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  1. Daniel T

    Best Video Capture for Laserdisc to DVD.

    I want to capture my original Star Wars LD and burn them on DVD. I want the dolby pro-logic sound to come with the video capture. What is the best product to hook to the LaserDisc and the computer to achieve this goal. Thanks, Daniel T
  2. Daniel T

    Axiom Owners I need you HELP!!

    I agree with Leo about getting the H/K. I have the M3s, VP100, and QS4s hooked to an older H/K AVR55 with a parasound 855a amp. I to find that the VP100 lacks at times. I would go ahead and purchase the VP150. You will not be disappointed with Axiom. Just don't buy their subs. Daniel T
  3. Daniel T

    Axiom Speakers and Receivers for a virgin audiophile?

    I bought the same axiom speakers that you are looking at and couldn't be happier with them except for the sub. This sub just does not do the job. All the other speakers sound great. I would buy a bigger, better, and cheaper sub for the same price. I wish I would have built my own for the same...
  4. Daniel T

    Concrete Anyone? Subwoofer et al

    If you are worried about the weight of concrete, you might look up the concrete canoe competitions on then internet that civil engineering students participate in. The build about 20' long canoes that are light as a feather. You could probably use this type of material. I don't know how the...
  5. Daniel T

    DIY is a waste of my time, money, sanity etc

    I think your problem can be with the JVC amp. I have an older JVC receiver with a sub out but everytime I hooked up a powered sub it would bottom it out very quick. I bought this POS from CC along with the sub about 5 years ago. At first CC thought it was the sub so we sent it in for repairs...
  6. Daniel T

    5 channel amp

    I own the Parasound HCA-855a and love it. I was lucky to snag one last year for $300.00. I have the amp in a 18.5'x15.5' den with open walls to the dining room and kitchen and I am always being yelled at to turn it down. I don't think you will notice a difference between 85 watts and 100 watts...
  7. Daniel T

    Where to buy crossover components?

    For the people who design and make their on crossovers, where do you all buy your components? What are some good internet sites to these components? Any information would be appreciated. Daniel T
  8. Daniel T

    Dewalt Plunge Router for DIY

    I have been waiting for some of the better plunge routers to come on sale and boy did I get a steal. I read a few days back on this site that Lowes was selling the Dewalt DW621 for $135.00. Last night I went to Lowes but all they had left was the floor model:angry: . This morning I went to Home...
  9. Daniel T

    Bose wins again!!!

    I was at lunch today and bose came up in the conversation. The marketing people for bose can just out market any other speaker company bar none. One guy was raving how great bose speakers were and he would buy them in a heart beat over other speakers only if he had the money. He even called...
  10. Daniel T

    considering DIY speakers

    JohnVB, One thing you could do is find a reason to buy several tools to build speakers by saying they are for doing work on something for the backyard. I am about to build some do it yourself speakers and sub but I am redoing my wifes kitchen so I can blame the kitchen for having to buy the...
  11. Daniel T

    Harman Kardon on uBid

    I have purchased several harmon/kardon products off UBID and have never had a problem. My receiver is the AVR55 and it was new. Had it for several years and no problems. Purchased a refurbished CD changer and it has been running strong for 4 years now. Maybe newer harmon/kardon products aren't...
  12. Daniel T

    GR-research AV-3 - foresight please

    I am interested in building either the 281s or the AV3s but I have not been able to find the plans for the enclosures for the AV3 on the gr-reaserch web site. Am I overlooking something. Thanks Daniel T
  13. Daniel T

    Which Axioms for 16x12 room?

    Tom, Do you want bookshelf speakers or floor standing towers. I personally own the M3tis(fronts), VP100(center), and QS4s(surrounds). My room is 18.5 x 15 with tall ceilings and totally open on one side of the room and my system sounds great in my opinion. I plan to upgrade to m22s in the near...
  14. Daniel T

    Connecting Denon 2802 to Parasound 855?

    Vlad, You want to recalibrate your speakers. With just my H/K I only calibrated to 75db because of the lack of power. With the 855 I calibrated to 85db. Daniel T
  15. Daniel T

    Axioms VS Swans Divias

    Brook, You had another thread about buying Axiom speakers. Don't second guess purchasing the Axiom speakers. I was first torn between Divas, Axioms, and Norh. Based on the price value of the Axioms, I went with them. I have never second guessed my purchase except on the sub. I would love to...
  16. Daniel T

    Connecting Denon 2802 to Parasound 855?

    Vlad, I don't know if you have calibrated your speakers for home theater but you will be surprised at what a difference that makes. My wife joked at me for buying a SPL sound meter and the Avia calibration DVD. After I calibrated the speakers, she immediately said she noticed a difference in...
  17. Daniel T

    Connecting Denon 2802 to Parasound 855?

    Vlad, I noticed you said you were going with the AR audio cables. What do you think of them? Do you believe they make a difference? I hope you enjoy your amp. Daniel T
  18. Daniel T

    Connecting Denon 2802 to Parasound 855?

    Vlad, I spent around $40 for my AR cables. That is still a little expensive for my taste. I wouldn't spend an obsene amount on money for cables because you could of used that same money to go on the larger Parasound 1205 amp over the 855. If I had another $200-$300 to blow on cables I would...
  19. Daniel T

    Connecting Denon 2802 to Parasound 855?

    Vlad, For my connection of my H/K to my 855, I bought the AR audio cables from Best Buy. They seem to be a good product for the price. Some have used the Gold Series audio cables from Radio Shack. Type of Cables to use seems to be a touchy subject around here. I have used everything from what...
  20. Daniel T

    Axiom owners

    Brook, I have exactly the same setup in a 18.5x15 and cathedrial ceilings and can not be any happier with the speakers. The speakers fill the room very nicely. You will be amazed at the sound the speakers produce. Don't second guess yourself. You made the right choice. Hope you enjoy. Daniel T
  21. Daniel T

    Axiom owners what did you use..

    I have the QS4s and have been very happy with them. It is all in you own preference. Do you like direct radiating speakers or quad radiating speakers. Daniel T
  22. Daniel T

    Denon2802/Parasound855 troubles? Please Help

    Vlad, I hope you enjoy your amp. Let us know how you like it. Daniel T
  23. Daniel T

    Pioneer CLD-1030 Laserdisc + Discs For Sale

    Tony, What's the new price I might be interested in it for a backup. Daniel T
  24. Daniel T

    $2500 to spend on seperates

    Steve, I just purchased the HCA-855 about 2 weeks ago. I know the HCA-2205 probably runs circles around that amp. I just can't buy another amp right now. Daniel T
  25. Daniel T

    $2500 to spend on seperates

    Bradon, For some reason my e-mail address was not correct. I just corrected it in my profile. By the way I live off County Road 11. I am just on the other side of Oak Mountain from you. Daniel T
  26. Daniel T

    $2500 to spend on seperates

    Dean, Where in Alabama do you live. I live in Alabaster on the south side of Birmingham. The reason is I own Axiom speakers. My set up is the M3ti(fronts), VP100, and QS4s(surrounds). I would also look at Parasound for the amp. I just picked up the HCA-855a but with the budget you have you...
  27. Daniel T

    2 Laserdisc Questions - Cleaning and Demoding

    I have the Harman/Kardon AVR55 that has it built in. I used this feature until my Laserdisc went dead. I have to bring it in to get fixed. I believe this receiver was made around '97 or '98. I think the AVR75 has this feature also. Daniel T
  28. Daniel T

    Axioms? Anybody know about the sound quality of these speakers?

    Brook, I have exactly what you are looking at except I have the QS4s instead of the QS2s. I will be honest I never heard of Axiom until I started reading this forum. Also, I was skeptical about buying a speaker without hearing them, but I didn't want to have to deal with overpriced B&M...
  29. Daniel T

    Need help with Front firing subwoofer

    Nick, Try this web site: I haven't built my own DIY yet, but I have messed around with several software to model a sub and this is one of the easiest to use. I have used Lpscad and Unibox and to me Unibox was a little easier. Also, the results for design...
  30. Daniel T

    Stuffing Ported Sub

    If anyone has stuffed their ported sub, I would love to know if it worked or if it is a waste of time. I know someone on this forum must have tried this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Daniel T