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  1. Chris_Brunhaver

    Blueprint 1803 applications!

    Boy, the kid on the PE board sure built a crappy box for that monster. Still I have to give him some credit as he's still way ahead of me when I was his age as far as speaker building goes. [Edited last by Chris_Brunhaver on November 01, 2001 at 04:57 AM]
  2. Chris_Brunhaver

    Blueprint 1803 applications!

    Actually, after trying to source some drivers from Blueprint I was told that they build the 03 drivers themselves out of parts purchased from an outfit in Southern California named FRC Soundworks ( Link Removed ) FRC actually builds the 01 series for them and also builds drivers for a number of...
  3. Chris_Brunhaver

    Best Sub Driver for small enclosures

    Well, com has a couple of interesting 12" drivers. Their 1201 looks good in a 1.25 cu. ft. sealed box. It has a Qb of around .707 and an f3 of ~40 hz. For somthing a bit more over the top their 1203 looks decent in that small a box with a couple of the styke 1400 gram 15"...
  4. Chris_Brunhaver

    Best HF drivers for movies @ PartsExpress

    Well, Partsexpress carries a huge variety of drivers. You should check out Bob Stout's LDSG for information on anything from kits, driver materials and tech to detialed information on specific units. Anyway, Scan-speak tweeters are some of the best...
  5. Chris_Brunhaver

    Stryke Power 15.2 cabinet and what driver?

    Yeah, it looks very good in ~4 cubic feet with two of the styke 1600 gram 18" PRs. With a 4th order 80 hz lowpass you get an f3 of around 20 hz.
  6. Chris_Brunhaver

    Why are most ports round?

    Well, a circle has the more area per circumference as compared to a rectangle in area versus perimeter. This leads to less frictional losses. One larger vent is better than two smaller vents equalling the same area because of reduced frictional losses as well. Flaring a port decreases vent...
  7. Chris_Brunhaver

    Who makes a killer 10" driver?

    I would also check out the dayton titanic and DVC woofers. The blueprint 1201 actaully looks much better for autosound than the 1001. It looks awesome in ~1.25 cubic foot sealed box. Yeah, the SV10 looks great too...
  8. Chris_Brunhaver

    Who makes a killer 10" driver?

    Acutally the Audiomobile Mass 2010 is $279. They do have a 15% off sale right now though. That price get you a lot compared to many other autosound woofers in that price range but is still quite expensive. The price is somewhat justified as this driver has a high tech underhung motor with...
  9. Chris_Brunhaver

    speaker cable

    I am a big fan of Kimber 4PR. I was surprised how much of an inprovenemnt there was in my system going from some generic 12 gauge wire to it.
  10. Chris_Brunhaver

    Help replacing blown out drivers

    Another option would just be to get the woofer reconed. For the kind of driver you are talking about it would probably cost in the $40-$50 range. Reconing isn't a perfect solution as the driver specs can end up a bit different depending on how close a match in cone, spider, voice coil and...
  11. Chris_Brunhaver

    Why dont I ever see a Tempest w/ 1 PR?

    Well, a good rule of thumb for using PR's is having about 2.5 times more PR displacement than woofer displacement. Of course the PR excursion will vary with how you tune it. That is why you need two PR-15's to one tempest. -Chris
  12. Chris_Brunhaver

    Sealed vs Vented cubes in an HT

    From what I understand, cubes really aren't the best shapes for speaker enclosures. Actually, they are about the worst are far as creating standing waves in the enclosure. -Chris
  13. Chris_Brunhaver

    Please help me design a sub enclosure

    That looks likr a nice driver. What kind of driver is it? I wouldn't recommend the box you suggested because the f3 is pretty high at around 46 hz. Unless you are planning on doing active EQ, I wouldn't go with a sealed box. I personally would go with a vented box. The driver looks pretty...
  14. Chris_Brunhaver

    Replacing blown tweeters. Advice?

    What model of studio monitors are they? Many times you can get direct replacements from the manufacturor though they can be pretty expensive for what they are. Without any measurement equipment and desire to rework the existing crossover that may be the best route. If they are actively...
  15. Chris_Brunhaver

    PR's for the Blueprint 1803?

    Does anyone here own a Blueprint 1503? I am planning on ordering an 1803 as well. -Chris
  16. Chris_Brunhaver

    Siesmic 8196E....the best sub ???

    No, I don't have any specs on the HK drivers, though they should be available within the next couple of weeks. You can email Barry Bozeman, who I shure could tell you. His email is [email protected] -Chris
  17. Chris_Brunhaver

    Siesmic 8196E....the best sub ???

    You might take a look at the 8196HK, which is a new version that is coming out. The cone is made of honeycomb and kevlar and offer great mass and stiffness. This also leads to a bit higher Qts, which sould help a bit in the low end department unless you plan on adding a few ounces of mass to...
  18. Chris_Brunhaver

    DIY sub. Water heater or Sonotube?

    Hmm.. by water heater sub, I just thought that they meant their huge cylindrical sonotube sub looked like a water heater. Well, on the DIY bass list someone built one out of a keg shell, so I guess anything is possible.
  19. Chris_Brunhaver

    PR Sub help needed

    Hi guys, thanks for the quick responses. Yeah, I know someone who has a couple, and I am probably going to buy one or two. I do understand that the Stryke SAT 15HE is a different driver all together, I just meant to say that I was looking to do something similar to their Power15 passive...
  20. Chris_Brunhaver

    PR Sub help needed

    Hello everyone, I am in need of a bit of help and advice. I am looking at building a passive sub using a TC Sounds 15HE, which I am still negotiation to buy, but should have in the near future. Some details of the driver can be found here: and a...