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  1. AndrewErickson

    FS: 4M DVI-D2 Video cable $25

    Well, update the thread then please.
  2. AndrewErickson

    FS: 4M DVI-D2 Video cable $25

    Still available?
  3. AndrewErickson

    HDTV antenna for over-the-air reception

    Silver Sensor all the way. I have mine mounted on my chimney outside. Look at Circuit City or Wal-mart.
  4. AndrewErickson

    Toshiba SD4960?

    I don't think they'll be carrying it in a B&M store. I'm seriously bummed that nobody has done a review on this. I guess I'll have to get one for my birthday in OCT and write a review!
  5. AndrewErickson

    Toshiba SD4960?
  6. AndrewErickson

    FS: Pacific Cable Single Link Male-Male DVI Cable, 2M

    Still for sale? I'm interested.
  7. AndrewErickson

    Toshiba SD4960? has the SD4960
  8. AndrewErickson

    Toshiba SD-4960 at

    No, it's not like that. It does have bass mangagement but I want to know what kind.
  9. AndrewErickson

    Toshiba SD-4960 at

    Well, Target finally has it in stock but can only be purchased online. Anyone have this unit yet or know its specs for bass management?
  10. AndrewErickson

    Sound comparison between the denon 3805 and 5803A?

    Buy both, take one back.
  11. AndrewErickson

    Help HK AVR 325 Vs 525??

    All the manufacturers will have quality problems to some extent. I've had my AVR325 for about 9 months now and I've had nothing but good times. I bought it refurbished from for $390. It has plenty of power to drive about any speaker. I can turn the volume up to very uncomfortable...
  12. AndrewErickson

    Help HK AVR 325 Vs 525??

    Why don't you go to and compare them?
  13. AndrewErickson

    How much better would dvd-a/sacd be than regular DD/DTS on a "modest " system?

    The Pioneer 563a has very dumb bass management with high non-adjustable crossovers. I myself am waiting for the Toshiba SD-4960 to see what they offer.
  14. AndrewErickson

    good dvd/dvd-a/scad less than 200$

    I would wait and see what the Toshiba SD-4960 has to offer when it comes out in June.
  15. AndrewErickson

    Pio DV-563A firmware fix

    How about changing the DVD-A crossover from the obscene 200 Hz down to 80 to 100 Hz while they're at it?
  16. AndrewErickson

    Audio from DVD player or receiver

    Watching a movie in dolby digital or dts will most certainly require you to use the coax or optical digital output from the DVD player.
  17. AndrewErickson

    Do analog outputs on DVD-A produce markedly improved sound quality over the DD mix?

    I have a couple of DVD-A discs myself and would like to purchase a DVD-A capable player. However, the good players are in the $500 region and I will not pay that much. The cheap players tend to have crappy bass management or none at all! That just blows me away. I would suggest setting all your...
  18. AndrewErickson

    Best Buy setup

    The rep will tell you anything to get you to buy his/her product. I've never heard of Yamaha having any exclusive method of measuring their wattage. I suggest you listen to it and other similarly priced packages and pick one.
  19. AndrewErickson

    managing bass for music and LFE for movies

    How is having bloated bass somehow an American characteristic?
  20. AndrewErickson

    Receiver Volume Output

    No, because reference level is just that. It's used as a standard and standards are important.
  21. AndrewErickson

    Please Help: Buzzing Sound From My Pioneer After Getting Warm

    Possibly a transformer? I don't know your electronics expertice but I would suggest just living with it or throwing it away and getting a new receiver.
  22. AndrewErickson

    New 7.1 Stereo AVR's

    Buy a Harman Kardon. They are great receivers.
  23. AndrewErickson

    Receiver Placement

    The only problem I see is that there might be RF interference between the two.
  24. AndrewErickson

    Rotel RSP976(v2) or Yamaha RX-V1400. Which one do I keep?

    Keep the Rotel. I've been selling Yamaha for the past 5 decades and I think they're nothing but JUNK!
  25. AndrewErickson

    H/k 325

    Goo Gone should work fine. It is meant to work on plastic. Have you tried Windex and some elbow grease? A soapy washcloth? I would start with the least harsh method and work up from there to the Goo Gone and other harsh chemicals.
  26. AndrewErickson

    First system for college dorm

    Save your money and your friendship with your neighbors. Buy a system when you move out into the real world.
  27. AndrewErickson

    Picture or sound - which is the most important

    A picture is worth 1000 words.
  28. AndrewErickson

    How to improve center channel intelligibility

    The center has more duty than just dialog in HT. I would highly suggest saving your $ for the speaker that matches the fronts.
  29. AndrewErickson

    wanted: good quality sub: svs 20-30pc+ or Hsu VTF-3

    Duh! Wrong forum.
  30. AndrewErickson

    Sound and Vision Tune Up Disk Subwoofer Level

    Anybody know what frequency is sent to the left main speaker and the subwoofer when doing a subwoofer level calibration on the Sound and Vision Home Theater Tune-Up Disk?