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  1. Ed K

    Infocus 4800

    It is the 16:9 config, a manual pull down model. Sorry I cant help with the specs. I dont use the screen for two reasons. 1, The larger Images are really great for the movies and 2, I Have theater style curtains and a vallance across the top to look like a theater spaced about two feet out from...
  2. Ed K

    Getting the best sound out of a DVD player?

    In my humble opinion, a $40 dvd player can sound every bit as good as a high dollar player. The specs may be somewhat better on the higher end player but lets face it, my ears are not as sensitive as the test equipment telling you that the denon is better. Good speakers are key! Have a great...
  3. Ed K

    Infocus 4800

    I bought one of these 4800's also and it is just awesome! I will be selling the 100" screen that came with it and just using the wall for now. That screen does not do it justice! I bought a ceiling mount from a guy on ebay for $65 if you need one. He has free shipping and fast service too.Enjoy!
  4. Ed K

    What to buy? High end projector OR low end projector and separates?

    Greetings sir, you asked so here goes! Sounds like you have a great audio setup now! If it were me, I would keep what I have and replace components as they break especially if it sounds good! Go for a good deal on a projector/screen (maybe last model run), pocket the extra or buy some other...
  5. Ed K

    Infocus 4805

    Greetings Fellow HT lovers! Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents worth in!. I just bought the SP4800 and Wow what a great picture! I haven't installed my screen yet so I've only viewed it on the wall and on a white sheet. I'll bet you could get a really great deal on this model when they release...