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  1. DavidV

    Mistubishi 65" TV 16:9

    I called the service center and talked to a technician. They had knowledge of this problem, it seem to be a common problem, He said that the amplifiers have bad solder joints. There a 2 of them in the midde of the circuit board. They are connected to the very large aluminum heat sink. When they...
  2. DavidV

    Mistubishi 65" TV 16:9

    I forgot to mention that the Tv is 3 years old. It has been doing this for 3 months. Uts getting to the point where every time I turn it on I have to wait an hour so the screen will align itself. In the begining it was once every 20 start ups.
  3. DavidV

    Mistubishi 65" TV 16:9

    has anyone experienced convergence problems with their projection TV's. My tv started to act funny. The top and bottom of the screen convergence is off, you can see the 3 colors not being aligned. the colors are off by 1 inch from each other. The middle of the screen is fine.This only does this...
  4. DavidV

    6.1 and 7.1 setups

    I just got a denon 3803 and wondereing about the speaker placement on the 6.1 and 7.1 setups. I currently have a 5.1 setup with the rear speakers directly behind the listening area. What would i need to add to convert to a 6.12 setup. The manual has rear speaker locations of A (to the sides of...
  5. DavidV

    Speaker reccomendations

    I could put the sub under the pool table but My wife really has a hard time with all the control stuff. You should of seen her try to work the pronto TSU2000 for the first time. What I need is a user friendly system that she and her friends could operate. I figured speakers with subs built in...
  6. DavidV

    Clarion 32" sub

    Has anyone uses Clarions 32" sub (SRW8000) for a home theater. I have heard a few in cars but never in a home. Just looking for feedback, I could get one fairly cheap, Wondering if it would be worth my time.
  7. DavidV

    Speaker reccomendations

    I am planning to add some speakers in my basement billard room. I only plann to use these speakers for music. (mostly POP music)I do not have room for a powered sub. So what speakers will put out great bass and sound good. I would prefer a larger woofer in each speaker 12" - 15". My main concern...
  8. DavidV

    WTB: Any Reciever

    I am looking for a working reciever for my garage. It must be able to hook up 4 speakers. Looking for something cheap.
  9. DavidV

    Need Help Choosing Reciever?

    What I meant by all sound the simular is that that they were all acceptable in sound quality. All recievers sound a bit different depending on speakers used and what modes are being used. Its also listner preference. What I am looking for to help make my decision is what reciever is best on...
  10. DavidV

    Need Help Choosing Reciever?

    I an Finally going to upgrade my Denon 3600. This reciever has been flawless, the only drawback is it only has prologic and AC-3. I need the newer formats. I am looking at The DENON 3803, The Marantz 7300 and The Yamaha ZX-V3300. I have auditioned them and the all sound pretty simular. I have...
  11. DavidV

    Is etronics a good e-tailer?

    Hey, it's finally good to see somebody else that lives in rochester, MN.
  12. DavidV

    Master volume ?

    When I calibrate my speakers with the recievers test tones. The master volume readout goes to 00. When I listen to movie,music and watch TV I have the master volume set at -40 on average. Is this normal to listen to the master volume this low. I seens other people post that the are at like -15...
  13. DavidV

    question on speaker frequencies?

    I am unclear on 1 issue. If I set my speakers to the "small" setting on the reciever will the bass ( 80hz and below) only go to the sub. The reciever has a built in 80hz crossover. I am using a svs 20-39pci sub. For the fronts I am using paradigms Monitor 11's. Correct me if i'm wrong the...
  14. DavidV

    Problem with sub

    I just recieved my SVS 20-39 pci sub. The problem is that I have to turn up the volume on my reciever to get output from the sub. I have my sub level on my reciever at 0. (It ranges from -12 to 12) The master volume is set at -40 (It ranges from -60 to I thinlk 20?) I normally listen to movies...
  15. DavidV

    I need advice on my home theather setup?

    I am am new to Home theather forum. I just want to say this forum is great.( very informative.) I have just purchase some speakers and want some opinions? For the fronts I bought paridigms monitors 11's v3. For the center I bought paradigms CC-370 center channel For the rears I have Polk...