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  1. JonBoriss

    ***Official Xbox Live Gamertag Listing Thread***

    I just got my 360 two weeks ago. Gamertag=SpiderJerusa1em Call of Duty 2 Gost Recon Advanced Warfighter
  2. JonBoriss

    The Descent - good or bad?

    I am not the biggest horror fan myself but The Decsent is excellent and well worth checking out.
  3. JonBoriss

    Your Ideal Criterion Box Set?

    Cronenberg Box Set New Dead Ringers 2 disc Naked Lunch Videdrome Crash (Rumored to be coming to Criterion this year) As far as a Gilliam set that would be cool but why make a 12 Monkeys Criterion, the Universal DVD is a really good disc, why change the cover and add 20 dollars to the price?
  4. JonBoriss

    Movies where you wanted more at the ending...(spoilers)..

    Broken Flowers. I didn't like the movie at all and then there was no ending.
  5. JonBoriss

    Top Ten Most Excited For In 2006?

    Superman Returns-It's Superman. V for Vendetta-Looked OK, then I read the comic, saw the new trailer, and read the positive reviews on AICN now I'm hyped. The Fountain-Might be the best teaser trailer I've ever seen, looks amazing. A Scanner Darkly-Man did I hate Waking Life but I loved...
  6. JonBoriss

    Top Ten Most Excited For In 2006?

    ignore this, I double posted and can't figure out how to delete it.
  7. JonBoriss

    Weekly RoundUp 10-11-2005

    Arrested Development season 2, target, 28 bucks, natch!
  8. JonBoriss

    Where is Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection?

    When I was at Border's they only had 1 copy.
  9. JonBoriss

    Weekly RoundUp 10-4-2005 "The Real Deal"

    Wow crazy big week Alfred Hitchcock Presents vol 1 Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection The Fly 1 and 2 SE The Warriors: Directors Cut Gilmore Girls 1 and 2 (Target)
  10. JonBoriss

    Weekly RoundUp 9/6/2005

    Lost season 1 Deer Hunter SE The Stine SE To Kill a Mockingbird SE Toy Story SE
  11. JonBoriss

    Films That Barely Got by with a PG-13

    Lost in Translation doesnt deserve the R except for the long sequence in the strip club with lots of naked women with the song "Fuck the Pain Away" by Peaches playing which features alot of cursing.
  12. JonBoriss

    Weekly RoundUp 8/9/2005

  13. JonBoriss

    Weekly RoundUp 5/24/2005

    The Aviator and maybe the Man on Fire SE, both at Circuit City.
  14. JonBoriss

    Weekly RoundUp 5/17/2005

    Scrubs season 1 Team America World Police UR Kiney SE
  15. JonBoriss

    Weekly RoundUp 5/10/2005

    2 Disc Life Aquatic: Criterion Collection Hoop Dreams: Criterion Collection (17.99! How can anyone pass it up!) Primer-I can't find it anywhere! Still looking. Great week.
  16. JonBoriss

    Concert Documentaries

    What would you guys say are the top 4 or 5 most important/popular rock/concert documentaries of all time? Of the top of my head were Woodstock, The Last Waltz, Gimme Shelter, and Montrey Pop Festival, any others?
  17. JonBoriss

    Will there be a 'The Aviator' CE?

    both the original posters were giant head posters so i doubt it will change. but as far as the extras go it looks pretty great, definite purchase.
  18. JonBoriss

    Why do so few people pronounce "Scorsese" correctly?

    I say Score sessy because that is how I hear him say it and I figure he would know how to pronounce his own name.
  19. JonBoriss

    Alexander-- Stone editing the DVD!

    I remember seeing this opening night, and not liking it, and one of my complaints was that there wasn't enough of the "gay stuff". Alot of hype if you ask me. And for a country that has hit shows like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Will and Grace, are we really that anti-gay? Sounds really...
  20. JonBoriss

    Top 100 DVD Census (2005 Edition) - Vote Now For Your Top 10

    MOVIES: The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Box Set Seven: Platinum Series (2 Disc) Do the Right Thing: Criterion Collection Boogie Nights: Platinum Series (2 Disc) Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (40th Anniversary Edition) The Good, the...
  21. JonBoriss

    I Heart Huckabees 2 disc version $39.99 srp

    While this does happen it is very rare and considering that people pay 39.99 msrp for criterions I say why not, I loved the film and I am going to get it.
  22. JonBoriss

    What DVDs did you get for Xmas? What DVDs did you give for Xmas? (Merged)

    Gave: Nip/Tuck Season 1 Top Gun: Special Edition Got: Dr Strangelove 40th anniversary edition Short Cuts: Criterion Collection Return of the King extended edition The Simpsons season 5 Shaun of the Dead and my brother got The Mask and Ace Ventura Pet Detective.
  23. JonBoriss

    2004 Academy Awards: Early predictions and discussion

    I think that Million Dollar Baby, Sideways, and The Aviator are locks. Closer, Hotel Rwanda, Finding Neverland, and possibly Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (though I doubt it) will make up the other two.
  24. JonBoriss

    Bridget Jones Edge of Reason - Release Details

    Seems silly as the first film was rated R as well.
  25. JonBoriss

    Has "Dodgeball" been edited?

    I saw it in the theaters and he definitely says poopie in the theatrical version.
  26. JonBoriss

    Seven Samurai Age Appropiateness

    For this day and age the violence is pretty PG rated I think.
  27. JonBoriss

    Need help! Music in A Very Long Engagement trailer!

    My friend and I have been going nuts since the domestic trailer for A Very Long Engagement came out. The second half of the trailer features a song that is very familiar to us both but we can't for the life of us remember, does anyone know the title or composer or what movie it is from?
  28. JonBoriss

    Weekly RoundUp 11/16/04

    The Iron Giant: SE and Short Cuts: CC for me, great week!
  29. JonBoriss

    Rebecca CC plus maybe Ingmar CC set

    I could be wrong but a couple months ago did you make a deal with someone to trade Rebecca for Snow White? Because I made a deal with someone on this board and I sent them my address and I was never sent the DVD and I think it was you Jarvis, but I could be wrong, do you remember anything like...
  30. JonBoriss

    Just saw Team America

    I am up on my South Park and I still loved the movie.