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    Epson 3100 vs Epson 4000 4Ke

    In theory the 4000 which adopts Epson's 4K enhancement technology will project sharper video images than the 3100, though the 4000's resolution is simulated by flashing the 2 million pixel Full HD 1080p sensor twice per frame which is half of the 8 million pixels of the true 4K resolution. As I...
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    Optoma Shakes Up Market Again with $1,500 4K UHD Projector

    The $1,499 is a really cool price for a 4K projector, but I'm afraid the UHD50's 2000 Lumen brightness might limit the display effect of the 4K source materials. According to my observations, 4K projector's price can be reduced to about $1500 but the brightness must be under 2000 ANSI Lumen, or...