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  1. SteveMo

    Which type front projector gives the best picture quality?

    Wow! For 10,000 dollars your not going to get a decent one. It's going to be pretty darn magnificent or at least by my standards. You could check out hammerhead technologies where I got mine. You could also check the sales area at AVS forum. I think you could get a nice used 9" CRT which is the...
  2. SteveMo

    Star Wars contraversy

    I will try asking in a AOTC discussion thread.
  3. SteveMo

    Ever watch a movie then find out it was filmed near you?

    Well I found out a movie was shot near me after the movie was released in theaters and I saw the making of feature. It was Final Impact. I visited some cave they were supposedly near or at right (within a few months. Pretty sure.) before they shot the film. I don't own the film and it's been...
  4. SteveMo

    Star Wars contraversy

    They want to use digital (at present time) to simplify the digital effects and DVD production process but at the cost of loosing low light quality images, and pixalation in theaters? First I head there was no EE and that had me really excited, but then I saw a picture on avs of a screenshot...
  5. SteveMo

    Do you fear the imminent approach of Turkey Knapp?

    There is only one Turkey Knapp.
  6. SteveMo

    Is the Denon 2802 enough receiver for my combo?

    My Denon 2802 ran my old RM6600's ok but not great. Comparing your speaker to the little RM2300's in the RM6600 series is going to be a difference in night and day however. It may sound just fine (without clipping) since yours have a more effecient DB rating (or sensitivity) at 91BD than my old...
  7. SteveMo

    Translator needed for a Polk RTi70 reiview

    Anyone understand the first review on this link? It is for a Polk RTi70. example:
  8. SteveMo

    Are towers always better than bookshelfs?

    Did the kitty make it out ok? It doesn't look that way by the picture. How did it get through the grill cover? :frowning:
  9. SteveMo

    How old are you?

    23 but my birthday is soon. It's on DEC 28 and I would like a 91" (approximate size) Stewart Screen please.:) Gear: Denon 2802, 6 Marantz MA 500 (THX ULTRA), Denon POA 5200 (THX ULTRA) ,6 Polk RTi70 , Polk Csi40, Panasonic RP56, Aiwa XD370, Malanta n996,JVC HR-S3800,Fisher CR-W95,NEC 6PG Plus...
  10. SteveMo

    Stylish Center Channel

    Stylish may cause glare.
  11. SteveMo

    Polk RM6000 + Polk Sub for $199

    The RM6000 set should not be that cheap I think. Amazing if they are. BTW refurbished satallite Polk speakers done by certified Polk people are going to work better than new or used ones. Don't tell them I said that please. our secret.
  12. SteveMo

    Worth upgrade to floor standing?

    To anwser the question... "is it worth it?" Yes, and then some. It can also be major overkill if your not carefull. ;-)
  13. SteveMo

    Worth upgrade to floor standing?

    Having been in the same situation I will comment. It works well using the RM6600 for 7.1 surrounds. You can't set your crossover to 80HZ for the mid bass because the RM2300 speakers in your RM6600 package will not work well when set to anything bellow 100HZ. They only can go to 100HZ, or as...
  14. SteveMo

    Malata DAV-3600 @ HK Flix same as Tevion HTIB sold @ Aldi Food Stores?

    My Malata n996 has those nice features and I LIKE IT ALOT. It is my favorite toy. The Link Removed web site explains it some. I use the pan feature for moving my cenemascope aspect ratio movies up and down to avoid burn in. It has a good picture but not a great one. It's very sharp and...
  15. SteveMo

    Polk Audio

  16. SteveMo

    Polk Audio

    My review as posted at another forum.... Some things I noticed that sounded better was that sounds that were supposed to seem further away seem to do so better now than with my previous satallite speaker setup. It would be alot better I think if there were two more left and right surrounds...
  17. SteveMo

    Polk Audio

    Someone may be welcome to hear mine as well if interested. I like it alot. Audio - Denon 2802, (THX ULTRA)6 Marantz MA 500, (THX ULTRA)Denon POA 5200,6 Polk RTi70's , Polk Csi40, 15" Kicker XPL sub. video and cables - Panasonic RP56, Aiwa XD370, Malanta n996, NEC 6PG Plus (6100)...
  18. SteveMo

    Stupid mistakes you've made

    I heard rice was good in speaker boxes so I tried those styrafoam peanuts and they stuck under the subs cones because of staitic electricity or something. They made loud clicking noises that went all over the room I thought my amp was underdriven or I had overdriven the subs. Fellowship Of The...
  19. SteveMo

    So what DVDs are you getting NEXT year?

    I would really like the complete X files collection. Then mabie Waterworld, Mission Impossssible 1 and 2.I'm sure I can think of plenty others if I browse.
  20. SteveMo

    How Many People "Use" Preouts?

    I use my Denon 2802's preouts. Works nice.
  21. SteveMo

    Unsure of how to set up progressive scan

    I recommend getting a used front projector and a line doubler to do your 480p but if your budget or room will not allow it, than the best thing I have seen otherwise is the new Phillips model RPTV. It's around 1800 dollars I think. They do not have a DVI (digital video input) or HDCP...
  22. SteveMo

    Can flipping a shadow mask tube cause damage?

    I wouldn't worry. It's better to deal with them in person I think. Mabie they could they give you a ride to your home while you give them directions inside their automobile. Some people try the tv before they accept a delevery but I have never tried it. You should be alright with CC.
  23. SteveMo

    Macrovision and projectors -- Please HELP!

    If you were looking into a new video processor you might check out the Focus enhancements CS-2. It would solve your problem. Depending on your DVD player you might be able to alter it to not use the MV. You could try or Yahoo groups. Many people do this so they can watch DVD through...
  24. SteveMo

    Macrovision and projectors -- Please HELP!

    How do you know it's the Marcovision. Does Harry Potter look normal? Are you asking how to defeat Macrovision or fix the projector? I don't think we can discuss how to get rid of the Marcrovision here but correct me if I am wrong.
  25. SteveMo

    any polk owners?

    I have 6 RTi70's and a CSi40 center channel. I use a 15" kicker XPL for the sub. This sounds great. Sorry to hear I got them before the sale. It may be worth the new movies coming out latley like AOTC, that movie with Harrison Ford, and FOTREE which I have not seen yet. I don't see a use for the...
  26. SteveMo

    Does Traffic Here Cause IE To Lock Up?

    Yes it seems to have been working fine this past week. No problems lately.
  27. SteveMo

    Denon: 2802 vs. 1803

    oh yes ok it doesn't say DD EX but it does do it yes. I paid 800 retail but I have a 2 year warranty good just down the road. They also gave me a free y cable and a deal on a rack for 400 dollars that was 600 dollars new. Good price you got there.