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  1. MichaelSmith

    FS Harmony 890 remote control

    Hi Christian, Do you happen to know how the web programming works when somebody buys a used Harmony remote? Would I have to pay to use the web software?
  2. MichaelSmith

    WTB: 5.1 DD receiver

    Thanks Jerome! If I don't find anything else by the end of today, I'll be ordering that 1st thing in the morning. Thanks again, Mike
  3. MichaelSmith

    WTB: 5.1 DD receiver

    Would like to get something in time for Christmas. Not having much luck on ebay. Would like to keep this under $200 shipped to 48657. Any leads would also be appreciated. Thanks and Happy Holidays! Mike
  4. MichaelSmith

    2 receivers cheap

    You have PM.
  5. MichaelSmith

    Which 1080p projector?

    So Michael, are you saying that the DLP projectors will last longer/be more reliable than LCD projectors? I haven't heard that before, but I'd be very interested in hearing your experience on this.
  6. MichaelSmith

    Stryke AV-15

    Good luck getting one. John posted on the AE forum that there are only enough parts left for about 50 AV woofers. Most of those parts will be used to make the 12's. Unless you can find them used, you're better off waiting for AEs new models or looking at different options.
  7. MichaelSmith

    building towers, planned out, everything look ok?

    I tried that 1st but I wasn't allowed to post a link either. I'm too much of a newbie! Just a few more posts and I'll be able to do it all. :D
  8. MichaelSmith

    building towers, planned out, everything look ok?

    I'm not allowed to post images yet, so somebody will have to add the baffle layout for you. :frowning:
  9. MichaelSmith

    building towers, planned out, everything look ok?

    John has a specific design for the Modula Center. Here it is: Modula MTM-CT Design and Construction- Introduction Last updated 2-10-2005 This thread is going to detail the driver measurements, contruction details, crossover design, and final performance tuning for the MTM speaker using...
  10. MichaelSmith

    Suggest a driver

    Bryon, I am interested in that deal. How long have you had the AV15's? Is that the Sampson amp that SVS sells?
  11. MichaelSmith

    how good is the pioneer VSX-1014 going to be compared to the elite.....

    Hey Ersan, do a google search for VSX-1014-S and you will find that Pioneer makes a European version of the 1014 which will meet your power requirements. It's also silver which I think looks better than the black one available here. Good luck and let us know how you end up doing! PS...