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    Target; The Corruptors - 1961-62

    I think this is the 3rd or 4th time they have run it. Recorded it all last time.
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    What are your Home Video plans for 2018?

    I've waited long enough for Warner Archive to release these and as it is not going to happen I shall actually watch my alternative versions which mostly came from Goodlife channel. Anyone know if these were cut ?
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    Best PD collections of DRAGNET ('50s), ONE STEP BEYOND and JACK BENNY?

    There are abou 65 episodes floating around on the grey market if you care to look. I assume they are all public domain. I agree with the other posters about Universal leaving them sitting in the vaults. If they won't release them, licence them or make them available to TV what's the point...
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    What Vintage War Series Left to be Released on DVD?

    Another WW2 series never released. 'Court Martial' - Peter Graves & Bradford Dillman. Late 60's.
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    What Vintage War Series Left to be Released on DVD?

    Here in the UK we had a lot of WW2 series in the 70's & 80's, I don't think they made it to the US, Most are available on disc from AmazonUK. The two I would most recommend would be 'Secret Army' about the Belgian resistance, more drama than action but one of the best series ever made by the...
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    News. News. We need News.

    I think the reason for the lack of news is that there isn't any. I collect mainly 50's 60's 70's stuff & 2017 has been pretty disappointing.for me. Back in the golden days I was buying 40 to 50 sets a year, round about one a week.. This year I have bought exactly two. I don't want to bore...
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    Could The Defenders Be Released on DVD?

    Talking Pictures is not broadcast in the US. It is a small independent UK channel ,part of Renown Films. They own a huge collection of mostly old British B/W films, some very creaky ,most of which haven't been seen in decades + some film documentaries. As far as old TV series are concened they...
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    The Lone Ranger - Collector's Edition Set

    Given the current state of the market I doubt it very much. The John Hart episodes were released in Germany with English soundtrack many years ago but I'd long deleted.
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    Could The Defenders Be Released on DVD?

    No, nowhere else. Sadly looking like it will be the only release.
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    Minor 60s Shows Left

    Dundee and Culhane was not an abomination, I thought it was rather good but I suppose opinions differ.
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    Ty Hardin- Bronco.

    Both still around. Clint Walker is 88 whilst Will Hutchins is a couple of years younger. Clint still does the odd personal appearance . Met both of them at the Memphis Film Festival a few years back and you couldn't meet two nicer guys.Ty Hardin was also there and very friendly.
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    Warner Archive In 2017. Take A Shot!

    Correct. There are scores of shows from the Sunset Strip era that have been released,but many years ago.Since then then the DVD market for old classic TV shows has all but collapsed and I doubt many would be released today. I am sure Warners were sincere when they announced they would like to...
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    Warner Archive In 2017. Take A Shot!

    Received my Hondo set a few days ago, having pre-ordered from Deep Discount. It was actually dispatched a week before official release date, but as I live in the UK took a while to get here. It is a burnt disc, usually I find if you pre-order WA titles you get a pressed copy so perhaps they...
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    Hondo: The Complete Series coming to DVD from WAC

    Looking forward to this release Hondo was a good western series which deserved a longer run. Good production values, good scenery and good guest stars. By all accounts its star, Ralph Taegar was a bit of an oddball according to some who worked with him. After he left acting he operated a...
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    Is the b&w era of TV on DVD slowly coming to an end?

    In case anyone missed it I note that Classic Flix are to release S1 of the old ZIV show 'Lock-Up' this Spring. Not clear if it will only be available from them or will have wider distribution. I've only seen a couple of episodes & have to say it would be about 101st. on my list of black & white...
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    Is the b&w era of TV on DVD slowly coming to an end?

    My understanding is that Timeless did consider 'The Gray Ghost' at one time & had traced some prints from Canada , this was about time of the Shout takover & I guess it got kicked into the long grass. 'Wichita Town' was another series they wanted to put out in the very early days & were close...
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    Tales of Wells Fargo are they going to Complete it

    Is it an hour or 1/2 hour slot Howard ?
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    Adventures in Paradise question?

    Therefore there is no factual evidence that the Michener estate have held up a release , nor any indication that any DVD company have ever approached them about putting the series on disc.Fox would be the likely candidates but their interest in their old shows has always been lacklustre.. Lets...
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    Adventures in Paradise question?

    Exactly what evidence is there to confirm the Michener Estate have held up this release ?
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    Why The Fox Situation Is Such a Tragedy

    I think the answer, Ian, is because the DVD market has shrunk rapidly in the last couple of years & it is not a viable financial proposition to release this old stuff.anymore particularly if there are 'rights' or print issues to resolve. Things like 'Bewitched' & Jeannie' came out some years...
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    1950's Television . Westerns , Sitcoms , Variety , Drama , etc .

    I think 'Sunset Strip' has a higher profile than 'Sam Benedict, of course it did run a lot longer. I was actually talking to a group of people of a certain age the other week & the subject of old TV shows came up. All of them remembered 'Sunset Strip', none whatsoever recalled 'Sam Benedict'...
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    1950's Television . Westerns , Sitcoms , Variety , Drama , etc .

    I'd like to think so Lou, but it must be 7 or 8 years ago that Warners first made noises about the detective shows & there has been no word for a couple of years now. I suspect they would like to release them but clearing the rights has been too problematic or expensive..They have said that...
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    Is the b&w era of TV on DVD slowly coming to an end?

    Apparently there are 'rights' issues.
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    Is the b&w era of TV on DVD slowly coming to an end?

    'The Westerner' has been put back to March I understand.
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    Is the b&w era of TV on DVD slowly coming to an end?

    Just picked up 'Death Valley Days' S2 & note that it is on the Shout label, as were 'The Monroes' 'Custer' & 'The Loner' a few months back. S1 of 'Death Valley' was Timeless. So it looks like Timeless as a label has been completely swallowed by Shout & no longer exists.Something thsat was...
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    Rawhide complete series box 5/12/15

    They have only recently released Gunsmoke S12 in standard form after a two year gap with no indication they will release any more. Bonanza came to a complete halt two years ago, Why on earth do you think they will be putting out 'Rawhide' in Blu-Ray ?
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    Is the b&w era of TV on DVD slowly coming to an end?

    Back in the day I well remember how labour intensive it was to record shows on video. I was always a bit of a quality buff so had some high end equipment , used to always try to get a direct record and edit out the advert breaks as they went out. Copying later to remove them was OK but you...
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    Richard Diamond, Private Detective

    Could be , although Superchannel & Bravo showed them in the late 90's (which I taped ) & the prints looked very good. It was never shown originally in the UK so not sure what the order might be. Often these old US series are shown in production order rather than the US broadcast order when...
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    Richard Diamond, Private Detective

    That the prints are in poor condition which is why they are not showing them.
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    Fall/Holiday Classic DVD Outlook = Bleak

    Like it or not I think we have to accept that DVD sales are in seious decline & studios or companies are no longer willing to take chances on classic/vintage titles. Whillst I have no interest in streaming it does seem the medium of choice for the younger crowd, allows studios to have more...