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  1. dougW

    Rock Star: Supernova

    lucas = freak show IMO. He moves like a girly man, and his make up matches. I just don't like him at all. But then I'm not in the young and hip generation. I personally just tune in to see what Brooke Burke is wearing or not wearing that night, lol. I did like last year's show a lot. Doug
  2. dougW

    Canon A610 photos - Niagra Falls

    nice shots Patrick. Here's my waterfall pic I took last Saturday. :) just a little smaller than Niagra:
  3. dougW

    Best/Worst online camera retailers?

    I'd have to say some of your approved places to buy scare me to death Paul. I'd stick with will probably be ok, adorama if you must (not my fav) Be careful of the New Jersey, NY photo "mafia" as I call them. Many many fly by night...
  4. dougW sale

    FYI, this is a sale only advertised at HTF, for the people of HTF. Just a small thanks for some of your support the last few months. Please indicate HTF Member in comments section of order to receive the discount and or free shipping. Thanks, Doug
  5. dougW sale

    Last minute, Memorial day sale on orders received from May 30 - June -6. 10% off on analog interconnects, 5 % off on digital cables, free shipping on speaker cables. Order speaker cables and interconnects, or digital and speaker cables, get the discount on the interconnects or digital, and...
  6. dougW

    The Ongoing Wal-Mart $4.88/$5.50/$5.88 Bargain Bin Thread

    Three to Tango, good romantic comedy with Mathew Perry (Chandler from Friends), Neve Cambell (yum), and Dylan McDermott. Discs are called 2 for 11.00 now at my Walmart. I don't like that particularly as I'd rather it just be 5.50. Not sure what you are charged if you select one disc...
  7. dougW

    Suggestions for Audio interconnects

    Not necessarily true Chu. Could be true some of the time, but let me give you a direct example. To say someone couldn't hear a difference between my Silvercats and a pair of Rat shack cables would be total bs. What it would say, if they couldn't hear a difference is, their system is crap or they...
  8. dougW

    CAT Cables coupon

    Thanks Marc. :) It's not all bad, I mean part of my ad campaigne here is about exposure. Get the name out there. That I presume is working. But I'd like to have a few supporting sales so that I don't have to absorb the entire cost of the ad, as it gets a little stiff to absorb from other sales...
  9. dougW

    CAT Cables coupon

    Since my banner ad hasn't exactly done exactly what I'd hoped here at HTF, I decided to offer you guys something extra in hopes that I could stay on longer than the end of this month. Sadly, I will not be able to stay beyond 04/01 without HTF support. Prior to April 1, 04: Spend up to...
  10. dougW

    A selfish (and helpful?) plea

    Well, they could also help HTF stay alive by supporting one of the cable sponsors that likely pay more than 1,2, or 3.00 a month per order. After all, our contributions can be continuous on a monthly basis, not for just one month. I for one think if Vince wants to go into the cable business...
  11. dougW

    See, cables do matter!!! (Yeah right)

    You know as a cable manufacturer of mostly reasonably priced higher end cables and as a manufacturer that does condition cables, it's like giving some of you a rope with a noose already fashioned posting to threads like this. So, here's my approach. I'll post once here, and I won't be back to...
  12. dougW

    What type of coax to use for underground cable runs?

    Unless it's a trick question, yes, underground approved coax. It needs to have a non-pourous exterior cover to be moisture resistant, and I doubt all coaxes qualify for that, though in reality most coax is probably fairly moisture resistant. But to be sure, you should use coax similar RG-6 to...
  13. dougW

    Replacing all interconnects - Where?

    Bob, I can do 2 out of 3 with a 5 coax bundle for in wall construction or fully decorated. The bundle to my knowledge is not UL wall rated. So, it would be up to the individual to decide whether to put it in the wall or not. I wouldn't tell him to, or not to. My thought is, if the cable is being...
  14. dougW

    Need a little help with number of cables!

    Many longer DVI cables have not been ranked all that "great". IMO, the real benefit to DVI is copy protection. So, it's more a studio connection than a pure improvement. Not having DVI experience myself, I can't say there are never gains. Perhaps they are. But the reality of it is, component...
  15. dougW

    What if...$12000 HT budget? How would you build it?

    Add the Sanyo Z2 projector to your list. Check the reviews, it rocks. Consider for screen, save some money. Classic white is a nice choice. See one on my personal web site. I'd go with separates for pre-pro and amp(s). Lex
  16. dougW

    Rate your own speakers...honestly!

    Ok, it's time for the Italian Stallion. No, not me, I'm scottish by ancestry. My speakers dumbo! Sonus faber Extrema mains, Solo center, Concerto sides, and Concerto Grand Piano rears. Aerial SW-12 Subwoofer. Extremas powered by Mark Levinson 336 (700 watts X 2 @ 4 ohms). All other speakers...
  17. dougW

    Cable Burn In time??

    Bob, appreciate the concern and I'd certainly respect a Belden tech. But I do not typically cook video cables anyway, and that's where 75 ohm is critical. The cooker is mainly for audio cables. That's a valid concern, so I addressed it, but I am not addressing any more back and forth natured...
  18. dougW

    What kind of amp does everybody have?

    Mark Levinson 336 350 watts X 2 @ 8 ohms, 700 watts X 2 @ 4 ohms, 1400 watts X 2 @ 2 ohms. Proceed HPA-2 250 watts X 2 @ 8 ohms, 500 watts X 2 @ 4 ohms. Proceed AMP5, 125 watts X 5 @ 8 ohms. Parasound 1500A 210 watts I think. Not currently using HPA-2 and Parasound...
  19. dougW

    How do I get local HD channels on my HDTV?
  20. dougW

    Any Good, Cheap 5.1 used Pre-Amps?

    Garrette, look for a good used Lexicon DC-1, or DC-2. For theater processing, the Lexicon's are awesome. If it's a DC-1, just be sure it's got the 5.1 on board as the base DC-1 may not have, and DTS was an add on. Lex
  21. dougW

    Extension Cord for Subwoofer?

    That's surprising your sub has no ground pin on the power cord. Panamax extension cords are well made, heavy. If a loss occured, I doubt seriously they would ever know one of their cords was not on it. Besides, does anyone ever really collect on these equipment guarantees? I bet it's pretty...
  22. dougW

    Cable Burn In time??

    Luitz, did I laugh at your opinion? I don't think I did. I don't believe you are within your rights to say lmao to my opinion on the issue of cable break. If you don't agree with cable break in, then say so, as you did. I too am free to express my opinion that CLOSELY relates to the original...
  23. dougW

    Cable Burn In time??

    IMO, it does make a difference and is especially critical for silver cables. I have a machine called a cable cooker that I condition all audio cables on that I sell. Basically it speeds up the break in process meaning a day on the cooker is equivilent to a week of standard play. But further, it...
  24. dougW

    Silly Question: what type of cable should I use for audio?

    Or he could try one of the sponsor companies Shane and support HTF by supporting a sponsor. Everyone's quick to post their personal favorite. Well, since I am paying for advertising here, I don't think that statement is out of line. :) Lex
  25. dougW

    Silly Question: what type of cable should I use for audio?

    Yes and No. Typically, "throw away cables" that come with components can include a yellow ended composite video cable. That can be used for digital because it's 75 ohm. But quality of the cable could be an issue. Or lack thereof. You could try Radio Shack for a little better cheapie with the...
  26. dougW

    Why don't more people own 400 DVD changer?

    I have dual Pioneer Elite 301 disc DVD changers. These were introduced fairly early on really. I bought one, almost filled it up, and just happened to come across a deal on a second one. Since they communicate with each other as "slave" and "master" to give you 1 menu of 602 DVDs, it is a nice...
  27. dougW

    Monster brand coax VS coax from HOME DEPOT

    Be very careful with budget line conditioners. Not because they will damage your equipment, but because the fact is, if it's cheap, it's likely not much more than a surge protector anyway. Good line conditioners are like everything else, you get what you pay for. Seth, I'm not personally real...
  28. dougW

    Zektor HDS4.2 HDTV Component Switch 4 in 2 out

    Sent you email Scott. Waiting for reply. Doug
  29. dougW

    Is there much difference between Monster component cables?

    I had some comments before now, but I kept quite. However, I decided to speak up. Michael, "as good a signal as you need", or the best he can possibly have? Is there a difference? I think that there is. Bob, some valid comments for sure. Vincent, I'm curious, did you do a side by side...
  30. dougW

    Cats and speaker wire

    My solution also includes metal. 12 gauge shotgun with buckshot. ;) Alternate solutions, hire a pit bulldog to stand guard. Got mice? If you did, the cat would be so busy chasing mice, he wouldn't even think about the speaker wire. Every time he bites a wire, bite him back. Make...