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  1. NickStan

    Star Wars Trilogy at

    Bestbuy has it for 44.99 free shipping.
  2. NickStan

    Progressive Scan issues!!!

    the tv is 16:9.
  3. NickStan

    Progressive Scan issues!!!

    I just went out and purchased the toshiba sd-3900 and hooked it up to my Sony KP-57hw40. When I turn on the progressive scan the screen went from 16:9 to a 4:3 format and the setting for tv on the dvd player is 16:9. Do you have any ideas on why this woul ddo this?
  4. NickStan

    Denon: 2802 vs. 1803

    I have one and love it. THere's been no real problems with it. and the sound is good for the price.
  5. NickStan

    Digital Audio

    What is better to use fo rthe different types of audio optical or coxial? What is the difference between the two?
  6. NickStan

    Just watched Windtalkers...on a Million $$ system! (long)

    It would be nice to have but sounds too good to be true.
  7. NickStan

    Receiver in the US$400 to US$600 range

    I'd go with the 2802 or if you coul dfind the close out on the 3802. I have the 2802 currently and very pleased with it.
  8. NickStan

    Opinion on HDTV

    Thanks for your input.
  9. NickStan

    Opinion on HDTV

    I'm currently looking at a panasonic CT-34WX52 for my new television. I'm looking for something that has hdtv and also has the 16:9. What are your opinions on this or is there a better TV in the same price range? -Nick