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  1. Greg Dorsey

    Good book on Canadian history?

    Check out Peter Newman's Empire of the Bay. It's an excellent account of the Hudson Bay Company and its role in shaping the nation.
  2. Greg Dorsey

    Addicted to Oil

    More fuel efficient cars are what we need, not more E85 vehicles. The show fell short when it came to ethanol. Ethanol requires more energy to create than it produces (and that's before you consider the fertilizer and fuel consumed by the machinery used to produce corn and to transport the...
  3. Greg Dorsey

    What prevents the government from...? (re:money)

    The short answer is there’s nothing to stop our government from just printing money. In fact, M3--the broadest commonly followed measure of our money supply has risen more than 40 percent in the last five years to $10,240,300,000,000. Yeah, $10,240.3 billion! You’re right, printing more money...
  4. Greg Dorsey

    Oil refineries...

    Here's something to keep in mind for those of you who think we're awash in oil and that prices are artifically inflated right now: Last Friday the Petroleum Intelligence Weekly, an oil industry newsletter, reported that leaked documents from the state-run Kuwait Petroleum Company indicated...
  5. Greg Dorsey

    X'mas will never be the same again....ever!

    At top speed their F-16(s) can fly acorss the country in just over 10 minutes. :)
  6. Greg Dorsey

    Anyone use Keyhole/Google Earth?

    What a great toy this is. Anyone know how to find the Great Wall of China? I want to do a fly over.
  7. Greg Dorsey

    Question for the Philly folks (best Cheesesteak)

    My mouth started watering when I began reading this thread. :emoji_thumbsup: Nothing like heading over to Pat's after the bars empty out on a weekend. Brings back fond memories of my misspent youth. They're all good Jeff...enjoy.
  8. Greg Dorsey

    please can anyone work this out?

    When I was living in the Washington DC area, the same phenomenon was evident when schools were closed. Now I'm in a rural area and I don't notice it so much. One thought: Perhaps more adults take off from work when the kids are out of school. Here in New England families frequently travel to...
  9. Greg Dorsey

    songs that have changed their meaning through passage of time etc

    Every rock & roll song ever used in a television or radio commercial to sell a product! Think the Rolling Stones "Start Me Up" when it was used to push Microsoft Windows. I don't think Mick Jagger had a PC in mind when wrote the line "You make a dead man cum." :)
  10. Greg Dorsey

    Question for Southerners

    If you refer to the war between the states as The Civil War, you're probably a Yankee. Most southerners I've met prefer to call it The Great War of Northern Aggression. ;)
  11. Greg Dorsey

    Judging Womens Ages

    Here's a great trick I learned from an old Carney who guessed peoples' age at a sideshow: Look at a woman's hands. They're a dead give away, especially for older women with youthful faces.
  12. Greg Dorsey

    I have a cable to DSL question.

    As I understand it, you're more likely to get better ping with DSL than cable, making DSL the better choice for gaming. Of course I've had both (Cox cable and SBC DSL) and couldn't see a difference in ping time. One way to cut costs it to buy your modem rather than rent it. After six months or...
  13. Greg Dorsey

    XM antenna vs. trees

    Find a new route to work? Look forward to a leaf-less winter? There really isn't anything you can do. I live in a hilly, wooded area and suffer the same type of dropouts. But given how much better satellite radio is over FM, it's a small price to pay.
  14. Greg Dorsey

    Anyone out there own a SLEEP NUMBER BED from Select Bed Co?

    I've had one for 4 or 5 years now. It's great. My wife and I use completely different firmness settings and couldn't be happier. The beds aren't cheap, but they come with a 20-year warranty.
  15. Greg Dorsey

    I AM AN IDIOT (Poker/Hold 'em Related, Rated "R" for foul language

    Better go back and read up on statistics Brook. Each round of cards dealt is independent of the previous hands. Superstitions are nothing more than irrational beliefs. Bummer about that final hand though.
  16. Greg Dorsey

    Sulamith Wulfing -- anybody else heard of her?

    I haven't heard of her but some of her work is reminiscient of some of the Symbolists such as (the later works of) Odilon Redon and Gustave Moreau. Do a search of Redon's Woman with a Yellow Bodice or Profile and Flowers or Moreau's Hesiod and the Muse and you'll see what I mean. Redon...
  17. Greg Dorsey

    Good deals you found at goodwill, second-hand stores, or yard sales...

    None in the way of A/V equipment, but eight or nine years ago when living in the DC metro area I paid $15 for a piece of modern art at an estate sale. The piece had the artist's card on the back. When I visited his studio I found that his works were selling for $1,500 to $2,000. I don't know...