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  1. Christopher_P

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ 300 -- in HD & BD

    The thing about 300 is it looks like both the HD DVD and BD versions are missing out on some extras and goodies. I was looking through the paper this morning and the HD DVD version is $30, BD is $25, but the Best Buy DVD edition comes with an extra disc of content and a mini Helmet (like...
  2. Christopher_P

    James Bond Ultimate Editions - Problems already brewing?

    Will these be box set editions only (like the current R1 Bond boxes) or will these be new seperate editions also? I currently have no Bond titles in my collection and I've been itching to pick up the Connery era Bond movies. I can't seem to tell from amazon if the current release is...
  3. Christopher_P

    Several Fox Classics dvd releases on May 23rd!

    Ugh I need to stay off of this message board. Every time I visit it costs me money :D With that said all of those are great titles and Patton is for sure a double dip for me.
  4. Christopher_P

    MMORPG with "sandbox" style play? Eve is very open ended and there is a no real 'end game'. Also don't think its just a mining sim. Lot of newbies get the feeling that the game is all about mining and its not there are LOTS of other things to do (missions, roleplay, PvP, Trading, and even now with...
  5. Christopher_P

    Xbox 360 may offer HD-DVD support.....sort of

    Honestly I don't really think I care about the 360 supporting HD-DVD. I mean unless its going to be used for games. If I want HD-DVD support I think I'll buy a stand alone player. I do have one question though. Has there been any word on backwards compatability? My xbox is a thompson launch...
  6. Christopher_P

    The Matrix Online sold to SOE I wonder if it will be added to All Access?
  7. Christopher_P

    Where do you buy records (if anywhere at all)

    Might also check out they carry plenty of new vinyl. Infact I just received an order from them today (The Who: Who's Next, The Clash Combat Rock, and Guns N Roses Appetite for Destruction). I have ordered from them several times in the past and haven't had any issues with...
  8. Christopher_P

    Need some PC game demo suggestions that will run on Win98SE.

    Half Life (Single player is great and there are a ton of SINGLE PLAYER mods as well as all the great multiplayer mods) Medal of Honor Allied Assault Doom 1, 2, and Duke Nukem 3d (there are Win98/opengl ports out and about some of which also work with the demo versions) Icewind Dale...
  9. Christopher_P

    Call of Duty or Battlefield 1942

    Call of Duty and its expansion IMO. Call of Duty has a GREAT infantry single player AND multiplayer experience and the expansion adds some GREAT fun with tanks in multiplayer (but they do not completely destroy infantry either as infantry have access to panzerfausts and a couple well placed...
  10. Christopher_P

    Super Mario Bros DS. New Mario 2D Platformer for the DS

    I can't wait. With the PSP and DS out now though and all the new consoles I just really hope 2d gaming isn't phased out completely. The NES and SNES are still two of my favorite consoles. The above game, new castlevania, Star Wars beatem up, etc.. are all reasons I really have to get a DS...
  11. Christopher_P

    Burned by a bootlegger on Ebay - GBA game!

    I really wish places like gamestop would get the GBA Castlevania games back in. I
  12. Christopher_P

    Guild Wars

    I would have to agree with the above. I'm at Yak's Bend so far and the PvE has been a blast! You don't have to group if you don't want to as the quest areas that 'need' a group offer NPC group members called Henchmen (just click on the ones you want in your group and hit invite just like a...
  13. Christopher_P

    OMG!!! The wife bought me Revenge of the Sith SWEIII Xbox!!

    Any of you fellas geeky enough to pick up the Intec Jedi Hunter Wireless controler? I picked up one of these today (I admit it! Star Wars fan and proud of it!) but I can't seem to get it to hold a connection long enough to actually play a game with it. It will hold a connection for a few secs...
  14. Christopher_P

    Jade Empire

    I'm only a few hours in but its a lot of fun I like it! I don't miss the gear upgrading and the like I do enough of that when I play MMORPG's :) Down side to it is my thompson drive xbox is chewing it up and spitting it out. Locks up every once and a while on me and it doesn't seem I am the...
  15. Christopher_P

    Sony to now support 'ebaying' in SOE games

    Ah didn't know I got the info from's front news page didn't have a direct link to it. Honestly I think this will promote more 'gold farmers', NBG will not exist as everyone will want to get loot out of a group to sell for $, not to mention the legit tank will get passed...
  16. Christopher_P

    Sony to now support 'ebaying' in SOE games

    This is sad. IMO they are just saying hey we haven't been able to stop people from cheating all these years so what the heck lets allow it as long as we get a cut of it. If this becomes standard with MMOG's I won't pay to play them. :frowning:
  17. Christopher_P

    HTF Anime Discussion Part VII

    Sit Tony! :laugh:
  18. Christopher_P

    Xbox Live Arcade

    I just ordered the starter disc w/ Ms. Pac Man today. The Namco pack looks good (Galaga and Dig dug /drools), and the breakout remake looks neat. I hope they keep adding games and hopefully more of them support multiplayer. Even just splitscreen versions of the classics would be great.
  19. Christopher_P

    Directors What other region DVDs do you have?

    Casshern (R2) End of Evangelion (R2) If companies keep messing up R1 anime discs though I might have to start just buying less dvd's but higher quality r2's :p
  20. Christopher_P

    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (DVD problems)

    I sent vol 1 and 2 ( a long with the soundtrack that was messedup ) On Oct. 29th haven't heard anything since. No discs no email :frowning: I hate to see what they are going to do with the 4th disc.
  21. Christopher_P

    Is the original Donkey Kong available? Offical Link on the remakes for GBA.
  22. Christopher_P

    Anarchy Online FREE to play for a year

    Alien Invasion sucked. Shadowlands was 'ok' but as a casual playing off and on unguilded player I perfered to stay down on Rubi Ka (basic AO). I didn't play at launch but when I did play it was pretty stable compared to other mmorpg's. I just felt like with shadowlands they added in raids and...
  23. Christopher_P

    Atari to reissue games for Xbox/PS2....

    Woohoo thanks. I just notice that it is even out on Gameboy Advanced and that version has seaquest too! Just made a note now to remind myself to be on the lookout for it thanks again.
  24. Christopher_P

    DVD Rot or How I learned to begin worrying and hate the format

    Ugh that sucks I know your pain. I had a ps2 game rot on me. Had the game since the ps2 launched (Armored Core2) pulled it off the shelf the other day to find it was toast. Kind of looked like this pic (linked below). Its the first and only disc so far I have had rot (CD or DVD)...
  25. Christopher_P

    This year's hidden gem?

    I'm not sure I'd call it hidden but The Bard's Tale is a great rpg with comedy and a neat pet summoning system (the game uses the BG: DA engine so think Champions of Norrath with a twist) but I think it may have been buried under Everquest2, World of Warcraft, Doom3, and Half Life2.
  26. Christopher_P

    Anarchy Online FREE to play for a year I thought I would tip off you guys here. I don't play anymore but the original Anarchy Online was great fun. Shadowlands while it had plenty of stuff for casual players increased the farm/grind and supposedly (I was never very high lvl)...
  27. Christopher_P

    Atari to reissue games for Xbox/PS2....

    Any idea if any of these releases has Seaquest on it? Loved that game with the little yellow sub blast to play.
  28. Christopher_P

    Masterminds on DVD?

    Curious if there has been any word on if Masterminds will ever see a DVD release? Was a good movie kind of a kid version of 'Sneakers' with Patrick Stewart and Vincent Kartheiser.
  29. Christopher_P

    Beyond Good & Evil...Wow!

    Wow is right Beyond Good and Evil is one of the best adventure/rpg's I have played in awhile. I wish I had of bought it when it came out. Since it is out of print I had to hunt down a copy on ebay and I sure am glad I did! Great game. If anyone see's a copy in the bargin bin don't worry just...
  30. Christopher_P

    Fred Savage "The Wizard" any release information?

    LOL I still have my power glove. One of those things thats cool to have but not something you would use. So hard to play games with it. Mario 3 is still my favorite mario game I think though.