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  1. Jeff_P

    Help with power cutoff on Denon 4800

    Thanks for the hints, Dean. I will take a look at your ideas and see what I come up with. I have a strange feeling it has something to do with the coaxial digital cable.
  2. Jeff_P

    Help with power cutoff on Denon 4800

    My Sony DVP-7000 seems to have died on Friday night(2/18/05). The player is not reading any disc that I put in(new, old or rented). I had a Memorex MVD2042 DVD player sitting around that I decided to put on until I get a new dvd player. While I was watching the Village saturday night, during any...
  3. Jeff_P

    Ripped off by Dish Network Technician, need advice

    Everyone thanks for the input but I think I am just going to end this at my refund. But I am going to look at DirectTV service to see who has more for the money. When I first got Dishnetwork 5 years ago it seems they had more channels for your buck(besides the sports events).
  4. Jeff_P

    Ripped off by Dish Network Technician, need advice

    The date the PPV events were ordered was 11/16/2002. The same day a technician was at my house to upgrade a DishNet receiver. The billing didnt occur till 8/5/2003 because DishNet just received the info from this card. So either a new customer has my old receiver and the info was uploaded to...
  5. Jeff_P

    Ripped off by Dish Network Technician, need advice

    Moderators, didnt think this belonged in TV forum becuase of the nature of the topic. I just received my Dish Network bill for August and noticed two events that I did not purchase. Monsoon Wedding and a Boxing Event both billed on 08/05. I called DishNet to dispute this charge and was told...
  6. Jeff_P

    House Of 1K Corpses - No Unrated DVD 8/12

    Lions Gate really seemed to pull back on this one. The DVD comes in a Digi-pack case(at least that what I think you would call it). The inner sleeve has a tab that could have held a booklet but nothing was included. I just picked this up so I haven't watched it yet but here are the special...
  7. Jeff_P

    Punk Rock Recommendations

    I have to add to check out the Bouncing Souls. They just put out a DVD a few months ago which gives an awesome history on the band which also includes a second disc with tons of live video. They have a new CD coming out in August, I think.
  8. Jeff_P

    Attention: Anyone Who Appreciates True Metal / Hard Rock

    Trevor, Thanks for reminding me that it came out. Totally forgot that this CD came out. Spitfire has no promo dept.. NP: Cheap Trick: Live at Budokan - getting psyched to see them at the Beacon Theater 4/24
  9. Jeff_P

    Atkins diet experience

    I read an ad today for a new alcoholoic beverage called 'Thin Ice'. It claims to have only 1 carb. In the ad though it list several other ciders and beers carb count. The ad list Miller lite at 3.2g and Amstel Light and Coors Light at 5.0g. The Michelob Ultra is listed at 2.6g. I realize that...
  10. Jeff_P

    So I went to see the TWISTED SISTER reunion show last night!

    My friend wanted to check this out but I had plans already. I saw TS, I guess, a little over a year or so ago when they played the NY Steel Benefit show. It was a great show. I would be shocked if they don't do more US dates. BTW, nice to see some of the old, original bands at Lamours...
  11. Jeff_P

    A Long shot, but any Scott and Todd fans here? Help!

    Neil, I caught the end of it. The Brucer won. It sounded like he beat the guy so bad that they played a second game. I think the scores were 10-2, 10-0. I think I also heard that the contestant won on some kind of game show or something so they were busting his chops that he was beat so badly.
  12. Jeff_P

    Need advice on a conflict at work

    Yes Steve, he is huge. I am a big boy and can handle my own but based on this guys psycho personality and his size I fear I would have no chance. Anyway, I would not let it come to blows in the office. If I retaliate then I am no better than him. Worst case scenario if he starts swinging I run...
  13. Jeff_P

    Need advice on a conflict at work

    Thanks everyone. My boss spoke with me this morning. He said he thought about the comment last night and thought it was wrong also. He is just going to get the other persons story and handle the disgruntled employee. At least he is off today so it give some time for everyone to cool off.
  14. Jeff_P

    STEAKS, I have a question

    I almost ordered Kobe steak once at the Old Homestead steakhouse in NY. The price tag was $129. I settled for a Porterhouse.
  15. Jeff_P

    Need advice on a conflict at work

    (Boss#1)He's not a pushover but this company is very lax in their ways. I also think it was the end of the day and he couldn't be bothered with it. My other boss would probably brush it aside also since he wasnt around for it. Boss#2(not present) is away for two weeks so by the time he comes...
  16. Jeff_P

    Atkins diet experience

    Where does everyone get there Atkins supplies? I visited a GNC and Vitamin Shoppe and found nothing that exciting. Then GNC even had a better selection that the V shoppe and the V shoppe is supposed to be a Atkins Care Retailer. I picked up the peanut butter cups and had one a day at work, which...
  17. Jeff_P

    Need advice on a conflict at work

    I will just give the meat of the story so I dont bore anyone. Two fellow employess had a heated argument at work. During this shouting match plenty of compliments using the F word were used. While I was in the elevator picking up a delivery with on of them he started to curse me out. I...
  18. Jeff_P

    Going to New York City! What to do??

    Yes, Virgils is excellent if you like BBQ food. My office orders from there whenever we have some late nights. Carmines is another great place in the heart of Times Square. I was at McSorley's two week ago and must recommend it also. Yes, they have food. The kitchen looks like an old closet...
  19. Jeff_P

    Music in VW Bug commercial??

    Good question. Just watched that commercial during SNL and thought it sounded decent.
  20. Jeff_P

    The Ring........March 4th........w/DTS

    James, thanks for all the info. My wife knew I wanted to see these films and picked them up as a Christmas gift. But the person failed to sell her the original Ringu. So I have Rasen, Ring2, and Ring 0. Guess these will have to site around till the March 4. Gives me some time to watch the...
  21. Jeff_P

    The Ring........March 4th........w/DTS

    Thanks James! I want to watch the original films before I watch 'The Ring'. Read about these last year in Fangoria and have been dying to see them since. Does anyone have 'Ringu' on DVD or is everyone waiting for March 4?
  22. Jeff_P

    The Ring........March 4th........w/DTS

    Can someone that is familar with the original series clear something up for me? I am bit confused in the order I should watch them. The one that confusing me is Rasen/The Spiral. It claims to be a sequel to Ringu. Then what is Ring 2? I know Ring 0 is a prequel but should will it spoil it if...
  23. Jeff_P

    "Signs": Vista Error? and Glitches?

    I have a Sony DVP-7000 and noticed two freeze-up/layer changes(not quite sure what it was, movie continued to play). One was early in the film and was a rather long freeze. The second was later in the film not that bad but noticable. Sorry i dont have exact times and chapters.
  24. Jeff_P

    It's time for Christmas music!!

    I mentioned this song in a post last year after I received his greatest hits for Christmas. Billy Squier - Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You Does anyone know if this song is available on a CD compilation?
  25. Jeff_P

    It's time for Christmas music!!

    I always enjoy listening to the "very Special Christams" series. I like the first 2 the best. Bing Crosby is a must also. But the 2 newest to the collection this year are the Elmo and Bear In the Big Blue House christmas CDs. They should drive me crazy really fast.
  26. Jeff_P

    So Ron, how's this years dvd of the year lookin so far? :-)

    Nick, Thanks for stating that. I did earlier in this thread and was bashed for being a non-fan since I put the DVD on my x-mas list. Sorry if I am not made of money. And yes I am a fan, thats why I waited for this release. I did not direct my 'milk us for more money' line towards New-Line and...
  27. Jeff_P

    Pet health insurance?

    Just like Jack said, yes there is. My boss has two small dogs that have cost him alot him vet visits. I think he once said it was like $500 a dog. He wishes he got it becuase he has spent more than that in vet cost.
  28. Jeff_P

    So Ron, how's this years dvd of the year lookin so far? :-)

    I have yet to get FOTR yet. It is on my X-mas list but lets remember it may be easier to say FOTR is the disc of the year but this is this title second release. I am sure George can milk us for more money with another disc with tons of more extras if he wanted too. Hopefully it will happen soon...
  29. Jeff_P

    Guns 'N' Roses concert in Vancouver: Axl Rose a no-show, fans riot!

    I have heard two different reports on why the flight was delayed. Weather issues(which was confirmed with people in LA) and mechanical problems. It would be nice to hear which one it really was. A co-worker of mine was looking at flights flying into Las Vegas and California and there was tons of...
  30. Jeff_P

    Issue 3?

    I am going good here also. To my surprise Issue#4 was waiting for me when I arrived home from work yesterday(11/6). I did speak with subscription services and it seems that I had the same mix-up as Gary. While speaking with the customer service rep she stated I should start with the Dec issue. I...