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  1. Matt Giggey

    Any news on Strangers with Candy or UCB?

    On a mildly brighter note for UCB fans, Comedy Central is airing a few episodes from seasons two and three this month. Maybe there is a little hope after all. At the very least, you can tape and enjoy more (possibly fleeting) UCB brilliance...
  2. Matt Giggey

    Any news on Strangers with Candy or UCB?

    It begins shooting next month:
  3. Matt Giggey

    Any news on Strangers with Candy or UCB?

    A few months ago on the UCB message board Matt Besser said that Comedy Central was currently deciding whether they would release season two. So that doesn't sound good. On some random SWC fansite they had Fall 2004 as a "tentative release date" for season three, but they didn't list any...
  4. Matt Giggey

    Between-Release Nervousness

    I'm with you there. I'm *praying* for season two of Upright Citizens Brigade, but even if it isn't released, I'll still get plenty of enjoyment from season one. :)
  5. Matt Giggey

    Memorable film scores on DVD?

    In the Mood for Love - Michael Galasso (Best. Score. Ever.) Kundun - Philip Glass Mulholland Drive - Angelo Badalamenti Requiem for a Dream - Clint Mansell
  6. Matt Giggey

    2003 Year of the Classic Films on dvd at last

    :emoji_thumbsup: to more Bunuel. Kino is looking awesome.
  7. Matt Giggey

    Minority report dvd reviews?

    For reference, here are some comments Janusz Kaminski made in the July '02 issue of American Cinematographer: "The tendancy with futuristic movies is to go very slick, visually speaking, but we wanted Minority Report to have a very gritty look. I decided to create a look that's full of...
  8. Matt Giggey

    "The Critic" DVD petition

    When Fox got "The Critic" from ABC (I think), they scheduled the premier of the show on Sunday at 8:30, right after "The Simpsons." On the night in question was the episode where Jay Sherman visits Springfield for the film festival. Groening didn't approve of the idea for the episode but...
  9. Matt Giggey

    The (in)sanity of collecting DVDs

    When I first got my DVD player (May 2001) I bought a ton of DVDs because I wanted to have a nice library of my favorite movies. I used to buy sight-unseen all the time - some I would really like, and some I wouldn't so I would just sell those on eBay and usually get almost all my money back...
  10. Matt Giggey

    Where do you stand on the HTF 'hot topic' movies?

    2001: A Space Oddyssey - One of my favorite movies. Gladiator - Completely forgettable. Armageddon - Ditto. Miller's Crossing - Only Coen Bros. film I haven't seen, where is the DVD?!? The Phantom Menace - Caught the first 20 minutes on Network TV and I just had to change the channel...
  11. Matt Giggey

    King of Comedy: cover and menu screen

    In DVDfile's (or maybe it was The Digital Bits) announcement of the release date and specs, they didn't mention anything about a commentary track, even though that's what Mr. Staddon said was holding the release up. Does anyone have any info on this?
  12. Matt Giggey

    Criterion "Bottle Rocket" and "Royal Tennenbaums"

    Columbia House finally has Bottle Rocket available as an enrollment. It's a great deal for those who are tired of waiting on a Criterion version (which is looking less and less likely anyway).
  13. Matt Giggey

    What as yet unreleased catalogue titles would u like to see in 2003?

    Barton Fink Miller's Crossing Wild At Heart Lost Highway Delicatessen Zentropa Schindler's List Kagemusha Kurosawa's Dreams
  14. Matt Giggey

    Help me expand my war collection

    If you're looking for older war movies, I'd recommend Stanley Kubrick's Paths of Glory, and David Lean's Bridge on the River Kwai. A more recent great is Das Boot. If you like Platoon you should check out Oliver Stone's other two movies that deal with the Vietnam War: Born on the Fourth of July...
  15. Matt Giggey

    'WHAT ABOUT BOB?'. What about a SE?

    I would gladly upgrade if it had a commentary track with Murray and Dreyfus, but otherwise I am satisfied with the current one. Great movie!
  16. Matt Giggey

    So many upcoming films...oh my!

    These are the only ones I'm really looking forward to, but I'll end up seeing a few others after viewing trailers and/or reading reviews. - 25th Hour, The - Adaptation - Ararat - Auto Focus - Bowling for Columbine - Catch Me If You Can - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind - Far From...
  17. Matt Giggey

    I hate the fall - nothing worth watching

    I'll be watching: In Praise of Love Spirited Away Heaven The Grey Zone Punch-Drunk Love Auto Focus Bowling for Columbine Better than any other two month stretch so far this year.
  18. Matt Giggey

    Lawrence of Arabia, blind purchase???

    I purchased it sight unseen and I loved it, but Bridge on the River Kwai is a much better movie IMO, it just doesn't have the scenery.
  19. Matt Giggey

    DVDs with excellent visuals?

    If you're looking for great cinematography, here are some of my favorites: Lawrence of Arabia Kundun Barry Lyndon Manhattan Amelie Clockers Rushmore In The Mood For Love Bram Stoker's Dracula
  20. Matt Giggey

    DVD Sales - "Lord of the Rings" - 8/11/02

    Yeah, I'd be a lot more interested to see actual sales figures. I bet there was a big drop off between #2 and #3 and between #3 and #4.