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  1. Eric Hahn

    Buying my First Used Projector - $500 spending limit

    Not that I am an expert or anything, but I did not see mentioned that a x1 can display 4:3 in a 16:9 window( screen) but the PB6100 does not, if you switch back and forth between them you need to either touch the pj and zoom/ back and forth, or hope your hd box does this feature for you, or use...
  2. Eric Hahn

    ISF Calibration / Imaging Science?

    Its just my .02 but if you are happy with it now do not bother unless you have the money buring a hole in your pocket. but that is just my opinion, yes I have had my set calibrated yes dvd's look awsome, 1080, on the other hand, I should have left alone. just my .02 also I did ask my...
  3. Eric Hahn

    BenQ PB6100 vs Optoma H30 If you are going to use it for 4:3 and 16:9 and want dlp, I would lean towards the h30, not having a mode to fit the 4:3 into a 16:9 screen would be a deal breaker for me on the 6100. If you want to wait for the 4805, do not forget alot of...
  4. Eric Hahn

    How do I watch cable on a Projector?

    You can use a vcr if you have one, or I use a dvd burner, and output through the svideo on the burner. If you can recieve digital OTA stations you could get a reciever and watch hd and sd programming on the x1, you could check if you have a cable box, it might have a svideo out? as...
  5. Eric Hahn

    Too Big?

    I sit 10-11 ft from a 48, big at first, then shrunk, I now hang a 82" fp screen and watch it from the same distance, only limitation is the pj, any closer than 2x the screen width, and I see the screen door, and sd cable look bad, but sd ota, is a different story;) If you are set on rp go...
  6. Eric Hahn

    Steel Studs

    Brett, with the trim, it was easy, just nail it to a stud, that way you do not need to use the trim screws. I just used a Hilti, for the bottom plate and screwd the top plate to my floor joists. I only used 1 screw in the front, it seemed strong enought to me, but I am no contractor,the...
  7. Eric Hahn

    yellowing on a200 picture

    Maby try blowing it out like if you had a dustball, and see if it changes?? I would hate to think I could have a problem like that in that short of hours, but who knows, Is that a replaceable part, without having problems lining up the panels? I have orderd some filters , I am...
  8. Eric Hahn

    Steel Studs

    I have used both steel and wood studs in my basement, If I did it again, no steel... they can rattle, under base, they are a pain to hang any pictures on, constantly cutting my fingers, need wood reinforcement around doors, and anyplace you might want to nail, need to use trim screws instead...
  9. Eric Hahn

    What is your Throw distance?

    I do not know your room, but can you mount a z2 on a shelf to the side of the room and use the lens shift to center the screen? maby then you can keep the size you want? just an idea?
  10. Eric Hahn

    What is your Throw distance?

    Projector central has a throw calculator, check it out, and check out he benq6100, or 6200, the 6100 has a long throw, but if shelf mounting, take notice where the exhaust ports are, last thing you want to do is fry a new pj. just my .02
  11. Eric Hahn

    Looking for a projector. Widescreen on 4:3?

    panasonic l200u-lcd optoma h30-dlp
  12. Eric Hahn

    hdtv with projector?

    Depends on what you think is worh it?? crystal clear image at 82" I like it, I have a calibrated mits, and hardly watch it, I just like the pq on the projector better and the size. I realize it is not displaying the full resolution, but I think it still looks good, maby not quite as good a...
  13. Eric Hahn

    HDTVs that don't take 720p?

    I think it is a compromise, I have a mits, and I always seem that the 720 broadcasts are a little softer than the 1080I, but that is my native resolution, (football), but every broadcast differs in quality, and I am being extreemly picky, It all looks great, check out the hitachi, they might...
  14. Eric Hahn

    How much does a 150" Screen Cost

    your answer is right above you check out the sponser carada they have a 142, 0r 144 I forget pretty reasonable for that size, and less than 1/2 your guess check out da lite, stewart,draper,carada, or try and make your own much cheaper, but maby not at that size.
  15. Eric Hahn

    Best LCD 16:9 projector under $1500

    Wile I think it is great for everyone to try and help someone out, there is in no way enough information on what and how the person starting this thred wants to use a pj, room size, lighting, screen size, distance from screen? is HD a issue? need dvi? Everyone loves the pj they have, and most...
  16. Eric Hahn

    popcorn machines

    I got mine from the above threads from AVS, I do think the power buy is over now though, I think it was stargate cinema I also was looking into they sometimes have referb popers, they say mostly glass breackage that they sell discounted, but you have to call them. glenise...
  17. Eric Hahn

    popcorn machines

    yea, I am sure it would have been big enough, 1 6oz is alot of popcorn for 2.25 people, I think the 4oz size would be perfict... some people get huge machines, I would just pop more they hold alot, glad to here the star is a good popper, I was close to that one, but decided to get the...
  18. Eric Hahn

    popcorn machines

    I picked up the ptheater 6 from the power buy, I my wife and our 2 year old love it, so far just mega pop, 6 oz prepacks, do not see a reason to switch, as far as cleaning, I wipe the kettle down after every use and havd not seen any build up yet, almot a months use, ( we are using it too...
  19. Eric Hahn

    BenQ PB6200 or Panasonic PT-L300U?

    the type of screen you want might be a factor as well, I have a panasoinc l200u, 16:9 pj, and have a 82" screen, sitting at 10 ft, I see screen door, the 300, and 500 are better with the smooth screen, so you might get the 92 you want with out pq issues. but it will be close. I like the 16:9...
  20. Eric Hahn

    FS:DA-Lite Model B Screen 4:3 AR

    I think I'll build a screen this weekend, it is a little wide for my space, thanks.
  21. Eric Hahn

    New DIY screen in the works

    Thanks Ron, I will go check out the Plank, I have not bought any paint from Lowes, I just give them the code you listed and will make it?? I found this on a different sight, Grey plank interior flat 101-17,105-10.5 is this the same even though the...
  22. Eric Hahn

    FS:DA-Lite Model B Screen 4:3 AR

    any idea of the actual dimensions?
  23. Eric Hahn

    New DIY screen in the works

    I was not selling you short, I was refering to your old 80" and my 80" if I needed to brace it as much as you did, I will have to chek your old threads, I think you posted the pics of the can before, I am debating on painting my bo cloth, leaning towards your plank grey, if it doesnt darken...
  24. Eric Hahn

    New DIY screen in the works

    That lookes Great Ron, how do you mount the front? is it just glued, Did you nail it, ? how does your plank grey compair the the misty evening I read so much about over at avs?( if you have any idea)?? I am looing at making a 80" screen for my l200u as well, so I will be folowing your...
  25. Eric Hahn

    HT TV vs HT Projector; Which ever do I choose??

    also if you make your own screen, you can be well under the price for the ae500 that you posted... I use a l200u and a mits 48 hdtv, no comparison, I get much more enjoyment from the fp!! think about it.
  26. Eric Hahn

    Ceiling Mount for Panasonic PT-L500U

    thats how my l200u is, maby a few inches down from the top, but prety close, you can download the manual from panasonic, and that info is in there somewhere also I remember somene telling me about the same thing in a post here somewhere,I think it is a few inches below the top of the screen...
  27. Eric Hahn

    Ceiling Mount for Panasonic PT-L500U

    thier are several threads over at avs forums on making one yourself, if you are the diy type, I just shelf mounted my l200u, I would check the specks, but my pj needed to be very close to the top of my screen, to not use any keystone, so it is mounted about 5.5-6ft off the ground, any higher...
  28. Eric Hahn

    Projector selection...need help

    check out the projection calc over at the benq6200 has to short a throw for that size at 14 ft, the 6100 would just fit at 14 feet, but I think it is svga do some searching over there and you may find the gem you are looking for.
  29. Eric Hahn

    headaches from DLP?

    I have to agree with ron-p I just picked up a used l200u and tonight I compaired it to a benq 6100 my bud just got, first the throw would not work for my room, way to long, even if the l200u has a tad to short a throw. the pq, to me was a little cleaner on the l200u, I now see what people say...
  30. Eric Hahn

    L200u transcoder??

    I have now hooked up the pj using the transoder, and set teh pc priority to wide, but now thier seems to ba a redis heu to the top black bar on the 235:1 movie I was viewing, I did notice it seemed clearer, but any idea how to get rid of the red?