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  1. Phil_La

    HK AVR230 - no sound/video, blown fuse?

    Glad to hear. Good news here, too. I shipped mine to the service center last Tuesday, and got it back today working again. This was surprisingly easy to get taken care of.
  2. Phil_La

    HK AVR230 - no sound/video, blown fuse?

    I called HK customer service and got things taken care of. The person I talked with was really helpful. He put in an authorization order, so I just have to call one of their premiere service centers and give them the authorization number and ship the reciever.
  3. Phil_La


    Fargo (1996) :star::star::star::star: The Big Lebowski (1998) :star::star::star::star: Miller's Crossing (1990) :star::star::star::star: O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000) :star::star::star:1/2 Raising Arizona (1987) :star::star::star:1/2 The Man Who Wasn't There (2001) :star::star::star:1/2...
  4. Phil_La


    Vertigo (1958) :star::star::star::star: North by Northwest (1959) :star::star::star::star: Rear Window (1954) :star::star::star::star: Strangers on a Train (1951) :star::star::star::star: Frenzy (1972) :star::star::star::star: Psycho (1960) :star::star::star::star: Rope (1948)...
  5. Phil_La


    House of Flying Daggers (2004) :star::star::star::star: Hero (2002) :star::star::star:1/2 Shanghai Triad (1995) :star::star::star: Raise the Red Lantern (1991) :star::star::star::star: Ju Dou (1990):star::star::star::star:
  6. Phil_La

    HK AVR230 - no sound/video, blown fuse?

    Good luck with that. I can't seem to find the invoice/receipt from when I bought mine. I bought mine online, so I just emailed the company I bought from and hopefully they can send me a copy of the receipt or something.
  7. Phil_La

    HK AVR230 - no sound/video, blown fuse?

    Yeah I've tried that. Nothing is working at all, I can only see the LED display and change settings from there.
  8. Phil_La

    HK AVR230 - no sound/video, blown fuse?

    None of them. We tried all 5, all were good. I reset all the settings and I'm still getting nothing.
  9. Phil_La

    HK AVR230 - no sound/video, blown fuse?

    How, that's weird. Well, we took the cover off and took the fuse out and tested it. I was pretty upset when we found it it's still good, then we noticed there are at least 2 or 3 other fuses. I'm guessing each fuse is associated with a different function, which would explain why the LEDs are...
  10. Phil_La

    HK AVR230 - no sound/video, blown fuse?

    The other day, I all of a sudden lost all sound from my receiver. The only video output I use, on screen display, isn't working either. The LEDS in front all look normal, no indication of a problem. The only thing I can think of is a blown fuse, but I'd assume the LEDs wouldn't function in that...
  11. Phil_La

    FS: JVC XV-SA600BK DVD player

    lowered price
  12. Phil_La

    FS: JVC XV-SA600BK DVD player

    I've owned this since last November. Hasn't given me any problems. Perfect condition. Includes everything - box, manual, remote, cables. Looking for $55 shipped, paypal or m/o. I'm a good trader at DVDtalk (user ID moonmadness).
  13. Phil_La

    A DVD Profiler/ DVD Aficionado for CDs?

    Yes, Greg. Some of the CDs in my collection, probably over half, have amazon links in the details page. If you import the CD from amazon, it will automatically add the link with the CD.
  14. Phil_La

    KILL BILL: The multiple versions thread (6 from Miramax; Japanese, SEs, etc.)

    My guess is August of 2005 is the theatrical release date. I was hoping for an SE would be announced for the end of this year. Any chance this will happen? I already rented the current releases, no way I'm buying them.
  15. Phil_La

    A DVD Profiler/ DVD Aficionado for CDs?

    I'm using Music Collector. Here's a link to my collection if you want to see what it will look like. I have about 260 of my CDs done and around 100 more to go. I like it, but you will have to put a lot of time into it if you want accurate...
  16. Phil_La

    TV shows you discovered on DVD?

    My brother introduced me to Stargate SG-1 with the DVDs. Up until then, I never really liked much sci-fi except for The X-Files. Now, I'm a big MacGyver fan, and for a while I was thinking no sci-fi show could be better than Stargate. But he recently convinced me to watch Farscape, and I'd...
  17. Phil_La

    Hate the movie, but love the DVD...

    Carnival of Souls and Night of the Living Dead. I just got the DVDs (for the Mike Nelson commentaries alone). I honestly think NOTLD is as bad as the horror movies on MST3k like Beginning of the End. So I basically think of the discs as MST3k episodes without Servo and Crow.
  18. Phil_La

    is "The Bride Wore Black" being re-released?

    It looks like even more stores have it listed for preorder now. Amazon, as well as many amazon marketplace sellers are listing it.
  19. Phil_La

    Which Version of Ginger Snaps should I buy?

    I bought mine from an ebay seller. I checked, and they have it as well.
  20. Phil_La

    Saw new version of Night of the Living Dead today... COLORIZED...?

    Wow, I can't believe I hadn't heard about these Mike Nelson commentaries before. Are there any others besides this, Carnival of Souls, and Reefer Madness?
  21. Phil_La

    Buffy S1, Please tell me it gets better!

    Could someone recommend a few good episodes to start with that won't spoil the storyline too much? I've only seen bits and pieces of a few episodes.
  22. Phil_La

    Movies that BLEW YOUR MIND

    Vertigo: everything. The atmosphere, the score, the twist... I was actually wondering if most viewers caught on to the twist, because I was completely caught by surprise. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: actually, I didn't like it at all the first time I saw it a few years ago. I think I...
  23. Phil_La

    is "The Bride Wore Black" being re-released? and now an ebay seller have this listed for preorder with a release date of 9/21/04. Is it true? I can't seem to find any other information about it being re-released. At least a few sellers seem to think it is. Does anyone have any information about this? edit...
  24. Phil_La

    Name a DVD jam packed with bonuses on 1 disc.

    Ginger Snaps - Canadian special edition Audio Commentary by Director John Fawcett Audio Commentary by Writer Karen Walton Deleted Scenes with separate audio commentary by director and writer Featurette Cast Auditions and Rehearsals Creation of the Beast Theatrical Trailer and TV Spots...
  25. Phil_La

    Warners 2 pack classics coming October 12

    My copy of Dr. Strangelove isn't a snapper, though I'm not sure if the version in the boxset is a snapper.
  26. Phil_La

    What are you watching with your teenagers?

    I'm definitely going to check these out eventually. I probably haven't seen enough Bogart to form a real opinion.
  27. Phil_La

    list of TV show DVDs with Best Buy exclusive extras?

    Thanks for the info. I just checked, and my Xena is the same as you described. I actually bought it at a local store for 50% off when it was closing. I guess I got a good deal. Are there any other South park sets with exclusives?
  28. Phil_La

    list of TV show DVDs with Best Buy exclusive extras?

    I was wondering if someone could come up with a list of DVDs with exclusive Best Buy extras, or even exclusive extras from other places. I've heard of three different sets now with Best Buy exclusives: Xena season 1 - a bonus disc and coin. I'm pretty sure I have these extras (I know mine...
  29. Phil_La

    What are you watching with your teenagers?

    I'm 19 years old, I started watching classics just over a year ago. These are all on my top 20 list: 1. Charade 2. Vertigo 4. North by Northwest 6. Dr. Strangelove 7. Rear Window 8. Breakfast at Tiffany's 9. Manchurian Candidate (1962) 11. Spartacus 12. Great Escape 18. Frenzy 19...
  30. Phil_La

    Garfield and Friends Season 1 July 27!

    I started watching this show in the early 90s. I'm wondering in which season did they start with a different opening song? The one with Garfield singing (I don't remember any of the line except "I hope you bring lots of spaghetti"). Because I don't think I've ever seen the show with this opening...