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  1. Walt Riarson

    What Happened To The DIC Animations ie Inspector Gadget?

    If they own Super Mario Bros and Zelda, is it safe to say they own Captain N: The Game Master as well?
  2. Walt Riarson

    John Landis - what happened to a great career?

    I've been thinking about Landis a lot lately. It's truly sad that he's no longer making the caliber films he once did. He's directing one of the episodes of the new Masters of Horror anthology series for Showtime. I'm sure like his other sidesteps into the genre, this one will have a few...
  3. Walt Riarson

    Quantum Leap S3 - music changed!

    No sale, here.
  4. Walt Riarson

    MGM's Fireball 500/ Thunder Alley & Panic In Year Zero/ The Last Man On Earth

    Came across this today. Lot of signatures so far. Hope it helps. Sure can't hurt!
  5. Walt Riarson

    Midnite Movies (MGM) confusion - MGM/HBO March 22nd releases

    Came across this today. Lot of signatures so far. Hope it helps. Sure can't hurt!
  6. Walt Riarson

    New AC/DC DVD set: Family Jewels.

    No videos from "Ballbreaker" or "Stiff Upper Lip" are on Family Jewels. Only the Bon era through Razor's Edge. Their amusing video for "Big Gun" (featuring Arnold in full Angus attire) is also missing from the set, however I think another label owns that song, as it was part of a scoundtrack.
  7. Walt Riarson

    Warner, please help! Gone (but not forgotten) Horror titles need a DVD release

    Need to add... Killer Party New Year's Evil Dark Night of the Scarecrow The Bees that list
  8. Walt Riarson

    Syndicated Alf in better condition - Lion's Gate is FOS

    This is truly pathetic. I held out on Season 1 and I shall hold out on Season 2 as well. Absolutely no sale here. :thumbsdown:
  9. Walt Riarson

    New Line keepcase reissues

    Add Dumb & Dumber and The Wedding Singer to the list of keepcase re-releases as well.
  10. Walt Riarson

    Do you feel like the situation might be hopeless for your fave TV shows?

    A friend of mine is scared that her favorite series (Scarecrow and Ms. King) will never show up on DVD.
  11. Walt Riarson

    Man, 'UNSOLVED MYSTERIES: GHOSTS' is one hair-raising great time on dvd!

    Has anyone picked up the Psychics or Bizarre Murders sets yet? Also, how much have you found them for in stores like Best Buy, Circuit City, etc?
  12. Walt Riarson

    X Files Season Sets: Worth an Investment?

    Watched "Small Potatoes" tonight. Worked fine. But dang it, I wanna find out what happens after the "laser" scene in "Sanguinarium"! :)
  13. Walt Riarson

    Surviving Christmas on December 21st

    Well, they opened a CHRISTMAS movie on HALLOWEEN. What did they expect? :)
  14. Walt Riarson

    X Files Season Sets: Worth an Investment?

    So, I picked up Season 4 recently. Tried to play it on the DVD-rom of my computer at home, and all the episodes worked except for "Sanguinarium", which completely froze up around the 15 min mark. Tried it on the actual DVD player downstairs, pixelated and froze up around the same mark. Took it...
  15. Walt Riarson

    House on Haunted Hill?

    Speaking of Last Man on Earth, who owns it and when is there likely to be an "official", halfway decent release of it? I have an old Diamond double feature disc of it with HoHH, but it is the cropped 1.33:1 version. Would love to have it 2.35:1. Also, count me in as one of the few who...
  16. Walt Riarson

    Unsolved Mysteries more volumes in January/February

    John Cosgrove considered season-by-season sets of Unsolved Mysteries for DVD, but decided for this type of show, boxsets in categories would be better. I wholeheartedly agree. Would I like to see season sets released later on? Being a completist, sure. But for the time being it makes a lot...
  17. Walt Riarson

    Walmart/K-Mart Halloween Horror Promotions

    The price tag for my Walmart's Halloween Divimax was $19.97, but yesterday the price tag was gone. I'm thinking maybe they had the wrong price for it and are getting a new tag out soon, if you guys are claiming it's now $14.44. I may be enticed to pick it up for 15. The cheapest of the bunch...
  18. Walt Riarson

    Walmart/K-Mart Halloween Horror Promotions

    Well, here's what my Walmart has (no cardboard display this year, as they're in a section of the regular DVD shelves): Halloween (Divimax) 976-Evil Fright Night House of Wax An American Werewolf in London Nightmare on Elm Street Troll/Troll 2 Ghoulies/Ghoulies 2 Poltergeist...
  19. Walt Riarson

    Happy Birthday To Me DVD Soundtrack has been replaced!!!

    Though mass complaint e-mails to Columbia persuaded them to include an insert with the original 1-sheet artwork, it's far too late to e-mail them with hopes of turning this kind of error around. :frowning: The only thing we can hope for is an e-mail campaign after it is released. Perhaps in a...
  20. Walt Riarson

    Walmart/K-Mart Halloween Horror Promotions

    Was an hour out of town today and stopped by a Walmart while I was there. This Walmart actually had a section labled "Halloween" in their regular DVD section, as opposed to the large cardboard displays that usually accompany the Halloween/horror promotions. The only four titles they were...
  21. Walt Riarson

    Walmart/K-Mart Halloween Horror Promotions

    My local K-Mart also has a section of children's Halloween books and sound effects CDs. Beside the sound effects CDs was a blank section with a taped piece of paper folded up. I lowered the paper down and the word "Movies" was hand-written by an employee. Looks like they're just waiting to put...
  22. Walt Riarson

    Terror Train and more horrors coming from Fox

    So, I get a call from a friend who works at Best Buy...neither Terror Train, nor The Funhouse are there. I've read elsewhere that other Best Buys aren't carrying them. What gives, Fox? You can't sell DVDs unless you stock them in stores! :angry:
  23. Walt Riarson

    Walmart/K-Mart Halloween Horror Promotions

    Thanks, John! Went to K-Mart yesterday and they've completely cleared out the section that they devote to Halloween costumes/props/decorations. They already had a few decorations and assorted bits of make-up on the shelves, but it was still extremely bare yet. I'd say by tuesday, they'll have...
  24. Walt Riarson

    Walmart/K-Mart Halloween Horror Promotions

    Anyone have any idea what titles Walmart and K-Mart are planning to include in their Halloween/Horror promotions this Sept/Oct? Last year, K-Mart had almost nothing but Anchor Bay titles (mainly the more popular titles like Hellraiser and The Evil Dead, but they also had most of the AB...
  25. Walt Riarson

    Phantom of the Opera (1989) with Rober Englund. Who would buy?

    The VHS was by Columbia, and to my knowledge, wasn't uncut. How MGM ended up with the title for DVD is anybody's guess. MGM does release more uncut catalog titles than other major studios though, if they have the print of it. Edge of Sanity, Last House on the Left, and The Brood are all...
  26. Walt Riarson

    Friday The 13th SEs/Box Set Info Coming on September 19th!?

    There was nothing pressing for Paramount to have rushed this release for this year though. No movie/sequel tie-ins. Nothing. No significance of the year. This isn't the anniversary of the first film or anything. Had they waited until 2005, they could've tied the movie in with the Freddy...
  27. Walt Riarson

    Phantom of the Opera (1989) with Rober Englund. Who would buy?

    Since it's MGM, the uncut version is all the more likely. Crossing my fingers.
  28. Walt Riarson

    The HitchHiker HBO -series coming to DVD!!!

    I thought this too, Esten. Especially since the re-filmed opening with Fletcher wasn't used for the episode. Anyone know for sure?
  29. Walt Riarson

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Candyman Special Edition

    Anyone finding this or Stir of Echoes at Walmart, by any chance?