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  1. Alan Wild

    Best Buy & Circuit City - Thanksgiving sale items

    That Mits deal got me and my friends to crack and start TV shopping. Myself and one other friend ended up ordering from Amazon however to get the free TV stand (my current stand that I use for a 46" Mits CRT would have fit the TV, but my center channel sets on top of the TV... that's a no-go on...
  2. Alan Wild

    TiVo Program Guide Data not updating

    This happened to me just last week. As it turns out it was due to a "reorganization" of the Guide Data for Time Warner here in the Houston area. I ended up having to repeat the Guided Setup. After it was done the guide data resumed. Unfortunately, some of the channels are wrong in the new...
  3. Alan Wild

    For those of you who dont have halo yet....good news.

    Great News! I gambled and picked this up at the same time I got my XBox two weeks ago. I figured somebody would put it on sale within 30 days. Since Fry's will match any competitor's advertised price for 30 days I'm golden! -Alan
  4. Alan Wild

    Paradigm: Studio ADP vs Studio 20 for surrounds

    I have Studio 100's and a Studio CC up front and use 2 pairs of Studio 20's for the surrounds (one pair is for Surround Back L/R). I often wonder if I should have gone with ADP's for the Left/Right surrounds and left of the 20's for the Surround back channel. Depending on how you wire...
  5. Alan Wild

    Post Pics of your Console Setup.

    I have an old pic of my setup from a year ago. It's a little out-of-date (pre-gamecube and xbox). Since that pic was taken: The PS2 has moved a slot over to the left.A Sony SACD player has taken the empty place left by the PS2.An XBOX has replaced the N64 game rack on the lower left.A...
  6. Alan Wild

    DTS-ES 6.1/7.1 DVD Movies???

    Nope. People get confused because receiver manufactorer's claim things like 7.1 when they mean their receivers have seven channels of amplification and a pre-out for the subwoofer. There is no 7.1 audio format. DTS:ES Discrete is the ONLY true 6.1 format. DTS:ES Matrix and DD EX (or THX...
  7. Alan Wild

    Buying a PVR, which one??

    If you can handle installing a hard drive in a PC then one can do TiVo upgrades. The ease it which I can upgrade a TiVo is why I will always stick with them. I've had a 14 hour unit since August of 2000 and it's still going strong. In hindsight I probably should have bought the lifetime...
  8. Alan Wild

    Should I replace my Playstation 2 as a DVD Player with a Magavox player from Bestbuy?

    IMHO, I think almost any standalone player will function better than a game system. I'm sure there are exceptions (incredibly cheap players, aging players, etc.). Given that, I generally only recommened players from Pioneer, Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba (at least in the low-price range). I...
  9. Alan Wild

    Warcraft 3 for $35 at

    That's a great price but has anyone seen any deals on the "collectors edition" with the DVD and whatnot. IMHO, I would rather buy that one if I could get it for about $50 or $55, but I've only ever seen it for about $70 or so. -Alan
  10. Alan Wild

    Which input do you use for your game system?

    My N64 (yes, still hooked up) is connected to a JVC Video switch which, in turn, is plugged into my receiver. The Gamecube is using the component video cables and is plugged into the Receivers TV/Sat component input. The PS2 is also using component video and it too is plugged into the...
  11. Alan Wild

    Studio 100's..which speaker cable?

    I also have Studio 100 v2's. Refer to my post In this thread for more info -Alan
  12. Alan Wild

    opinions on Silicon Images iScanPro/Plusv2

    Really we are getting offtopic for "Audio/Video sources" if we continue to talk about TVs. I don't want to start a cables debate. I personally do feel that cables matter so I would say get the cables first. However, the amount of difference a cable can make is on the whole small so it doesn't...
  13. Alan Wild

    opinions on Silicon Images iScanPro/Plusv2

    [list=1]Get a copy of Avia to callibrate your brightness/contrast/color etc.Follow some of the tips at the spot for doing a manual focus, electrostatic focus, adjusting overscan, etc.[/list=1] The second one technically will void your warranty and some of the tweaks can be a bit...
  14. Alan Wild

    opinions on Silicon Images iScanPro/Plusv2

    I personally would still go with a "Pro" over the Plus. Some of the posts I've read at "The Spot" indicate that their is (albiet minor) performance improvements in the Pro over the Plus. Besides, you might find yourself one day with a Playstation 2, DSS box, or some other kind of set-top box...
  15. Alan Wild

    opinions on Silicon Images iScanPro/Plusv2

    The TV will always display the text "480i" if you are using a composite/F/S-video connector because that's what the input signal is. However, the line doubler is still converting the image to 480p before displaying. Actually, if you look in the menus there is a setting in the set to tell the...
  16. Alan Wild

    opinions on Silicon Images iScanPro/Plusv2

    I think I can contribute to this discusion. I have a Mitsubishi 46807. All Mits sets have a deinterlacer and recent models will do 3:2 pulldown. However, Mits. is generally considered to have one of the worst deinterlacers on the market. Also my set is known to have a chroma delay issue...
  17. Alan Wild

    How do you arrange your dvd titles?

    By "disc-type", which is bascially by studio but in the case of say New Line, the Infinifilm's are all grouped together, followed by the Platinum series and then their "standard" releases. Of course, so all (or most anyway) of my snappers are togeter, New Line sits right next to Time Warner...
  18. Alan Wild

    how many component inputs do you need?

    I presently have: [list=1]HD Decoder (1080i)Panasonic RP91 (480P)Malata N996 (480P)Plastation 2 (480i)Gamecube (480i)Iscan Pro (480P)[/list=1] Now, I realize that both of those Game Systems can do 480P natively on certain titles, but I've decided to wire them through the Iscan Pro so I get...
  19. Alan Wild

    panasonic rp91 color

    The RP91 comes in "champagne" and black. The "champagne" can look silver in certain light, but not certainly not against another silver component. Link Removed -Alan
  20. Alan Wild

    why do so many people on this forum use paradigm speakers?

    When I was auditioning speakers I listened to some Mirage's, Klipsh, Boaston Acoustics, Paradigm Monitor series, Soliloquy, M&K, and B&W. I had different likes and dislikes but I wasn't sold on any particuliar brand. I liked the salesman best offering the Paradigm Monitors. However, one day...
  21. Alan Wild

    Question on display quality of DVD through an iScan

    I have a 46" Mits set and an Iscan Pro. In my opinion the DVD player will do a better job of deinterlacing the video then the Iscan if for no other reason than the Iscan is forced to work with the analog video signal output from the DVD player. The DVD player on the other hand can process it...
  22. Alan Wild

    What type (size) of wire do u use with your main speakers?

    I have Paradigm Studio 100's and I've bi-wired them using IXOS 6006 11AWG cable for the woofers and IXOS 6003 13AWG (in white/grey) for the tweeters. I did it because I thought the cable was reasonable priced (at Accessories4less) and looks really cool. I'm not going to get into the...
  23. Alan Wild

    Bought Progressive Scan....Can't tell a difference!! Help!!!

    Speaking as a Mitsubishi RPTV owner.... I think the line doubler stinks. I went out and bought a DVDO Iscan Pro to correct this particuliar problem. The set, when callibrated, produces one of the best pictures out there and when coupled with a good external line doubler can even beat other...
  24. Alan Wild

    What was the FIRST movie you ever watched in WIDESCREEN?

    If memory serves.... The first one I can remember is when my family rented "Innerspace" on VHS. I believe it was a recent release which would put it in like 1987 or maybe 1988. I was in middle school at the time. -Alan
  25. Alan Wild

    DTS DVD recommendations

    Not enough votes for the "Eagles: Hell Freezes Over", yet. I paid $15 for this disc and if the only thing I ever play on it again is the "Seven Birdges Road" 5.1 track I would still think it's money well spent. Maybe it doesn't present some of the fidelty of SACD or DVD-A but it's a really...
  26. Alan Wild

    Disney - phone drive is 99.9% in favor of Pan and Scan!!!

    I called and spoke with Sarah prior to sending the below e-mail. She suggested that I send the e-mail in addition to the call.
  27. Alan Wild

    ICBM or towers for SACD/DVDA ?

    Both. :) In all seriousness, I have Paradigm Studio/100's up front and I have my ICBM configured to cross them over at 40Hz. That way most of frequency spectrum is being played by the 100's and only the really low bass (which they really weren't deisgned to handle anyway) goes to the sub...
  28. Alan Wild

    Is there a way to split an S-VIDEO out signal into two separate ones?

    An S-Video Y-adapter is designed to take two sources and connect them to a single input. Not for a single device to drive two outputs. You will experience signal degradation. How much you experience and whether or not it's an issue for you is something for you to decide. I bought the Kramer...
  29. Alan Wild

    Is there a way to split an S-VIDEO out signal into two separate ones?

    I use the Kramer "Pico Tools" 102S Distribution Amplifier and it works quite well. It can be had for $72 from markertek. -Alan
  30. Alan Wild

    Man, I feel so stupid!

    I'm using the IXOS cable mentioned above and it seams to work okay. The only problem is that the wires after they break apart aren't long enough to reach from one end of the Outlaw ICBM to the other. So I'm only using 5 of the wires in the 175AV and I use a individual RCA's for the sixth...