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  1. Jason Wilcox

    Southwestern Ohio FM radio further descends into Hell...

    check out princeton's radio station. searchable archived playlists so you can find the DJs that play your stuff. all of the music is pretty "indie".
  2. Jason Wilcox

    Discovery,History Channel Junkie

    i really can't stand the discovery channel anymore. it was my favoite channel when it had a great deal of animal documentaries and exploration shows. but now, it just seems to focus on reality tv, silly car shows, or home redecorating. animal planet doesn't have many great animal...
  3. Jason Wilcox

    $249 iPod Mini guts = $479 hard drive for your camera

    it doesn't mean apple is losing money on the hardware. hitachi just might be making a huge profit off of the hard drives when they are sold straight to consumers.
  4. Jason Wilcox

    Music to fall asleep to

    i second the sigur ros.
  5. Jason Wilcox

    HTF's Best Albums List

    some nice albums i've bought recently... -explosions in the sky - the earth is not a cold dead place -belle and sebastian - dear catastrophe waitress and fold your hands child you walk like a peasant -the shins - chutes too narrow -sigur ros - ( ) -mogwai - rock action and happy songs for...
  6. Jason Wilcox

    The High School/College Thread

    i'm on my second semester at penn st for EE. just wondering, is anyone familiar with Environmental Systems Engineering? it seems like a neat major and i've been askin around about it. any opinions here?
  7. Jason Wilcox

    "Post- Rock" ....

    sometimes i think of it as post apocalpyse rock. that first scene in 28 days later, (not a fan of the movie...but the scene was cool) where the character is walking around the barren city of london, works very well with the godspeed you black emperor track that's playing. any of you guys...
  8. Jason Wilcox

    I Got Accepted!

    congratulations morgan!!
  9. Jason Wilcox

    RIP Elliott Smith

    this is devastating... i can't help but think of nick drakes passing as i read of this...
  10. Jason Wilcox

    New DLS or go Better??

    well if the DLS is still under all means get it fixed! even if you choose to go with a better sub you'll easily be able to sell your old DLS for $100. as for a better sub...i don't think buying the new DLS would add all that much over the old one.... the next step up in subs...
  11. Jason Wilcox

    College Setup

    first of you have a roommate? does he like the music you like? if not...nice headphones would be a good idea. but for a seem to have the idea. Nad and Cambridge audio components look to be the best way to go for ya. Their budget integrated amps and cd players would work...
  12. Jason Wilcox

    Good sub for upto $200

    another vote for the new parts express sub...if it's anything like my old DLS it's a bargain
  13. Jason Wilcox

    2004 NCAA Football season

    sigh..... i think things started going wrong when the band leader fell trying a flip right before the game started...
  14. Jason Wilcox

    Tiny Mity II is out!!!

    same weight as the old DLS sub... can't wait to hear some reviews on it....
  15. Jason Wilcox

    Denon DVD-3800 Floor Unit Spotted (NJ)

    thanks keith! don't worry about the sale thing i'll be heading out to penn state on the 28th. i'm extremely excited and if it wasn't for wishing all my friends good luck as they head out to college i'd probably be feeling like the days are going really slow. so hopefully i'll end up with...
  16. Jason Wilcox

    Denon DVD-3800 Floor Unit Spotted (NJ)

    seems like the sale at cdworld was just for the 9th. oh well..
  17. Jason Wilcox

    Denon DVD-3800 Floor Unit Spotted (NJ)

    thanks for the tip keith...i'll definitely be at cdworld tommorow
  18. Jason Wilcox


    thanks so much...very informative links! ok one thing i'm a bit confused on though... say you have an 8x oversampler....does this mean the DACs need to be able to handle a 352.8khz sampling rate?
  19. Jason Wilcox


    could someone explain upsampling to me? like that on the phillps 963a. thanks
  20. Jason Wilcox

    Denon DVD-3800 Floor Unit Spotted (NJ)

    hey doug...i was just at the mall yesterday... nice to see another central jersey member i'm right off princeton pike
  21. Jason Wilcox

    Bookshelves for Dorm Room how bout the SCH k05b11?...surprisingly flat response down just 6db at 46hz... the only downside is that they start to distort at 95db...but if you don't listen at very loud should be a-ok oh yeah...they are only $140 edit: they...
  22. Jason Wilcox

    Are all CD players created equal?

    give the marantz refurb models a try over at
  23. Jason Wilcox

    what happened to accessories 4 less?

    just wondering if anyone knows what happened to this site. they had great deals on marantz equipment and AR cables. and haven't worked for a few days for me
  24. Jason Wilcox

    Cordless Phone Recommendations

    i bought a panasonic 2.4ghz model about 2 years ago and it's worked great so far. no problems whatsoever. model # kx-tg2481b
  25. Jason Wilcox

    Bookself Speakers for 800-1K

    definitely check out the speakers from GR research
  26. Jason Wilcox

    US Sony Press Release on NEW ES Line

    the da1000es seems to be the only new es receiver without digital amps...
  27. Jason Wilcox

    Bookshelf speaker recommendation $350

    another vote for the ascends...
  28. Jason Wilcox

    CD Players Not Reading CD's

    couldn't hurt much to open it up and clean the laser lens with a q tip. worked for my denon cd player.
  29. Jason Wilcox

    In need of an extremly cheap receiver

    you're in luck dan! you won't find any receivers even close to this one at this price if that link doesn't work go to the deals forum here, scroll down to friday the 11th and click on the onkyo txsr500 deal from