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  1. Chris Molnar

    185 DVD's Take them all for $2000

    I'm willing to pay you $40 for the Hallween 2 disc set alone. I emailed you. [Edited last by Chris Molnar on November 05, 2001 at 05:51 PM]
  2. Chris Molnar

    Paramount : Next Year's HALLOWEEN DVD Slate

    I'd love to see this one released too. Its a great movie and deserves to be put on DVD. Uncut would be nice aswell.
  3. Chris Molnar

    American History X DVD

    Is the American History X DVD thats out now the theatrical or uncut version?
  4. Chris Molnar

    Horror and Non-Horror fans Unite...Re: Friday the 13th Part VII on DVD

    I am that member who recieved that letter from Buechler. Anyhow I just hope that one day I can own an uncut F7. Hopefully Paramont will decide to release it uncut right away. Nobody will buy the theatrical version if they know the uncut one is coming! This whole idea doesn't make...
  5. Chris Molnar

    FOX - Take a ride, if you dare...release TERROR TRAIN on DVD

    I would like to see this movie on DVD as well but only if its uncut!
  6. Chris Molnar

    Friday The 13th...the saga for unrated versions continues

    MGM will release an uncut version of The Last House On The Left next year. MGM as you know is a major company and gets similar attention as Paramount therefore an uncut version of a movie from either company would recieve similar attention from the public. With the support of the director of F13...