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  1. Brad Hood

    Sony DVP 360 with the 13:00 error? Now can't read any discs

    Yep, that's the one. The page wouldn't load this morning, but now it's working fine. Anywho, I followed those directions and it worked like a charm. Good luck!
  2. Brad Hood

    Sony DVP 360 with the 13:00 error? Now can't read any discs

    Well, looks like that site has been taken down, and I don't seem to have saved a copy of the instructions anywhere. I still have mine (560, actually) and it still works, but I used the temporary out-of-order status to convince my wife it was time to upgrade to a multi-region progressive scan...
  3. Brad Hood

    Sony DVP 360 with the 13:00 error? Now can't read any discs

    This is a well known problem with this particular Sony model. In fact, it's a manufacturing error that Sony is aware of, but they have so far refused to recall the players. Basically, there's a fuse on one of the circuit boards that is rated too low for the current going through it...
  4. Brad Hood

    Philips Q35 multi-region conversion

    Well, to answer my own question, I just got my first Region 2 PAL DVD (The Sting WS) today, and it works fine. I've also tried out The Patriot (Region 1), which isn't supposed to play on some multi-region players, and it plays just fine as well. If anyone is interested, the hack I used for...
  5. Brad Hood

    Why is my TV flickering?

    I've not had any problems with mine other than the above mentioned flickering, which is easily fixed in the menu. It converts PAL to NTSC, and I've hacked mine to multi-region. It's my second player, but multi-region capability makes it worth at least $50, I would think. I guess this...
  6. Brad Hood

    BMV'S THE HIRE specs??

    Does that stand for Bad Motor Vehicle? :D
  7. Brad Hood

    Matrix DVD *Gltch*?

    I wonder if it's possible that your DVD player is having problems reading the flags on the disc? I get a flashing effect on some discs that are transferred from film, but I can correct it by manually setting the source to "film." If your player is set up to automatically detect whether the...
  8. Brad Hood

    Giant 2 Disc SE

    Matt, Do you actually see any matting when you zoom in with a 16:9 set? I have a couple 1.66:1 transfers, and the matting is all hidden by overscan. Would still like to have seen an anamorphic transfer, but I'll probably still be getting this disc. Brad
  9. Brad Hood

    Why is my TV flickering?

    Nick, I relize that this post is now 6 months old, so I guess you've either fixed this problem or returned the Q35 by now. :D At any rate, I had exactly the same problem with the Q35 and Monsters Inc. For some reason the player has trouble reading the flags on this disc. If you go into the...
  10. Brad Hood

    ***Official Blu-Ray Discussion Thread***

    That's output. Looks like the only digital input is iLink. And why no DVI output? I thought Sony was adopting DVI; maybe not in Japan? Brad
  11. Brad Hood

    Philips Q35 multi-region conversion

    I have a Philips Q35 DVD, and I'm thinking of changing it to a Region 0 (multi-region) player. It looks as if the player will convert PAL to NTSC, as I've tried a U2 Region 2 DVD single from England, but I think it's actually encoded as Region 0. I don't have any true Region 2 discs to try...
  12. Brad Hood

    Full-Frame Vs. Anamorphic: The Same Quality?

    I would assume 16:9 will be the standard for HD-DVD.
  13. Brad Hood

    Full-Frame Vs. Anamorphic: The Same Quality?

    I think it depends on how the two transfers were done. If the 4:3 version is just a zoomed-in version of the anamorphic transfer, I would expect PQ to be worse. If they are two completely seperate transfers, then all bets are off; either could be a better transfer. David, to answer your...
  14. Brad Hood

    is this a good deal for the Dracula and Frankenstein Universal Monsters DVDs?

    These titles are "on moratorium," but I have no idea for how long. They are going for around $45 each on and eBay. I'd say you got a pretty good deal. I picked up Frankenstein for about $15 recently, but I've been unable to find Dracula. Brad
  15. Brad Hood

    Any possibility of ever seeing Survivor boxsets?

    No possiblilty of ME ever seeing them, unless you tie me up in front of the tv and glue my eyelids open.:D
  16. Brad Hood

    Movie sequences that UNNERVED YOU...

    I second the vote for the "squeal like a pig" scene from Deliverance. I also found it particularly disturbing when they found the body in the river with the arm all twisted behind the head. The whole movie scarred me for life. Brad
  17. Brad Hood

    Question about movie series with main actor change

    Kurt Russell plays Jack O'Neil in the original Stargate and Richard Dean Anderson takes over in Stargate SG-1. I guess it depends on whether you consider SG-1 a movie or just a pilot for a TV series. Brad
  18. Brad Hood

    Question about movie series with main actor change

    The Crow series. Brandon Lee was killed during the filming of the original. I think they even had to finish the first film with a double. Granted Brandon Lee plays Eric Draven while Vincent Perez plays Ashe Corven in the sequel, but they are still both "The Crow." I assume they would have...
  19. Brad Hood

    Movies on DVD with Births/Pregnancies

    Under no circumstances should you have to subject yourself to any of the Look Who's Talking or Three Men and a Baby movies, even if your wife is pregnant. My wife enjoyed The Story of Us, but I wasn't crazy about it. I see this as a good excuse to rewatch Fargo (she's pregnant) and Raising...
  20. Brad Hood

    THX-Huh? What? 38

    According to the Warner chat, we get THX-1138 on DVD in 2004. Maybe they'll update the subtitles. Brad
  21. Brad Hood midnight Matrix reloaded showing???!!!

    I ordered tix to the Loews Cineplex 600 North Michigan. They only list a 10PM screening. The Loews Cineplex Webster Place 8 is listing a 12AM screening. As already stated, looks like most Loews locations have one or the other. Brad
  22. Brad Hood

    Missing Dialogue in Shane

    Shane is listed as a pre-order on Amazon for May 13. Anyone know if this is a 50th anniversary SE, or are they just re-releasing the same disc? Brad
  23. Brad Hood

    Older Woman, Younger Man Themed Movies

    Sunset Boulevard. Really great movie about a 50-something Hollywood has-been and her younger kept man. Nice new transfer as well.
  24. Brad Hood midnight Matrix reloaded showing???!!!

    I'm going to be in Chicago for a meeting that opening weekend, so I've already scoped out tickets. Fandango is already pre-selling tickets for the 14th, both 10PM and Midnight showings. Check it out. Brad
  25. Brad Hood

    Down to 5 VHS Titles

    Point taken, but I watch all of my movies on a 16:9 TV. When 16:9 (God willing) becomes the standard, what then becomes of the term "fullscreen?" Perhaps non-OAR is the best term. At any rate, I own almost no Christmas movies because someone decided they should all be "formatted to fit your...
  26. Brad Hood

    Down to 5 VHS Titles

  27. Brad Hood

    Down to 5 VHS Titles

    Chris, as much as I appreciate the offer, I have no problems operating the washer/dryer. The video came with the machine, but is still in shrink-wrap. Not much of a secondary market for it. Patrick, I do have Hardware Wars on DVD, but it's the original version, not the Special Edition with...
  28. Brad Hood

    Down to 5 VHS Titles

    How many VHS titles are still in your library? I've been selling/dumping my VHS colection since 1999 through resellers, online auctions, Goodwill, etc. I recently took a box of movies to Half-Price Books, including Lion King. Wanted to get a few bucks for it while I still could. I did an...
  29. Brad Hood

    THX-Huh? What? 38

    This is just a guess. I have Lucas' student film Electronic Labyrinth (TXH 1138 4EB) on DVD. There is a scene early in the film where they are interviewing 1138's mate, and she says, "We were never in love like that. We were the ideal mates. You know that." Maybe the question is, "Are you...
  30. Brad Hood

    Movies that are better the 2nd time.

    Mars Attacks! I'm not sure what I was expecting the first time, but not camp. Second viewing with differnet expectations; much better. Brad