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  1. Simon Basso

    When will we see a new Portishead album?

    The Beta Band are great, but don't get too into them, they've just disbanded. Start with the "3 EP's" disc.
  2. Simon Basso

    How long is "Money for Nothing" ??

    It was an edited version on the vinyl lp (vs the cd) of "Brothers In Arms", as were a couple of other tracks. I don't recall it being as short as 4.05 on vinyl though, so there may be yet another version floating about.
  3. Simon Basso

    bands that "sell out"... how do you feel about it?

    My Grandma's called Lil, can she help you at all? No teeth mind, is that a problem?
  4. Simon Basso

    bands that "sell out"... how do you feel about it?

    But this is hardly selling out since Mr Bolan has been dead for thirty years. I don't consider product endorsement to be selling out, but I wouldn't be able to respect the political views of any artist who sees fit to take corporate money, be it direct sponsorship or through the licensing of...
  5. Simon Basso

    A Pink Floyd Reunion Is Being Rumored For Next Year

    Nick Mason is plugging his autobiog this week, and in an interview with Channel 4 teletext today he says re future plans and the tour: "We're not working on any new material at the moment, but there is stuff already written that we will take a look at" "Our next project is to put together...
  6. Simon Basso

    Quick Question

    Not unless the tv takes a PAL signal, or the dvd player converts it to ntsc. Someone will be along in a minute with more complicated technical details.
  7. Simon Basso

    Joss Stone - Mind, Body, and Soul

    Don't like it. The songs are weak and a conscious effort seems to have been made to to make her more radio-friendly. Her unique voice isn't coming through like it did on The Soul Sessions, in places she sounds like Anastacia. A disappointment.
  8. Simon Basso

    Aimee Mann Live DVD/CD

    No reason to, Ms Mann's work is released through her own company.
  9. Simon Basso

    Aimee Mann Live DVD/CD

    Delivery to the UK's a bit steep @$8.99, can anyone suggest an alternative etailer?
  10. Simon Basso

    I, Robot - 2 Disc SE DTS Region 3

    If you're doing that to avoid customs, I think they're obliged to declare the price before discounts. I've read unconfirmed rumours that they are customs friendly again.
  11. Simon Basso

    La Dolce Vita - is it coming?

    Haha, yes that was me, and the film I bought knowingly in the wrong AR? "La Dolce Vita" UK R2 release from a few years back, cropped to 1.85. How ironic. Sorry, yellow subs on a b&w film just isn't on, so Medusa for me, useless second disc or no.
  12. Simon Basso

    La Dolce Vita - is it coming?

    A tentpole release is one that, if it doesn't sell, the company goes out of business. And yellow subs on a b&w film? What eejit thought of that? I've never said this before, because I'm generally not discriminating when it comes to films I love, (I couldn't care less about sound, anamorphic...
  13. Simon Basso

    50 Cent booed and pelted with plastic bottles

    arf! Yes, I'd forgotten about that. Mind you, those protestors weren't armed with bottles of Tennant's Super-derived piss, which is only marginally less toxic than liquid Sarin. Old 50 Pence was lucky to leave with his eyes.
  14. Simon Basso

    50 Cent booed and pelted with plastic bottles

    I'm afraid that this is traditional behaviour at UK festivals, and any act playing such a gig knows that it's likely to happen. I was surprised to learn Mr Cent did a runner though, given his double-hard bastard reputation. Curiously, when Daphne and Celeste played Reading a few years ago, it...
  15. Simon Basso

    Your HTF mix-CD

    Grant, does this exist, or are you thinking of Art of Noise and Tom Jones? Anyhoo, here's a few of my current favourites: Shonen Knife : Flying Jelly Attack The 5,6,7,8's: Guitar Date Goldfrapp: Strict Machine Belle and Sebastian: The Boy with the Arab Strap Amy Winehouse: In My Bed...
  16. Simon Basso

    US based cd supplier shipping to UK

    Apols if wrong forum. Since CD Pacific seem to be less than secure at the moment, I'd be grateful if anyone could recommend a US based cd supplier with good customer service without extortionate shipping charges. Does such a beast exist, or am I more likely to find unicorns nesting in a...
  17. Simon Basso

    Matrix Megaset - First details from R2 retailer

    That Reloaded disc is going to be a bit overloaded compared to the original disc, innit? Won't the PQ suffer? A new transfer of the original is all very well, but why bother when the sequels are going to be reduced in quality (Revolutions less than Reloaded, natch). Or am I wrong?
  18. Simon Basso

    Eurotrip changes

    If you consider that a sexual act, don't have kids or you'll have to turn yourself in for watching your toddler perform a sexual act ten times a day, more if the weather's hot.
  19. Simon Basso

    Eurotrip changes

    If you consider that a sexual act, don't have kids or you'll have to turn yourself in for watching your toddler perform a sexual act ten times a day, more if the weather's hot.
  20. Simon Basso

    La Dolce Vita - is it coming?

    Whilst I'll happily agree that PAL speed-up is a bad thing, but unfortunately we have to live with it for some discs, I think you're having a bit of a laugh with the increased movement issue. Someone crossing the room in ten seconds will get there in 9.6 seconds, and you actually notice this...
  21. Simon Basso

    La Dolce Vita - is it coming?

    I agree about the increased pitch (although I didn't find it a distraction on this particular title in the same way I would on, say, a Tom Cruise pic where I'm more familiar with the man's voice), but you find the speeded up movements distracting? It's hardly the Keystone Cops.
  22. Simon Basso

    Terminator 3 DVD (wide) - Looks kinda blurry

    This is not a defective dvd, defective player, defective tv, anamorphic downconversion artifact or a byproduct of Venus passing across the Sun. It is a deliberate effect, made by the filmmakers in order to make the crane look like it was moving at speed, rather than just lumbering along like a...
  23. Simon Basso

    Anyone know if Irreversible form Korean DVD is the uncut version?

    It does have a tiny, probably half second cut, to the moment when Vincent Cassell's character bends down and snorts some coke. You can even see the diagonal line scratched on the print to indicate where the cut will be made. A most bizarre exclusion.
  24. Simon Basso

    Almost Famous Untitled Disc 2 Problem?

    Yes, mine's died as well, within the last six months. Apparently it's quite common. The Untitled version is fine.
  25. Simon Basso

    Lion's Gate - Taking The P*** ?

    The etymology of that fine English phrase "taking the piss" (written explanation from DATUMZEILE:BONN, although I originally learned of it from a letter printed in the RadioTimes and sent to them by a vicar): "Have you ever read in Shakespeare where 'piss-proud' is mentioned? If so, have you...
  26. Simon Basso

    What's your most valued non-R1 disc, and why?

    For my favourite films, picture quality is important, but anamorphic or not isn't. One's got nothing to do with the other.
  27. Simon Basso

    "DVD/CD rot" goes mainstream. Interesting story from AP.

    Have you ever bought a Columbia title from R3? They use the most horrific spindle arrangement that means you can't get the discs off without bending them. They're even worse than those used in the original Fight Club and 2-disc Se7en releases. The latter discs loosened up with time, but these R3...
  28. Simon Basso

    DVDs that just.... "Die"

    Terminator 2, Chicken Run, Boogie Nights, Pulp Fiction, Almost Famous and a couple of R2 titles out of a collection of only 500. But then I've had five laserdiscs rot out of a collection of only 200, so things are improving. Yet to have a cd go bad, but I guess it happens.
  29. Simon Basso

    New Zatoichi DVD?

    Apparently the R3 HK is anamorphic, according to those who have received it. CD-Wow are now listing it as anamorphic as well.