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  1. Chris Bates

    Hard drive crash! How to recover data & info?

    No sweat... save your money. I have a couple tools that can help you out. I'll pm you a link. You'll have to download a file and burn an image to cd... but after that.. its gravy.
  2. Chris Bates

    Problem with TV

    Hi all... I have a philips 64" big screen that is approx 3 years old. Lately it has developed a strange green glow around the edges of the tv and on certain highlights. I cannot get the color right no matter what I do. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can remedy this, Id love to...
  3. Chris Bates

    how to capture analog home video

    I bought a WinFast TV2000 XP Expert on ebay for about $30 a while back. Its great for cable and I love the FM tuner. It will accept standard composite inputs and s-video. It came with a remote, an FM antena and tons of software... good software. I really like that it allows you to burn directly...
  4. Chris Bates

    hdtv via pc????

    Hmm Thats wierd. Did you try adjusting your refresh rate? Surely somebody smarter than me can chime in and help out... :)
  5. Chris Bates

    hdtv via pc????

    Dan.... I poked around a little on the subject and from what I can see is that DVI provides no substantial gains in performance over component unless your talking about long runs. Personally I dont see a need for the added expense and would stick with the component inputs. At the very least you...
  6. Chris Bates

    hdtv via pc????

    My wife nearly fell out of her chair for laughing the first time she saw it.... Im glad to see that there are others out there with a sense of humor. It wasnt long ago another member got all huffy with me and said that it was offensive. Oh well....we cant all be interesting. HD can and is...
  7. Chris Bates

    hdtv via pc????

    I've heard that the MyHD Card is a good choice for a HTPC. Check it out here: MyHD HDTV PCI Card
  8. Chris Bates

    Need help designing a new box sub to replace my sonosub

    Why dont you just build a cradle to hold your sono sub? It wont hurt it to lay it on its side......Bazooka Tubes have been doing it for years :) :) :)
  9. Chris Bates

    Need help with new sub

    Have you thought about a passive radiator? Here is a link to one of adire's designs. I put it through BassBox Pro and it looks good. Personally I like PR's better than ports. You get the same increase in db's over a sealed enclosure...
  10. Chris Bates

    Power wire for speaker wire.....

    This is no $15K system, but it is in no way "dinky". It is actually a very nice sounding system. As a matter of fact it sounds quite a bit better many I have heard costing several times more.
  11. Chris Bates

    Trompeter crimp frame & Canare dies ???

    Thanks Stephen, I appreciate the info. I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually.
  12. Chris Bates

    Onkyo HT-S870

    Well... after laboring over this one for a while, practicality won out, and I decided to go with the HT-S770. After setting it up, and spending some time tweaking the settings I must say this little system is very impressive. I look forward to putting it through the paces, and see what its...
  13. Chris Bates

    Standesign speaker stands

    We'll just have to chalk this one up as a difference of opinion. As far as bad taste and public forums go, I believe it more of a faux pas to hijack someones post...which is exactly what you have done. Sorry Jamie.. Me and my sig appologize.
  14. Chris Bates

    Power wire for speaker wire.....

    Hi all, I have a question. I just purchased an Onkyo HT-S770 and as those of you that are familiar with the system may know it comes with very tiny speaker wires. I looked purchasing some 16ga speaker wire but decided against it for several reasons. I have several 1000' rolls of 16ga power wire...
  15. Chris Bates

    I want 6.1 sound! Lol not stereo

    Hi, On my Onkyo receiver you have to assign the digital connection to the desired input. Meaning if you wanted your sound card to be on the CD portion of the receiver you would have to turn it to CD and keep hitting the "Digital Input" button on the receiver until you get to the optical port...
  16. Chris Bates

    Standesign speaker stands

    Oh come on Arthur... Its a joke. The majority of people I know think its hilarious..... Including women(which my wife happens to be). The only people that find it the least bit offensive are the humorless vultures that sit around waiting to pounce at the first sign of political...
  17. Chris Bates

    Standesign speaker stands

    Id be interested too... Im in desperate need of some stands.
  18. Chris Bates

    Veneer question

    Personally, I would go with a danish oil for cherry. If you have to stain it, I would go with a mixture of 1 part mahogany and 2 parts cherry gel stains. Try it on a scrap piece...its beautiful.
  19. Chris Bates

    Need to fix my sub cabinet finish. w/ pics

    Gel stain would solve the unevenness problem.
  20. Chris Bates

    Trompeter crimp frame & Canare dies ???

    The die set that I have for my crimp frame is the CD3-2 here are teh specs: CD3-2 A- .324 B- .255 C- .068 D- .042 I would really like to try a set of canare dies in my frame..... Thanks all
  21. Chris Bates

    Trompeter crimp frame & Canare dies ???

    I thought that I would use Canare RCAP-C5F connectors and Canare L-5CFB cable. As I understand it, Canare dies are the only ones that will work on their connectors. If anyone out there has a spare set of canare dies they they wouldnt mind putting on loan for a few days....just long enough to...
  22. Chris Bates

    Trompeter crimp frame & Canare dies ???

    Hey guys, I want to get into making my own cables for myself and for some friends, but I dont want to spend more money than neccessary...... I have a Trompeter crimp frame, does anyone know if the Canare dies will fit in a trompeter crimp frame? Thanks all....
  23. Chris Bates

    Onkyo HT-S870

    Surely somebody has an opinion on this.....
  24. Chris Bates

    Onkyo HT-S870

    Hi all.... its been a while since I've posted, but I wanted to run something by you. I finally decided to give the Onkyo HT-S770 a shot...I even had my wife excited about it. Just as we were getting ready to purchase it, I saw the HT-S870. This is the first THX certified HTIB. It looks very...
  25. Chris Bates

    I Hate T-Nuts. Alternatives?

    T-Nuts are the way to go for driver mounting, but they stink on MDF.....Try using plywood backers for the t-nuts. It will give the t-nuts something to bite into, without having to worry about tear-out. :)
  26. Chris Bates

    DIY Cables

    Hey guys...long time no see. Does anyone still have that DIY cables link? Its the one that used Canare cables, and crimp on connectors. Thanks, Chris
  27. Chris Bates

    Custom Cables.....Why cant we do this....

    Ok, surely someone else has something to say about this one.....
  28. Chris Bates

    Custom Cables.....Why cant we do this....

    Hi guys, I have a question. I have been looking into constructing some custom cables for a while, but I have some questions. As I understand it, the Canare setup is pretty tough to beat, however there is a good bit of investment needed to be able to produce these cables. Why is it that I never...
  29. Chris Bates

    Arrrrgggg, I need a receiver.....

    Ok guys here goes. I want to spend no more than $400 ebay money. Where do I turn? Do I go with a Kenwood 7080 for $375, A Sony 995 for $340, or what? I want the best bang for the buck that I can get. It will be used for movies. Help me out here would ya??? Please......... Thanks, Chris