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  1. Jeffrey Greiling

    Advice on Region Free DVD Player

    Hello, I need some advice on a region free DVD player that will convert Pal to NTSC and is preferably progressive scan. My max budget is 250 but would I really want to try to spend around 150. Thanks for the Help, Jeff
  2. Jeffrey Greiling

    "Millennium Season 2" and "Murder One" scheduled for UK release!

    Any info on if/when Murder One will be released for Region 1.
  3. Jeffrey Greiling

    Babylon 5 custom cover art

    Ric love your work on the Star Trek covers, are you making the first season big enough for a seven disc case fo those of us who have the pilot/In The Beginning disc?
  4. Jeffrey Greiling

    Replay TV Question

    I'm looking to get the Replay TV model RPL RTV5504 the (40 hour one) I saw on the internet that the model has a ethernet jack. Because this model has network compatability is a phone line still needed? I currently only have a cell and a cable modem and want to be sure I can use this model before...
  5. Jeffrey Greiling

    Homicide Season 3 Question

    I just finisehd the Homicide box set that was released a month ago and am thirsty for more any one know if/when A&E plans to release this box set? Thanks
  6. Jeffrey Greiling

    Outer Limits (2nd Series) Question

    I bought both of the 2nd Outer Limits series (the one that was done in the 90's) release and was wondering if any other discs for the second season have been rumored. On a similar note how does the orginal series compare to the new series I am thinking of picking up the Volume 1 Collection of...
  7. Jeffrey Greiling

    Any Deep Space 9 Reviews Yet?

    Has anyone seen any reviews for the first season of Star Trek Deep Space Nine? Just wondering how the picture and extras are.
  8. Jeffrey Greiling

    Any Information on Best Buy Exclusive Disks For Deep Space 9?

    Just wondering if anyone had heard if Best Buy was doing the Exclusive Bonus Disks for Deep Space Nine like they did with TNG. Its about 6 weeks before release :) so I'm hoping someone has some information
  9. Jeffrey Greiling

    Ultimate Star Trek: TNG Case...

    Ric I love your work on both the Next Generation and TOS. Do you have any plans to make an 8th case for the Best Buy Bonus disks, preferably only for a 4 wide case but a 7 wide case would be great too. Thanks for Your Hard Work