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    Police Academy reunion movie in the works--NO JOKE!

    David Graf, who played Tackleberry died of a cardiac arrest in 2001. He was only 50.
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    DVD Store for All Regions
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    Assault on Precinct 13 Remake

    There is no way they'll be able to replicate the mood and tension of this picture. Even Carpenter himself can't do it anymore ...
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    Directors Films Of The American Renaissance '67-'75 Tournament

    I'm not sure those all qualify: Phantom of the Paradise Dirty Harry McCabe & Mrs. Miller Chinatown (too big?) edit: Steve reminded me of Altman, switched Shaft to McCabe & Mrs. Miller, one of my fave from that period
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    Directors Name that Movie (or TV Show)

    Ouch, good one with L'Atalante, I watched it recently and still missed it. I remember the shot now, but it's so not related to the plot, a real tricky shot :D
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    Hanks 'set for Ladykillers remake'

    Looks ok, might be refreshing to see Tom Hanks come back to his roots. I used to like his comedies in the 80s. I also noticed that now Ethan Coen is also listed as director, I think it's the frist time they are both listed ..
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    Directors what would you watch at my house?

    Before I come, can I ask if you have a daughter ? Or how old is you wife :D Seriously, I'd probably pick Lifeboat too, since it's a Hitch I haven't seen.
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    Directors Name that Movie (or TV Show)

    Wow, this shot dowsn't ring a bell but I sure want to watch that movie, looks great!
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    Halloween I & II

    I'm not sure about part II, but you got it right concerning Halloween. The 25th anniversary edition is sharper but it loses the blue tint at night and some yellow/orange tints during the day scenes, so the grass looks more green. There is no definitive answer, some people prefer the Anchor Bay...
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    Untitled: Almost Famous Bootleg Cut (worth a blind?)

    Not too mention, you can get it for 14.99$ CDN right now on
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    Directors Your Favorite Area of the HTF

    1. Movies 2. Polls 3. Sofware 4. After Hours 5. Coupons and Bargains 6. Video Game Software
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    Directors Your Favorite Fruit

    Can't get enough of raspberry, too bad they are so expensive ...
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    Directors HTF Scorecard - The Results

    Thanks for all your work Jim, real funny categories names! :emoji_thumbsup: And it's good to learn that I am a silent and romantic movies lover, I thought I loved thrillers, horror, westerns and film noir :D Just don't tell my girlfriend about the romantic movies OK, it has some advantages to...
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    Why do we like horror movies?

    A few reasons. It's probably mainly for the same reasons we like rollercoaster rides. Like others have said, for the adrenaline rush, we just like being scared. Now, for the most part horror movies are not that scary once you have seen a lot, but I still enjoy them. Mainly because they are...
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    Directors The Great Films HTF Scorecard Vote

    Batch #43 Lost in Translation - abstain Some Like It Hot - 10 Sands of Iwo Jima - abstain Ivan the Terrible Parts 1 & 2 - abstain Dancer in the Dark - 7 Point Blank (1967) - 7 Duck, You Sucker - abstain Breaking Away - abstain The Thing From Another World - abstain Horror of Dracula...
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    What happened at the Staddon chat?

    I missed the chat, but glad someone asked about The Innocents. Hard to believe he wasn't familiar with it, but I'll add my voice in case someone from Fox notices all the mentions of this movie in this thread.
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    Say, whatever happened to MICROCOSMOS?

    The OAR seems to be 1.85:1. There is an anamorphic R2 edition available. So :thumbsdown: to the canadian version
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    Directors combined top film lists

    Thanks for the compilation George, the results are interesting. Nice lists everyone. Here's the one I sent, it's still being worked on, as looking as the other lists I realized some movies I loved and forgot to include, like Tokyo Story and the Apu trilogy. 1. Passion of Joan of Arc 2...
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    Directors Who has taken your breath away?

    My girlfriend hold on, why am I doing this, she doesn't even read these boards :D Jennifer Connely when she was younger, she's too thin now. Ingrid Bergman Grace Kelly
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    Directors combined top film lists

    Sorry I missed those over the week end, it wasn't lack of interest. I can't speak for the others, since I didn't know all the other lists, but the lists I was involved with seemed pretty acurate. One thing I'd like to see is a combined list of all the lists sent to you, Sight and Sound...
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    Directors combined top film lists

    hmm ... Lew and Dome
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    Directors combined top film lists

    Well it's pretty obvious George is there :D as for the other I'm not sure ... George / Alex ?
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    Directors combined top film lists

    Well it looks like Cary got it
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    Directors combined top film lists

    Shouldn't we remove the Top 20 lists from our sig for this? Anyway, I agree this is hard ... I'm thinking it might be me and someone else but I'm not even sure since some in this top 10 are quite far on my list :D
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    2004 Various Guild nominees (Actors, Producers, Cinematographers, Art Directors)

    The DGA nominations were just announced: Peter Jackson, LOTR:ROTK Clint Eastwood, Mystic River Sofia Coppola, Lost in Translation Gary Ross, Seabiscuit Peter Weir, Master and Commander That makes Peter Jackson the first filmmaker ever nominated three years in a row.
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    Directors combined top film lists

    Sounds good. I'll try to work out something.
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    Directors The Great Films HTF Scorecard Vote

    Batch #40 King Kong (1933) - abstain The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939)- abstain Braveheart - 7 Life as a House - abstain The Wolf Man - abstain Cabaret - abstain Bad Lieutenant - 6 The Frighteners - 7 Bringing Out the Dead - 7 Waking Life - 4 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - 5...
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    Directors The Great Films HTF Scorecard Vote

    BONUS ROUND #002 (Midnight Madness) Invaders from Mars (1953) - abstain Fiend Without a Face - abstain Thunder Road - abstain 7 Faces of Dr. Lao - abstain Barbarella - abstain The Abominable Dr. Phibes - 7 Walking Tall - abstain Blood for Dracula - abstain Death Wish - 7 The Texas...
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    Directors The Great Films HTF Scorecard Vote

    Batch #27 Jaws - 8 Contact - 7 Goodbye, Mr. Chips - abstain Breakfast at Tiffany's - 7 Contempt - abstain Breaking the Waves - 8 Christine - 5 Monty Python's The Meaning of Life - 6 Home Alone - 6 Carry On Cruising - abstain The Longest Day - abstain Alien - 8 Sexy Beast - abstain...
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    Directors The Great Films HTF Scorecard Vote

    Pfew, lots of catching up to do, I'll try to fill these in the next few days. Batch #23 The Empire Strikes Back - 7 True Romance - 5 M -10 Raising Arizona - 7 The Incredible Shrinking Man - abstain The Ipcress File - abstain The Sixth Sense - 7 The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp -...