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  1. Matt Parsons

    Noobie Planning a New Projection System

    There's a great store down around the Philly area that has several (6-10) separate rooms w/different projector setups. I was there for a training gig and it's been awhile so I can't think of the name. If it comes to me I'll post it - but maybe someone in the Philly area can help w/the...
  2. Matt Parsons

    Replace a RPTV screen???

    2004 is looking like an expensive year.....My daughter whacked my buddy's 55" Hitachi Ultravision RPTV w/a wiffle-ball bat last night breaking the screen!! (it appeared plastic/plexiglass). Is it possible to just have the screen replaced on a RPTV? He has a warranty on it through Circuit...
  3. Matt Parsons

    Energy Veritas and Monitor Audio Gold Ref.

    "I am kind of leaning towards the Monitor's as the Energy's are a little too laid back for my taste." Both are great quality speakers. Go with what YOU hear - that's all that matters. Good Luck and enjoy!
  4. Matt Parsons

    DVD SW for Toshiba laptop?

    Steve, I'm not looking to break any forum rules, a cheap fix was my goal. Thanks for the PowerDVD suggestion, I'll check-out eBay. Thanks.
  5. Matt Parsons

    DVD SW for Toshiba laptop?

    My company just upgraded my OS to XP Pro and I want to try and utilize the DVD drive for my travel. I have Intervideo DVD SW from my home PC, but when I try to install it it says it's "not a qualified Gateway machine" :frowning: Does anyone know a work-around or have any suggestions? Thanks.
  6. Matt Parsons

    BAND OF BROTHERS for $54.67!!

    Thanks Brian E - CANADAREWARD got me the $10 off. My order is placed. Thanks to Brent H for the heads up.
  7. Matt Parsons

    BAND OF BROTHERS for $54.67!!

    That coupon code seems to have expired, as has the free shipping. Anyone know of any other coupon codes? Thanks, Matt
  8. Matt Parsons

    Mothman Prophecies: Bad News

    Mark - I'm with you, i just finished watching it and for a movie I didn't have great expectations for, it really freaked me out! I really enjoyed it. Now if I can only fall asleep tonight.....
  9. Matt Parsons

    Canada: PSB vs Axiom vs Paradigm, my short review

    Congrats Jedd, I too went to Canada last week and came home with trunk full of the PSB's. I did my listening at home comparing bookshelves from PSB Mini's, Paradigm 40s, Alon Rascals, Meadowlark Audio, and B&W CD 1NT over the weekend (driven by my 3802). After deciding on the Stratus Mini's...
  10. Matt Parsons

    Need CDN List for PSB Stratus Series ASAP!

    After auditioning speakers all weekend I've decided on the PSB Stratus line. I want to go get them in Canada so I need CDN list for each of the following: Stratus Line: Silveri in Cherry Mini's in Gloss Black Mini stands SubSonic 7 C6i in Black Ash C6i in Gloss Back Image Line...
  11. Matt Parsons

    Need help from 3802 owners ASAP.

    I've arranged to have 3 sets of speakers (B&W CDM 1NT, PSB Stratus Mini, Alon Lil Rascals) for the weekend to do in-home evaluation and want to be able to do an A/B switch for the main channels. Does the 3802 allow me to jump from one set of mains to another w/an A/B? I can't seem to find it...
  12. Matt Parsons

    What do you use to drive your SVS?

    I use a 4 yr old JVC RX-884 that's stable with a 4 ohm load. It was rated at 120 wpc - 8 ohm, so with the SVS 4 ohm load it's probably 175-200 watts. I find it's more than enough to power my 20-39. SVS says to crank the volume of the receiver all the way up then calibrate, but I can't do it...
  13. Matt Parsons

    My shocking (to me) speaker audition story.

    Paul, I agree, what a horrible name! Certainly doesn't sound upscale like Veritas, or Stratus Gold, Nautilus etc.
  14. Matt Parsons

    My shocking (to me) speaker audition story.

    I am in the market to replace my H/T (6.1) speaker set-up to add to my 3802 / SVS pair and just returned from an amazing afternoon of auditioning and I just had to share my experience with those of you that might be interested. Let me say, I am no audiophile, my ears are not that finely tuned...
  15. Matt Parsons

    Is Sherwood the UFO of HT equipment?

    John Morris, Check it out - Your not dead yet. Good Luck.
  16. Matt Parsons

    PSB pricing in Canada?

    Thanks Stuart, I'm suprised by the Mini price, it's only $100 more than the US list price I was quoted ! Looks like a great bargain for a short drive. Thanks again.
  17. Matt Parsons

    PSB pricing in Canada?

    :frowning: bump
  18. Matt Parsons

    PSB pricing in Canada?

    I'm hoping one of our friends from the North country could fill me in. I'm looking for CDN list for the following: PSB Stratus Minis MS-2i stands for Minis PSB Stratus C6i PSB Image 10S Surrounds Also any suggestions on dealers in the Toronto/Hamilton area? Thanks!
  19. Matt Parsons

    Premier J-60 Speaker Stands

    Jerry, you have e-mail. :D
  20. Matt Parsons

    I am looking for some design acoustic speakers......

    Joe, I have a pair of PS-55's and a PS24 (center channel), if your interested, e-mail me. Matt
  21. Matt Parsons

    Canadian Pricing for Monitor Audio?

    I'm looking for CDN list for: Gold Ref 10: (still $2,000?), Ref 10 stands, Gold GRFX surrounds, Silver Surrounds, Thanks
  22. Matt Parsons

    Alon speakers? Short speaker story, need opinions.

    Thanks for the replies, I knew you guys would come through. :D I tried to locate the web site prior to posting but couldn't find it searching for Alon, but it popped right up searching for Acarian. I'll check them out this afternoon. Thanks Again Matt
  23. Matt Parsons

    Alon speakers? Short speaker story, need opinions.

    I was at my local audio specialty store looking for a 6 speaker system for around $2,000 and the owner, who has been pretty good to me over the past couple years, had some interesting opinions. He suggested 3 Alon bookshelf speakers for the front and 3 PSB 10S for the sides and rear. 1 - Is...
  24. Matt Parsons

    FS: Lexicon and Parasound

    I may be interested in the Parasound if you decide to split them.
  25. Matt Parsons

    Atlantic Technology 370 System

    I'm preparing to spend around $2k and I'm considering the 270 system, as well as some Paradigm and Energy systems - How old are they?
  26. Matt Parsons

    Energy Veritas deals in Canada?

    I'm familiar with the US/CA savings on Paradigm's but is the savings similar on the Energy products as well? If so, I'm looking for Canadian MSRP for the Veritas line: V2.1 pair V2.2 pair V2.0R surrounds V2.0 stands Thanks.
  27. Matt Parsons

    At what volume level do you listen to your Denon 3802?

    HUH? ;) I don't think I'm deaf, although my wife constantly tells me I have 'selective hearing' but I believe that's something else entirely. Maybe we're both in trouble, but I don't think so. I watch movies between -10 and -05.
  28. Matt Parsons

    Denon Bass Peak Limiter?

    William, for what it's worth, I have a 3802 matched w/ a 20-39. My sub is calibrated to 83db using VE. When I watched JP3, I think my volume was set at -7 or -5 and my house was rockin', but I never bottomed my 20-39 out.