10' I wish I had your extra 2 feet in width.
  10. RickBlacker

    Flexy rack with PE cherry vinyl!

    Allen, are you asking if I am a crazy college student? If so, na.. I am a mid 30's software engineer family man. But I will always like listening to great axemen.
  11. RickBlacker

    Flexy rack with PE cherry vinyl!

    So, I got to poking around the directory structure there, what I want to know is who is the one shredding on the guitar? That guy is friggen good!
  12. RickBlacker

    Opinions on Real Theater Chairs

    I have theater seats. I purchased them off ebay. They were rather cheap I think I payed something like $45.00 each. I had a lot of cleaning to do on them but they turned out good. I think it really comes down to cost. If you have the money, buy something nicer, I would have if I had more...
  13. RickBlacker

    Are retail brand speakers any good? Kef, Infinity, Boston, Klipsch?

    Wouldn't it be nice to have a store that had them all so that you could A/B them all together in one spot? :)
  14. RickBlacker

    Need Help Setting Up Buttkickers and Amp...Please?

    Wow... I am suprised. Here is someone who knows very little about setting up audio gear (at least that is the impression I get) and he has already invested in some buttkickers :D You go boy! What amp are you pushing them with. I am assuming you are aware that they require an amp with a LOT of...
  15. RickBlacker

    Where to find interior design help

    Hey all, it's been a long time since I have posted. Anyway, I was hoping that someone can point me to a location where I can read up on tips and ideas on interior design? The construction of my theater is 95% done and I want to start thinking about the interior. Thanks!:)
  16. RickBlacker

    HK 325/525 adding 2nd sub

    Well, I had the 520, and now I have the 7200, what I would do if I were you, I would get a Y splitter directly out of the sub pre out. Then run a sig to each sub.
  17. RickBlacker

    H/K AVR 7200 vs. Onkyo TX-SR800

    Cheap labor Bud, cheap labor. And big corps bitch and whine because our economy is in the shitter, yet the are not helping our economy by sending our jobs overseas... Go figure.
  18. RickBlacker

    H/K AVR 7200 vs. Onkyo TX-SR800

    Oh yeah! I can testify for that. What a great combination that is! I have Klipsch ref 7s all the way around with a H/K 7200 I just purchased, very nice indeed.
  19. RickBlacker

    H/K 7200 - DTS is always NEO6

    Marcel_V Thanks for verifying this for me. I don't see NEO:6 only. I was just a little worried that somehow my receiver was processing the signal as true NEO:6 rather than DTS 5.1 but I guess it's not from what I understand, which is good. It is a very nice receiver. I just upgraded from...
  20. RickBlacker

    H/K 7200 - DTS is always NEO6

    Chris, interesting. I thought NEO:6 was when you had an analog signal and it turned it into a 5 signal. No? So, NEO:6 will not reconstuct the original digital signal comeing in will it? It just extracts two extra channels for the rear. Right? Also, when I put in my Gladiator DVD, chose...
  21. RickBlacker

    H/K 7200 - DTS is always NEO6

    Chris... So then is it remixing it into NEO:6 or is it just matrixing the two rears out of the surrounds? And yes, I do run 7.1. I was wrong on what it says, it says: DTS+NEO:6 Coming from my DVD player, it's set to PCM/Bitstream. In the receiver, it's set to digital in on input one...
  22. RickBlacker

    H/K 7200 - DTS is always NEO6

    Just got my 7200, noticed that when I am watching DTS movies, the display always says DTS/NEO6. Is that normal or is it stuck in NEO6 mode? I realize this may be a stupid question, but the receiver is new to me and I don't know all the ins and outs yet.
  23. RickBlacker

    Is Klipsch changing its sound?

    Na... I don't have towers all the way around... Here is what I have everything is Klipsch Left/Center/Right................ RF7s Row1 Side Surround........... RS7 pr. Row2 Side Surround........... RS7 pr. Rears................................ RC7 pr. Sub1...
  24. RickBlacker

    Is Klipsch changing its sound?

    So what is everyones opinion on the best 2 channel Klipch out there disregarding the heritage lines. Wife does not like them. My theater is all Klipsch R7s. But someday I am going to get a better 2 channel system for our living room. At this point, I am still leaning heavily towards 2 RF7s...
  25. RickBlacker

    Klipsch vs. Jbl

    Dave, I would recommend going over to the Kipsch forum. There are several people that have used/owned JBL as well as Klipsch. You might have luck over there if you don't get a question here. I personally don't have an answer for you because I have never auditioned any of the speakers you...
  26. RickBlacker

    Fs: Harman Avr7200

    Check is in in the mail and on it's way! WOOT!
  27. RickBlacker

    Opinions on new Klipsch lineup?

    Dean, Scooter, hows it going?