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  1. Steven_E_S

    SVS PB2-Ultra Test & Review

    This is the review I've been waiting for. My PB2 Ultra is being delivered this Wednesday. GREAT REVIEW. Only problem I have now is Bax Global says it will be delivered between 8 & 5 so a day off adds almost $200 to the cost. Sheesh money, money and mo money. hehehe Steve
  2. Steven_E_S

    New B&M Subs!

    Which of those subs equal or better the PB2 Ultra? Especially if used for music. Thx, Steve
  3. Steven_E_S

    Speaker Power handling question

    Say if your amp is rated at 100 watts and your speakers are 120 what you have to be careful of is clipping the amp into the speakers. Your rated speakers would be more safe with a 300 amp watt putting clean 250 watts into the speakers than 75 watt amp clipping into them. So no matter what the...
  4. Steven_E_S

    Do I have to live with the Rattles?

    Hi, For pictures I use a couple of dabs of putty between the wall and frame. This has cured those. You can use the putty for other things such as small glasses , vases etc on the bottom of them too. Others have suggested velcro in the past. Velcro seems like much more work to me though. Steve
  5. Steven_E_S

    So Ed?

    Thanks both Ed & Craig, Craig I originally had a pair of Belles I bought new in '76. I loved those Belles but I traded them for my Khorns with a Klipsch forum member who wanted Belles as centers in his HT and I always wanted Khorns but couldn't afford them in '76. He had 7 pairs of Khorns...
  6. Steven_E_S

    So Ed?

    Thanks Ed, Hope your unexpected events at home are going well. BTW my main use for the PB2 Ultra will be 2 channel stereo complimenting Klipsch Khorns. The Khorns are about -10db @25hz measured with Rat Shack meter. Room size is 28'x15'x7'6". Do you have a recommendation for tuneing. 20Hz vs...
  7. Steven_E_S

    So Ed?

    Just wondering Ed how the your review of the PB2 Ultra is coming? Looking very forward to reading it. Still waiting on mine. Thx Steve
  8. Steven_E_S

    This IS a serious question

    I use a dab of putty on the bottom of the frame on my pictures. This is very cheap and keeps the pictures from bouncing around or rattling. Steve
  9. Steven_E_S

    Taking DVD Requests For SVS PB2-Ultra Review

    Hi Ed, Are you going to be checking out how the PB2 Ultra does with 2 channel stereo at all? My PB2 Ultra should be shipping sometime this week (I hope) and I'll be using it for 2 channel with Klipsch Khorns. I'm really starting to get excited and can't wait. The Khorn themselves will shake the...
  10. Steven_E_S

    That's it, I've traded my whole kit for a Bose Lifestyle 35

    Well I fell into the Bose wave radio thing a very long time ago. 10 yrs +-. I was never happy with the sound. I had expected much better. I should have sent it back when i had the chance but was too lazy then. OTOH it has worked flawlessly over the years and I still use it as a alarm clock. Have...
  11. Steven_E_S

    Pround New SVS Owner

    Hey? Do you guys ever watch a whole movie or just listen to the bass scenes? Just Kidding. Steve
  12. Steven_E_S

    Taking DVD Requests For SVS PB2-Ultra Review

    Ed, So when do you think you'll finally have your review out on the PB2 Ultra? I really enjoyed your other reviews. My PB2 U has been on order since 4/21. They've been waiting on the wood. I'm really looking forward to your review though. Steve
  13. Steven_E_S

    Where can I find a good bass test disk?

    Hi all, I'm very new to the this forum. I ordered a SVS PC2 Ultra for my 2 channel system and joined the forum to learn about subs basically. I do not have a HT system but may go that route in the future. Just thought I'd introduce myself before responding to the question. I got the auto 2000...