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  1. Donald_Spry

    New House - Paradigm's Rears too large - help...

    Greeting, I have recently moved and may have to down-side my speakers because of room layout. I have Reference ADP's, but they are too large, and no place to mount, for the sides. I can mount them on the back wall, but I don't believe that was recommended. I have a B&K Reference 200X5...
  2. Donald_Spry

    FS: Amps, Speakers, Projector, Seating

    I am in Annapolis and interested in the seating. If still for sale let me know. djspry @ gmail . com
  3. Donald_Spry

    KEF Q6C center speaker for sale

    What color is this? Thanks, DJ
  4. Donald_Spry

    FS: SVS 20-39PCi, Infocus X1, JBL NSP1-II, Onkyo DRC-500 receiver

    You have a PM. I will gladly take the SVS off your hands. DJ
  5. Donald_Spry

    Question for owners of KEF Q series

    How do you guys feel about the Q5's? I have the Q3's and I feel I am missing a bit in the mid's. I am afraid the Q7's might be boomy because of the rear port, and I dont have that much room behind them (bedroom). Would a small sub help? DJ
  6. Donald_Spry

    Upgrade speakers or add a sub for 2-channel?

    I have a 2-channel bedroom setup I am currently messing with. I have a NAD receiver and a pair of the new KEF Q3's. I love the sound of the KEF's, but I feel I am missing a bit in the mid-to-lower range. What we be the best improvement for my 2-Channel listening? I thought about moving up to...
  7. Donald_Spry

    Is 2-channel SACD noticeably better than CD?

    Rachael, I just picked up a Sony DVP-NS500V player from the Hardware FS forum. Also, I checked out your website. Your show looks hilarious! Jeff, I think you hit it right on the head with your last post. That is what I was trying to get across. Justin,
  8. Donald_Spry

    Is 2-channel SACD noticeably better than CD?

    Jeff, That is what I was hoping to hear. Believe it or not, the SACD I have on order is the Alison Krauss- Forget About It. I almost got a Beck as well. I saw him on Austin City Limits- very good. I was afraid to consider my stereo as a hi-end based on some of the equipment/systems I read...
  9. Donald_Spry

    Is 2-channel SACD noticeably better than CD?

    I have already ordered a SACD. I am wondering if I should start saving for more speakers! I was hoping to actually get some other peoples thoughts on the difference in sound qualities. DJ
  10. Donald_Spry

    Is 2-channel SACD noticeably better than CD?

    Is 2-channel SACD's noticeably better than a regular CD through Mid-Fi components. Lets say Paradigm 40's, Kef Q-series, or Von Schweikert VR-1's and NAD power? Or is the 5.1 versions the only worth-wild purchases? I have just picked up a SACD player and have it my bedroom's 2-Channel setup...
  11. Donald_Spry

    B&W cdm int or Diva 2.1 ?

    Actually, the Diva's are back with a different supplier. Divas
  12. Donald_Spry

    Review of GR Research A/V-1

    Nice post. I too have the KEF Q-series, and was extremely depressed after listening to their reference line. How would you rate these against your Q?'s in terms of bass, imaging, ect.? Congrats, DJ
  13. Donald_Spry

    Hypersonic speakers?!

    Has anyone ever seen this? They have a couple neat applications. What do you think? Popular Science
  14. Donald_Spry

    What music to test my subwoofer?

    I will 2nd the David Gray "White Ladder" CD. I listened to that this past week. Track 10 has the lowest hits my SVS has had on any CD yet. DJ
  15. Donald_Spry

    Looking for tiny speakers...

    Also, there is the KEF HOME THEATRE. They are nifty little egg shaped speaker enclosures. Their sound has won several awards and seems to always get good reviews. It, like all of the other suggestions, will destroy the Bose.
  16. Donald_Spry

    Onix Rockets....The Real Deal???

    I think anytime you purchase a product without any actual hands-on exposure you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. This is especially true with speakers because of individual's subjective tastes. However, I don't think anyone will deny the Rockets are a great product with great...
  17. Donald_Spry

    The Plot Sickens .... Acoustic Energy

    I recently stumbled on this review of the AE. I have never listen to this speaker so I can't say how accurate this review is. review
  18. Donald_Spry

    $2000 to spend, I'm thinking of Polk, any reasons why not to?

    I believe they are going to start offering the Rockets in a black color sometime in Feb? The AV123 guys that post here could give you a better answer.
  19. Donald_Spry

    Is there any competition to bose AC 15? Hometheatre line. Mirage Omnisat's Is this what you are looking for? Either one of these products would be much better than the Bose
  20. Donald_Spry

    Could someone explain the reasoning behind biwiring?

    Brucek, One other question. Is their any specific wire type/brand I should look for. Monster? Canare? And when you say heavy, what do you consider heavy- 14? 12? Heavier?
  21. Donald_Spry

    Could someone explain the reasoning behind biwiring?

    Donald thinks......... He just got schooled on Intro to EE. Brucek, thanks for the thorough post. That is exactly the scientific explanation I have been wanting to find. Everything I have read prior to this was peoples loose interpretations on why biwireing is better. People can theorize all...
  22. Donald_Spry

    DLS sub on the way. Will it out gun the WM-40?

    This is a great thread!
  23. Donald_Spry

    Could someone explain the reasoning behind biwiring?

    Yes, excellent link Brent. I guess I will end up biwiring anyways. It would probably eat at my conscience everyday and I would end up spending the money anyways! Then I be out the cost of the single wire. DJ
  24. Donald_Spry

    Could someone explain the reasoning behind biwiring?

    I have my main system consisting of Paradigm studio series biwired because it was highly recommended. However, I am setting up an audio only, no HT, for my bedroom. I am running the new KEF Q3's powered by NAD. I had every intentions to biwire, but in an effort to keep cost down the thought...
  25. Donald_Spry

    Bookshelf Speakers - Best all-around value?

    KEF Q1'S Perhaps. They are front ported as well. Maybe one of the Dahlquist QX5's. The QX6 has a much better bass response but stands 14 inches high. Dahlquist (in Canadian funds) KEF
  26. Donald_Spry

    Theater chairs available

    I would take a look at the acoustic treatment panels on the walls while you are there. That stuff makes massive differences in the sound of your home theater. From what I hear it is one of, if not the best, upgrade you can do to a room as far as returns on your dollar. Heck, depending on the...
  27. Donald_Spry

    Speaker stands for floorstanders?

    Al, Is that a canvas painting or a tapestry behind the TV? I looking for something similar. Nice set-up- Looks great! DJ
  28. Donald_Spry

    On real expensive system.

    That is extremely nice, and extremely expensive IMHO. You should see the two systems in this months issue of Robb Report. Each were MILLION DOLLAR systems . I don't subscribe to the mag, but I got one this past week out of pure curiosity. I could afford the magazine, and that is about it. They...
  29. Donald_Spry

    New HT First Impressions: KEF/SVS/Denon!

    They didn't say exactly, but I asked them if it would be around $30 and they said it would be right around there. I didn't even notice that blurb on their website. I hope I can get these before they change their mind. DJ