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  1. Kevin Sharp

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Lawrence of Arabia -- in Blu-ray

    Amidst the praise for this wonderful transfer, let me add my total displeasure at the inclusion of the balcony scene only on the big box set. I expect those big sets to be the exclusive home of film strips, lobby cards, CD soundtrack, etc - but *not* actual content from the film! Why should I...
  2. Kevin Sharp

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Goldeneye -- in Blu-ray

    On this we can agree. Xenia is such a dynamic character as the villain, that the good girl comes off even more bland.
  3. Kevin Sharp

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Goldeneye -- in Blu-ray

    This may be my favorite Bond movie (yes, I'm the one), so I had to break down & get it. I pushed play, squinted my eyes, and prepared for disaster. It was ok. Certainly watchable. Some scenes looked really good (on a 50" plasma). Some scenes featured pinkish, waxy faces. There didn't seem to be...
  4. Kevin Sharp

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Jaws -- in Blu-ray

    Wow, I am really torn on this. I teach Jaws in my film class & have probably seen it 6-8 times in the past year, so I have ZERO desire to put it on at home. I want to watch this blu-ray without watching the movie!
  5. Kevin Sharp

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Alien Anthology -- in Blu-ray

    This is such a tough call for me. The set sounds fantastic, but I really, REALLY have no interest in getting films 3 & 4. What to do, what to do?
  6. Kevin Sharp

    Any News on REBECCA or NOTORIOUS?

    Have you looked on eBay lately? I just glanced over there and found 4 (legit) copies, the most expensive of which is $37.xx right now. Remember that they both retailed for $40 new.
  7. Kevin Sharp

    "Where the Truth Lies" edited for DVD...Why?

    Actually, the WILL carry "unrated" movies, but will NOT carry NC-17. WTTL got an NC-17 rating for theatrical distribution. The other unrated titles (e.g., Wolf Creek) came out in theaters rated R, which then lets the studio release an "unrated" version, which in turn Blockbuster & Wal-Mart...
  8. Kevin Sharp

    Where can I find amateur music on the web to use in a film?

    I am looking for a few songs to complete an amateur film & wondering if anyone knows a good webiste to find songs available from unsigned bands/singers. Thanks!
  9. Kevin Sharp

    My plug for Primer - out April 19th.

    I've seen this twice now and like it a great deal. That said, there is one area I am completely confused about. What's the deal with the girl's father? How did he move back/forward in time? Why was he comatose? And what ended up happening to him?
  10. Kevin Sharp


    I still have the Image laserdisc of this, with a very good (and funny) commentary by Tolkin, Rogers, and Duchovny. I wonder if the DVD will feature the same track - ?
  11. Kevin Sharp

    MiniDV question... I couldn't figure out which forum to post in!

    I am going to buy my first MiniDv camcorder, but some of the things I film need to be transferred to VHS tapes. To do this I need analog inputs, no? Most of the camcorders I look at don't have these. Is there something I'm missing here?
  12. Kevin Sharp

    Warners Chat - LIVE Transcript Questions and Post Chat Discussion

    To everyone who kept asking about a Donner cut of SUPERMAN II, you have to understand that there is still a lot of bad blood involved in that affair (even 20 years later). Look at Fox presentation of ALIEN 3, made w/o Fincher's involvement. The problem here is the reverse: Donner would like to...
  13. Kevin Sharp

    The Thin Red Line.......Any Chance of a Special Edition Now??

    Add another vote. And Richard, the whiskey Bill Murray is hawking in LOST IN TRANSLATION is Santori (in your siganture). Speaking of LIT, that and Thin Red Line are really cut from the same cloth -- the plots aren't necessarily outstanding, but the rewards are plentiful in all other areas.
  14. Kevin Sharp

    Inside The Actors Studio DVD?

    It's a nice thought, but there is one maybe not-so-small issue: the rights. Many episodes of ITAS have been taped but never aired because the guest didn't approve it for broadcast (examples: Redford, Sydney Pollack, Richard Dreyfuss, Burt Reynolds, and more than a few others). Who knows what...
  15. Kevin Sharp

    What are some good MARTIAL ARTS flicks on DVD

    I spent the weekend watching a martial arts film fest & I'm now in the mood for more. My knowledge of the genre is limited, so don't hesitate to suggest obvious titles (though I've seen Crouching Tiger). Hand-to-hand, swordplay, even John Woo-style gunplay is cool. Thanks a lot in advance...
  16. Kevin Sharp

    how is Killing Me Softly?

    Ugh, this movie is W-E-A-K (I saw it at a film festival, haven't seen the DVD). It does, however, deliver in the Heather Graham nudity department. Definitely RENT before buying!!!
  17. Kevin Sharp

    FOX: I've gotten 5 defective copies of THIN RED LINE!!

    Guys, I tried everything, even took 4 of the 5 copies to a friend's house to try on his setup. No dice. These were bad discs, period. :angry:
  18. Kevin Sharp

    FOX: I've gotten 5 defective copies of THIN RED LINE!!

    They all have one thing in common: no sound! Two were purchased from the same place, then I went to a different source for three more bad ones. I think FIVE tries at purchasing a DVD is enough, so finally I gave up. That's really bad quality control.
  19. Kevin Sharp

    Is it safe to buy THE THIN RED LINE?

    Meaning, is there any type of special edition in the works? And also, I see two versions in the stores: one has a "Fox War Classics" banner across the top; the other has the DD/DTS silver banner. Are they the same transfer? Thanks!
  20. Kevin Sharp


    Add one more voice to the choir: this DVD is terrific!! The 1964 version of the flick is one of my favorite movies, and I never would have expected to see it on DVD...let alone in a package like this one. God bless Criterion!
  21. Kevin Sharp

    Superfriends, Batman, Justice League and X-Men, April 22

    Chris and Todd -- The current Justice League cartoon is the first appearance of Hawkwoman ON TV. The old Challenge of the Superfriends featured Hawkman. In the comic books, Hawkwoman has been around for about 60 years (as someone else pointed out). Useless trivia: in the comic books, the...
  22. Kevin Sharp

    Any reviews of AFTER DARK, MY SWEET DVD?

    Love the movie, but haven't heard anything about the disc quality.
  23. Kevin Sharp

    Any reviews of The Salton Sea ?

    I really liked this film in the theater...certainly one of Val Kilmer's best in recent memory. It's similar to MEMENTO, but w/o the reverse-chronology gimmick. That said, there are still a lot of twists & turns in the story. Can't comment on the DVD, though.
  24. Kevin Sharp

    Did anyone else get their copy of DON'T LOOK NOW?

    If you saw the woman I loaned it to, you would definitely eliminate "stupid" from that list. :p)
  25. Kevin Sharp

    Did anyone else get their copy of DON'T LOOK NOW?

    I thought this was supposed to street later in Sept, but lo and behold my copy showed up today. But, ah, cruel fate...I loaned out my dvd player & won't have it back for 3 more days!! :frowning: Now the suspense is killing me...anyone else have this? How does it look???
  26. Kevin Sharp

    Looking for some good film noir movies

    Mark: HIGH AND LOW is a fantastic film, my favorite Kurosawa of them all (and yes, I've seen just about all of them)! Toshiro Mifune has never been better, IMO. But I don't know that I'd classify it as "film noir". It's really more of a police procedural. I would always say rent before buying...
  27. Kevin Sharp

    Looking for some good film noir movies

    I assume you're talking about "old school" film noir vs. more modern ones like USUAL SUSPECTS, SEVEN, MEMENTO, etc. On DVD: KISS ME DEADLY THE BIG HEAT THE NAKED CITY T-MEN RIFIFI THE KILLING DOUBLE INDEMNITY (though it's not the greatest DVD)
  28. Kevin Sharp

    After Dark My Sweet in Widescreen

    Mark, if this is true you have MADE MY DAY!
  29. Kevin Sharp

    Any new info about SUNSET BLVD or ROMAN HOLIDAY on DVD?

    The title heading says it all. I've been out of the loop on release news for the past couple of months. These are two of my most wanted & my fingers are crossed...
  30. Kevin Sharp

    Silly question... why do dvd's play on some players but not others?!

    I thought my CASABLANCA disc had died this weekend. On a Panasonic player, it broke into pixels & "blockies" (at the same place repeatedly). No dirt or fingerprints on the disc surface. I was all ready to start on a WAMO rant, and then... I tried it on my Toshiba player & had NO problem...